Pierre Garçon: RGIII “obviously” isn’t completely healthy


Another loss hasn’t made Pierre Garçon any more reluctant to share his thoughts about the health of quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Garçon said last week that Griffin can’t run as fast as he did in 2012 as a result of his offseason knee surgery and the brace that he now wears to protect it from further harm. Griffin responded by saying that there was no knee issue and said he’d race Garçon to prove it. Garçon stuck to his guns last week and nothing that happened Sunday swayed him from his view.

“He’s not fully healthy, obviously,” Garçon said Monday, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “He’s running a little bit more. But last year’s RGIII was a lot different from this year’s RG because of his knee. It’s not surprising. We’ve been talking about it the whole offseason. It’s the same question every day on Monday. We can find something else to talk about.”

Griffin played better in Week Three than in the first two weeks, but still had two costly turnovers in a 27-20 loss to the Lions. Until the Redskins start winning some games, there’s little doubt that Garçon’s going to be wrong about that last point.


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  1. Most total yards given up by a defense through the first three games in the Superbowl era. Do you still owe the Rams your first pick in next years draft? Enjoy last year’s magical run, capped by that one and done because this team has the potential to be HISTORICALLY bad over the next few years.

  2. Can anyone disagree with him?

    RGIII is healthy enough to play. He’s not healthy enough to play at the level he’s capable.

    He may or may not ever be healthy enough to play at that level again. Time will tell.

    I’d say RGIII was mostly responsible for them losing week #1 and possibly week #2. I’d say the defense was responsible for the week #3 loss, and RGIII wasn’t capable of being super-human to cover up for the defense.

    Last year’s RGIII would have probably won that game, but he’s certainly not to blame. The defense lost week #3.

  3. We all know RG3 is still not 100 percent.

    I wonder what is the excuse for the Skins defense though. They have already set records for most yardage given up in the first half of 3 games to begin the season. The way they are playing Skins will be lucky to win a game anytime soon.

  4. Man.. we spent the entire summer reading about and hearing about RGIII’s knee. Now that the Skins are 0-3, can we stop hearing about it?

    Whatever Washington’s new nickname will be, I hope it doesn’t have a “D” in it. Cuz they ain’t got no D. And THAT’s what we should be talkin ’bout.

  5. Thrown for nearly a 1000 yards with a 84.1 rating after major knee surgery. He’ll only get better folks. Contrary to popular belief, rumors of RG3’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Meanwhile, Eli is chilling with a massive 8 ints and 70.5 rating…

  6. This isn’t all about RG3 folks. The defense isn’t that good. The Lions had 2 100 yard receivers (Yes, Megatron is the best WR in the NFL, but still.) and J. Bell did pretty well as a dual threat RB. The Redskins just aren’t that good of team. 50 year old Santana Moss is the top WR and there is no TE fear from the TE position.

  7. If he wants to find something else to talk about, how about he stops talking about? This guy needs to shut his mouth and stop throwing his own QB under the bus. Ever heard of the phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds you?” That’s exactly what he’s doing here.

  8. bigbluefan11 says:Sep 23, 2013 1:40 PM

    “Also “obviously” overrated, a turnover machine, and an ACL tear waiting to happen. Couldn’t happen to a nicer team.”

    Isn’t Eli leading the league in interceptions?

  9. I think we might be looking at the first casualty of this new style of QB. Dude could be done. He is slow and is acting like a baby. FINISHED. Hail to the Redskins, dawg!

  10. Garcon is mad because his stats are going to suffer because his QB is bad. He wants Kirk Cousins to be his starting QB. Maybe they will then win a couple games. Two very exciting games this year are going to be featuring the Giants and Redskins. Sucks to be you nerds!!!!!

  11. I haven’t seen much of RG3’s play besides the primetime play and some on Redzone, but the few times I have seen, he seems to be throwing a lot more balls out of position. Like his players are not even close to the ball. Not really sure what that has to do with his knee than just bad execution. I haven’t seen full games besides one so I could be wrong. Maybe because of his knee, he is not throwing with full strength on his front foot and throwing more from his back foot?

  12. Redskins have painted themselves into such a corner on this, it’s not even funny. It is obvious he’s not fully recovered and it’s obvious they’ve largely limited his running which is one of his greatest assets. And at 0-3 they’re on the verge of having their season be effectively over early. If that happens, will they have the nerve to do the smart thing and rest Griffin? My guess is they’ll play him every down of the season regardless, just to avoid having people question if the comeback was rushed.

  13. well he shouldnt have those t-shirts and commercials about coming back game1, u did it to yrself, if hes not ready, sit him and play the backup then, but they dont wanna bruise IRG3 ego, thats what this is all about

  14. He was probably asked the same question again and were getting the snippets from it, though it does sound like he’s throwing his Qb under the bus. I wonder if logical still puts him in his top 3.

  15. Is the defense not healthy either? I have an idea, give Alfred Morris more than 15 carries a game and get the play action going. I only want Morris to get more carries because he’s on my fantasy team. I couldn’t give two craps about the Redskins they can keep losing its hilarious!!!

  16. The Redskins defense has now given up 1,463 yards through the first three games of the NFL season for an average of 488 yards per game. The defense was actually a little better against the Lions than in the previous two games, but they are still on pace to allow 7,803 yards for the entire season, which would obliterate the previous record set last year by the Saints.

    Then again, if the Redskins offense would stop turning the ball over, maybe the defense could get a little rest.

  17. At least there is someone in Washington with the guts to call out RGME. I now long for the days of Patrick Ramsey and Danny Weurful. At least Ramsey was only a waste of 1 first round pick.

  18. I don’t understand the decision to play RG3 before he was truly ready when the Redskins have a solid backup in Cousins. I guess the losses are worth it to them to keep RG3 happy.

  19. I had this opinion going into the year, and it sticks….why didn’t they just sit RGIII? have him sit out the first 4-5 games, then evaluate him again.

    its easy to say that at 0-3, but a LOT of people were suggesting this, that they could go with cousins, or Frankly, even pat white, who can at the least run around with the ball and get their run game going with the read option.

    I think they made a massive mistake, the same one they made in the playoffs last year.

  20. RG 0-3 is just one cog of Washington’s troubles and Carcon has every reason to be frustrated. Shanahan (Both Sr and Jr) need to wake up and take a look at a calendar…It’s not 1993 anymore, Mike. No one is going to respect you for being the stoic prolific old coach who holds onto an old school approach while pretending to understand how to mesh it with these new fresh and exciting players both on the D side and O side. I wonder if other teams are watching your game film in black and white 35mm for kicks…

  21. l0gicalv0icesays says:
    Sep 23, 2013 2:20 PM
    At least there is someone in Washington with the guts to call out RGME. I now long for the days of Patrick Ramsey and Danny Weurful. At least Ramsey was only a waste of 1 first round pick.


    Just a week ago you were telling us it was a marathon… And the skins would prevail.

    I’ve been waiting all off season for this.

    It’s gotta suck, huh Logical?

    Go Cowboys

  22. Let us not forget the part Goodell and Mara have in jacking the ‘Skins cap.

    No free agency for two years with several more years of financial ramifications because of it.

    Not to mention it was announced on the Eve of free agency.

    As for the East, I would take the ‘Skins situation over the giants and eagles situations. Everyone thinks this young franchise QB should be in probowl form. Did anyone really think he would start week one in January.

    There is no doubt that Griffin is learning more passing skills at the moment. Fine by me if this year is a wash as the secondary and QB gain skills and playing experience. I’m in this thing for the long haul, the rest of you d-bags just don’t get it.

  23. alwaysright1981 says:
    Sep 23, 2013 1:43 PM
    Anybody with eyes:” RG3 is obviously completely overrated.”

    what about kaepernick? he’s been awful the last two games too

  24. The best QB’s are the one’s who take care of business on the field and keep their mouths shut outside of the teams facilities.

  25. Holy Bogart, it’s “Cane” Mutiny. Last year’s greatest QB is being thrown overboard. Will the crew come to their senses in time to save “Cane” and the season or will First Officer Cousins be pressed into service? Are court martials pending? Stay tuned.

  26. bigbluefan11 says:
    Sep 23, 2013 1:40 PM
    Also “obviously” overrated, a turnover machine, and an ACL tear waiting to happen. Couldn’t happen to a nicer team.
    Yeah, almost as bad as getting drummed 38-0 by the Panthers…

  27. RGIII this & RGIII that… This team has a LOUSY defense, no QB is gonna help that out. RGIII will be fine, look on the other side.

  28. 64 comments and yet not 1 person has pointed out the fact that this article is about Pierre Garcon but the Redskin pictured is clearly Brian Orakpo?

  29. l0gicalv0icesays says:
    Sep 23, 2013 2:20 PM
    At least there is someone in Washington with the guts to call out RGME. I now long for the days of Patrick Ramsey and Danny Weurful. At least Ramsey was only a waste of 1 first round pick.


    logicalvoice quiting on the washington football team

  30. Garçon has a better relationship with Kirk Cousins off the field. It’s obvious Garçon would rather have Cousins at QB right now. It’s also very refreshing to see a veteran put a Diva down…by speaking the truth, Garçon and most of the team have grown tired of “the knee”

  31. Wish Garcon would simply keep his mouth shut or at least keep it in the locker room. Whatever he’s trying to say it isn’t helping.

  32. wow, three games into the season and
    d logical voice has jumped ship? as crazy as some of your post have been I always kinda admired you for your dedication. RGIII is still a kid. he’s got a lot of maturing to do. no matter if he says all the right things or not. his mind set is that of a young man in his early twenties, he will be fine as will the Redskins

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