Coughlin: Giants’ effort is there, we’re just getting manhandled


Giants coach Tom Coughlin knows his players are failing, but he says it’s not because they aren’t trying.

The 0-3 Giants got dominated by the Panthers on Sunday, raising questions about whether they quit on the field. But Coughlin said the Giants are still working hard.

“It’s a different story when you’re getting your butt kicked. I think the effort was there. Of course, there’s no result to show for it,” Coughlin said. “The defense gave good effort, special teams gave good effort. The offense was giving the effort. We’re just getting manhandled.”

It’s a good thing that the Giants are still trying. If they had already quit on the season in September, that would be a serious problem. Still, if Sunday’s game is what the Giants look like when they’re trying hard, I shudder to think how bad they might look if they start to pack it in.

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  1. Remember a couple of weeks ago when a bunch of Giants fans touted a triumphant return for Brandon Jacobs? Whoops. 10 Attempts… 6 yards…. (.6) average.

  2. Coughlin’s honesty is an indictment of the scouting department. I don’t know how the Giants are set up but if the GM is in charge of player acquisition then he is being thrown under the bus by the coach.

  3. If the players are putting in the effort and still losing, that means the problem is in the talent. That’s a much deeper issue than a talented football team that’s just given up.

  4. I love how Tommyboy will crush his running backs publicly if they fumble. However, if Saint Eli of Ole Miss throws a pick, or 3, its not his fault. Fire Tommy…Fire Tommy…Fire Tommy…

  5. Fire the coaches and the GM. And the trainers. It has nothing to do with the players unless there’s one you don’t like. The internet knows what to do.

  6. I am an Eagles fan. As bad as it looks for big blue, this the kinda stuff that makes them go out and win. Since Eli has been there, they have never won a SB when they went 15-1, it’s always barely making the playoffs.

    I am not predicting anything, but I would rather see them win their first four, then lose them.

  7. “We’re really trying. It’s just that every team is better than us. Some teams are a lot better than us.”

  8. One has to believe that a follow up performance anything like what we saw Sunday could cost Coughlin his job…

  9. I have been a Giants fan all my life and I can not bear to watch them play right now.

    I will always be a Giant fan but I won’t be watching until they win 1.

    I will check out the highlights because I can see them lose in the highlights just the same as live.

    They need something…anything to get some mojo back.

  10. Dear Tom, you have one of the biggest D-lines in the history of football, an above average size O-line. If your getting manhandled, then your not coaching or conditioning your team.

    I think it’s time to step down and Kevin Killdrive with you!

    thanks for the 2 superbowls


  11. Coughlin’s comments aren’t much different from the article The Onion just did on the Giants headlined something like “Giants afraid they may actually already be on the same page.”

  12. NY Giants, winners of the NFL 2013 ‘Participation’ trophy. Good job kids! Now let’s go out for ice cream.

  13. Lawrence Taylor said it best: “Coughlin be telling people he done be a good coach, but we’s all seen he just another Harry Carson.”

  14. It may prove to be a long season for the Giants but Coughlin will be there for all of it. The man’s brought two rings to the franchise and he deserves to go out at the end of season.

  15. Some one please tell me what the giants front office is doing with there player personnel. Why are they so against picking up top notch FA’s?? Building through the draft is great I guess, but again who have we really drafted lately? We should have taken the honey badger rd2 we should have signed Leach and we should never have paid VCruz… Brandon Myers? Really? If they lose big to KC, it’s pretty much over for this season

  16. giants will rebound the best in the division is 2 games up. were third in our division at 0-3 1 game out of second… eli and coughlin will right the ship

    but what needs to take place before killdrive gets inserted directly into the hot seat and out of the lockerroom..its seriously been 4 years overdue.

  17. Every now and again a team gets to the point that it’s time to clean house. The Giants may be at that point. I hope not and it’s early in the season, but after the first three games – – -. At least we won’t have to suffer through the ticket burning days again. The blasted things cost too much to burn!

  18. Coughlin was just defending his team, as he always does. What else did you want him to say.

    All the people who call for peoples heads are simply fair-weather fans to me. Under Coughlin and Gilbride it has been the most productive, the most explosive, the most fun-watching Giants Offense ever. Wanna go back to “2 yard and a cloud of dust”, or what?

    If you can´t stand by your team in rough times, go find a team that is playing well at the moment.

    Let´s play out the season and then make decisions.
    Maybe it is time for a change, but definitely not right now.

    Forever BIG BLUE!!!

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