DeAngelo Williams says strong start due to Rob Chudzinski’s departure


Through the first three weeks of the season, Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams is the league’s third leading rusher with 291 yards. Only LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles (395) and Doug Martin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (297) have rushed for more yards so far this season.

For Williams, he believes the fact that Rob Chudzinski is no longer the Panthers’ offensive coordinator has a lot to do with that.

According to David Newton of, Williams took some not-so-subtle shots directed at the departed Chudzinski.

I’m not going to start anything or push anything out there,” Williams said. “I can say this, though — a different offensive coordinator. I can definitely say that. The last offensive coordinator got rid of his starting running back.”

Williams was speaking to Chudzinski – now the head coach of the Cleveland Browns – being a pivotal piece in the decision by the Browns to trade Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts last week. Williams implied that Chudzinski wasn’t interested in cultivating an effective rushing game.

“You tell me what the difference is in 2013 versus 2012,” Williams said.

Williams isn’t the first Carolina player to take a shot at Chudzinski this season. Wide receiver Steve Smith also threw Chudzinski under the bus about how he ran the team’s offense last year in a conference call with Seattle reporters prior to their season opening game against the Seahawks.

“The prior offensive coordinator [Chudzinski] really was positioning himself to just apply for that head coaching job. I think our offense suffered a little bit because of that,” Smith said.

“At times, we got cute. We did things that weren’t necessarily us, like the under-utilizing of Mike Tolbert. But we’re out of that. The past is the past,” he added.

Outside of Cam Newton, Williams and Smith and the two biggest pieces of the Panthers offense and both can’t seem to find anything good to say about their former offensive coordinator. Whether Mike Shula can be an improvement remains to be seen but Williams and Smith both seem to feel better about the Panthers’ offense with Chudzinski no longer at the helm.

21 responses to “DeAngelo Williams says strong start due to Rob Chudzinski’s departure

  1. Sounds cowardly to me to talk after the guy leaves ; why didn’t I hear this then? This coming from a ravens fan but I do sympathize for Browns fans for all the losing they deal with , but this is just wrong on behalf of those players.

  2. Considering that every season all AFC North teams play at least 11 games outdoors on grass in cold weather cities, you would think the Browns head coach would be interested in establishing a power running game. Seems to work for the Ravens and Steelers most years. The beat goes on in Cleveland

  3. Um, Deangelo?

    Don’t forget to fellate Shula in late Dec when you’re staring at a 5-11 record!

  4. Plus, what good’s the CAR run game when you’re down 17 points in the 4th QTR to ATL or NO?

  5. idk whats more sad. the fact that the panthers won 1 game and start running their mouths and acting like they can coach now.. or thats just the feeling you obtain after you play the 2013 giants.

  6. Of course his down year last year isn’t because he was mad about everything, wasn’t hitting any holes, and just flat out looked terrible.

    Of course it was none of that, it was the coaches fault.

  7. Secretly though, DWill should be thanking the fragile Stewart. If Stewart wasnt glass, he be starting over DWill and possible getting the same numbers.

  8. Williams isn’t doing better because of the OC. He’s doing better because finally, after 7 years, he has discovered that running FORWARD accumulates more yards than breaking out into a “Dancing with the Stars”routine when you get to the line.

    However, he does speak the truth when he says that Chud couldn’t care less about running the ball.

  9. The people saying williams is running his mouth, obviously havent watched many panthers games… last season williams ran more than half of his runs out of the shot gun.. and our O-line isn’t built for that leading to alot of negative run or very short gains. This year with shula and running when cam is under center gives williams what he needs. Yes it does have to do wit stewart being hurt too. but stewart wasnt thriving in the chud offence people can see Cam lead the team in rushing.
    and btw williams has broken rushing records within the last 7 season..

  10. The fact is DWill looks a lot like pre-Chud DWill that was tag teaming with Stewart to be the best RB tandem in the league. Glad to see he’s back.

  11. All three of those top rushers play on teams with losing records. The Bucs have yet to win a game and the Panthers got their first win against the Giants Sunday.

    Before that win, Panther fans were crying about the lack of offensive production.

    So go ahead and toss Chud under the bus if you wish, bit it’s not like the Panthers offense is any better off.

  12. As a Panthers fan I do see alot more balance. I dont necessarily agree that Rob was the reason our offense struggled(injuries and ron rivera) but he might had had a little bit of contribution when talking about the Wildcat plays etc.

  13. Borisbulldog,

    I literally can’t remember when Atl or NO has been up on the Panthers by 20 points. Pretty sure Panthers went 2-0 verse the Saints and 1-1 (almost 2-0) against Atlanta last year.

    You know nothing

  14. yeah i’m not sure why folks are discrediting carolina’s odds because they play in a division with the saints and falcons. i see it as a good thing. we owned both teams last year, could’ve easily went 4-0 and if anything, our defense is much, much stronger. borisbulldog, its safe to say you are a fan of neither team because i know damn well fans in both atlanta and new orleans are dreading seeing the panthers twice a piece this season.

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