Seahawks place Russell Okung on IR, with return designation

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As expected, the Seattle Seahawks have placed left tackle Russell Okung on injured reserve, with the designation to return.

He’ll be able to return to practice after six weeks, and Okung will be able to play after after eight weeks.

With a Week 12 bye, it means that Okung will be back at the earliest by Week 13, when the Seahawks play the Saints.

To replace Okung on the active roster, the Seahawks signed tackle Caylin Hauptmann from the Browns’ practice squad. An undrafted free agent from Florida International, Hauptmann started 37 games at left tackle in college.

14 responses to “Seahawks place Russell Okung on IR, with return designation

  1. Is anybody watching the MNF pre-game stuff? They did a segment on the Fail Mary. A year later, the ref who made the call is still saying he got it right. What a joke.

  2. It’s always weird to see a 300 pound man go down with a toe injury. Having had that injury though I completely understand. Bummer.

  3. I love all the dopes who think Tate did not catch the ball because Gruden did not think so. Get a clue. It was a catch. This just goes to show ht just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t make it true.

  4. The NFL hired and paid replay referee, who is not a Seahawks employee…. DID NOT overturn the call, because according to the rules of simultaneous catch, it was a catch.

    Get over it, it was a year ago and didn’t change anything in the standings or playoffs.

  5. Enough with the PED comments. Players from EVERY team do them. The hawks are a good team, one of the best in the NFC, and that doesn’t result solely from performance enhancements. They’re good. Period.

  6. It wasn’t a simultaneous catch because the defender had possession first. And it did, in fact, change the playoffs. The Packers missed out on a home game against the 49ers or Vikings in the divisional because San Francisco finished half a game ahead of Green Bay.

  7. And if the refs don’t call a PI on Seattle (it clearly wasn’t) during GB’s 4th down play, which lead to a go ahead TD, then the controversy doesn’t happen………two can play this game…blame the NFL owners, not the fans.

  8. I don’t understand all the fuss about the Kam Chancellor pass interference. He hit Finley early from behind.

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