Schwartz praises Shanahan’s sportsmanship after Lions’ camera fails


In all NFL games, teams use overhead cameras to take pictures of how opposing teams line up, then study the photographs to make in-game adjustments. But in Sunday’s game in Washington, the visiting Lions found their overhead camera malfunctioning.

Fortunately for Detroit, when Washington coach Mike Shanahan found out at halftime that the Lions’ equipment wasn’t working, he instructed his staff to let the Lions use Washington’s pictures. And Lions coach Jim Schwartz said afterward that he appreciated Shanahan’s generosity.

“I want to recognize Mike Shanahan and [Washington General Manager] Bruce Allen,” Schwartz said, via “They shared their pictures in the second half. They knew we were at a [disadvantage]. They don’t have to in that situation, but I thought it was a very sportsmanlike move. That shows the class that they have, the class of the Redskins organization that they did that.”

In the first half, however, the Lions didn’t have access to the pictures, and Schwartz said that made things a little harder for his coaching staff.

“The whole first half, we were flying blind. Our coaches were doing a good job of making adjustment without being able to see the pictures,” Schwartz said.

And in the second half, Shanahan did a good job of showing good sportsmanship.