Rob Chudzinski: No QB decision yet, no plans for Gordon trade

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Browns coach Rob Chudzinski faced a couple of big questions at his Monday meeting with the media and the answer was no to both of them.

Chudzinski told reporters that he has not decided who will start at quarterback when the Browns return to the field against the Bengals in Week Four and that the team has no plans to trade wide receiver Josh Gordon or anybody else. Gordon said Sunday that he hopes to remain with the Browns and CEO Joe Banner said that the team has “no intention” to make a deal, but the talk is likely to persist with the Browns’ new regime making it clear that they aren’t averse to dealing high picks made by the previous administration.

“We have no plans on any of the trades,” Chudzinski said, via Scott Petrak of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. “If there was an issue, I would talk to [them]. The things that are out there that people say, the rumors, the things that people swirl around are just all noise. The reality is what’s in that team meeting room.”

As for the quarterbacks, Chudzinski praised Brian Hoyer for a “gutsy performance” before saying the team would wait to see how Brandon Weeden’s thumb is healing before making a call.

“We’ll sit down later today and talk about next week’s game, we’ll find out from a health status where guys are coming up in the next day or two and from a game-plan standpoint what we think we need to do and make those plans going forward,” Chudzinski said.

Chudzinski didn’t equivocate last week when he said Weeden wasn’t promised anything more than a shot at the starting job when healthy, so Hoyer’s performance in winning the game is sure to carry some weight when those team meetings take place.

21 responses to “Rob Chudzinski: No QB decision yet, no plans for Gordon trade

  1. Why would they trade Gordon? I saw him yesterday and he looked like a cross between Randy Moss and Jerry Rice, with a little Calvin Johnson thrown in. If they trade him, they would have to use the draft pick to draft a good young receiver. What’s the point?

  2. Congrats Browns fans — your team out-played and out-coached my team. Now excuse me while I go back to banging my head against my desk.

  3. I don’t think there’s a decision to be made. Hoyer earned the starting job. He’s much quicker at reading defenses and releasing the football. A win deserves another start.

  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if every Browns game is played like the one yesterday, whether or not they result in wins. Pretty much the entire roster is playing for their jobs now.

  5. I honestly would not be surprised if they keep weeden as the starter so hoyer doesn’t screw up their plan to tank for this years draft.

  6. I have no idea of who they should start. That may be one of 100 reasons why I’m not the coach. I wouldn’t be pissed if Hoyer gets another start however. If they start Weeden, he should be 100% though. I really don’t care if the Easter Bunny starts as long as we get the win. The Bengals are for real so it will be difficult regardless of who starts. Actually, the Easter Bunny may be a good call.

  7. I don’t believe one word of rumors when it comes to the Browns simply because no one has been right this year on anything. Lets not forget these are the same reporters that just recently said Weeden could be out for the year.

    Where were all these insiders when trade talks for Richardson were going on? The freaking owner of the Colts was the one to break the news.

  8. I still can’t believe they drafted a 28-year old quarterback. The Browns need to see what they have in Hoyer. He seemed like a good backup in New England, but it’s not the same.

  9. So we need to figure out if we will be tanking the season..if we do weedens the man… I WANT HOYER THE DESTROYER! let’s win some games Chud!

  10. Gordon is someone who clearly makes the offense better, whereas Trent Richardson did not seem to have much of an effect on the Browns’ offense. I doubt Gordon will be traded any time soon.

  11. I still believe that they started Hoyer over Campbell because they figured that it was a better chance to lose. The Browns can’t even lose when they try. Now they have to not only lose the Jacksonville, but worry about Washington, the Giants, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, and Tampa. The race to the bottom is on!

  12. Hoyer will start if only for one reason. He threw the ball out of bounds instead of taking a sack. Weeden is constantly taking sacks looking like a statue in the backfield. Hoyer rolls out…knows when to throw it away and is pretty accurate when he does throw. He has a little trouble seeing over his linemen or something because he doesn’t see the linebacker staring right at him…but he’ll figure that out with time.

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