Packers release Jeremy Ross


The Packers will have a new return specialist when they return from their Week Four bye.

Jeremy Ross, who returned kickoffs and punts for the Packers in the club’s first three regular-season games, has been released, the club said Monday.

Ross couldn’t catch a short kick on the run in Sunday’s loss to Cincinnati, setting up a Bengals touchdown in a 34-30 Green Bay defeat. Ross also fumbled a punt in the Packers’ divisional-round loss at San Francisco in January, leading to a San Francisco touchdown.

The 25-year-old Ross has returned six kickoffs for 75 yards and two punts for 20 yards this season.

Ross, who entered the NFL as undrafted free agent from Cal in 2011, has also had stints with New England and Indianapolis. The Packers signed him to their roster from the practice squad late last season.

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  1. He wasn’t the only problem in the loss (McCarthy’s coaching was a big one), but he was a big part of it. You can’t muff a kickoff and lose it. You just can’t.

    He also played horribly in the opener against San Fran, by twice bringing it out of the end zone and not even making the 15 (once he hesitated and then brought it out to the 10).

    He’s just not good. This was a good move.

  2. This was a must do, cant cringe every time he is in the backfield thinking will he actually catch this, or make a smart move… I always liked the idea of Ross… rather then using Cobb… But more often then not he has been making a bad return call, or unable to hold onto the ball… It does happen in pro, but should not be as frequent… Did the Packers deserve a win yesterday?!? No, they beat themselves with bad choices all day long. The only highlight of the whole game for packers fans was seeing that maybe Franklin is not a bust after all.

  3. They could go Rainey or McKnight depending on how long Starks is out… Or they’ll go with a guy that can be a WR5… but who is out there?

  4. The highlight of the game was Rodgers getting up after the cheap shot to the knees. Then Franklin running for 100 yards.

  5. Good riddance.

    This moron has cost us big (muffed punt against Sam Fran, couldn’t handle the short kickoff) and has made boneheaded decision after boneheaded decision as return man.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  6. If you’re a star, you can make mistakes and just get a lecture. If you’re on the field for seven or eight plays a game, you’d better not commit a huge blunder on one of them. Or, y’know, be named “Mason Crosby.”
    But seriously, yeah it had to be done. Better to just have fair catches and touchbacks than what he was producing.

  7. He actually was a lot better and almost busted a few last year, but I think his misplayed punt return in the playoffs affected him greatly this year.

    This move had to happen and hopefully Thompson will find a gem on somebody’s practice squad, or at least a pair of solid hands.

    They’ve got 2 weeks to make this change. I imagine they’ve already done their homework.
    Find him.

  8. I would have been mad if they didn’t make this move, his foolish choices made the Packers start drive inside their 15 at least 3 times vs. the 9ers.

    The play yesterday made the Packers need to erase a 2TD deficit.

    Teams like the 9ers and Bengals are tough enough the way they are, no need to aid them in any way for a victory.

  9. Bout time. Ross has muffed too many kicks and made bad decisions coming out of the endzone. I cringed every time he returned a kick. I guess Cobb will be the guy now even tho he is too valuable to get hurt doing that. Unless GB finds a PS player or FA. Any good KR’s out there? What’s Joe Mcknight doing these days?

  10. Kick/punt returner to me is not a job I’d want. You can’t catch it like a pass, and you know guys are coming for your head. Oops, sorry Roger. I mean guys are coming to violently separate you from the ball.

  11. Good riddance. This guy is a turd. He cost us momentum in the playoff game vs SF. Then was a dumbass again yesterday. Good bye J.R. You will not be missed.

  12. Good. He also almost fielded a kickoff that was going outta bounds Sunday. Was yelling at the screen.

  13. Before the game I said on another site that they should cut Jeremy Ross and replace him with former Bengals FB John Conner since John Kuhn was certain to miss the game. Could have had a hammer in the run game and maybe even gotten a little inside information about the opponent

    Not sure that move would have made the difference between winning or losing the game but I know it would have eliminated at least one turnover that turned into a quick 7 points for Cinci.

    Oh well better than never I guess.

  14. RIGHT! blame it all on Jeremy Ross.
    NAW!!! I dont think so.. I think the coach and the QB being at odds on the side line had something to do with it. I think the WEAK O-line was a problem against the Bengals defense. More over.. ALL the RB’s on the team have one leg because of the O-line. and Dom and his defense giving up over 30 points a game had something to do with it too. NOW SINCE WHEN did 1 turn over give teams a win over the mighty green bay packers?

  15. @filthymcnasty1
    RIGHT! Blame it all on Jeremy Ross.
    Your coach and QB at odds on the side line had nothing to do with it. I think your O-line might have something to do with it. OR maybe its because green bay dont have a RB left with two legs because of the O-line. Rodgers almost got hurt twice in that game and I know you saw that too. Dom and his defense is allowing 30 points a game but that has NOTHING to do with them losing. If Chicago put up 30 points against green bay they will beat them just like they will beat the Lions and go 4-0 to take control of the North.

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