Dysfunction could be spreading in Tampa

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A second front could be developing in the ongoing battle for the Buccaneers.

It’s become well established that the players had concerns about coach Greg Schiano before the 2013 season began.  Three straight losses to start the campaign likely haven’t quenched that fire.

Schiano may now be firing darts in not-so-subtle fashion at the front office.

You can’t load the roster in a two-year period,” Schiano explained on his weekly radio show, via JoeBucsFan.com.

While Schiano has been with the team for only two offseasons, G.M. Mark Dominik has been loading the roster since 2009.  In a roundabout way, Schiano’s decision to focus on the last two years becomes an indictment of the talent selection that was done before he got there.

It’s also an indictment of the talent acquired before he got there, including quarterback Josh Freeman, the first player drafted by Dominik.

The comments aren’t a surprise.  For a losing team it becomes inevitable that Schiano and Dominik will try to ensure that, if someone walks the pewter plank, it’ll be the other guy.

Unless they find their way to the same page and get their act together quickly, it could be both.

29 responses to “Dysfunction could be spreading in Tampa

  1. Fortunately, they signed a team-first veteran in Darrelle Revis, who can calmly and deftly serve as a leadership figure for the Bucs during this rocky time.

    Oh wait, LOL. Bucs are screwed.

  2. For a guy who has no track record in the NFL and a mediocre one in college, Schiano has some stones. Of course if I were guaranteed the remainder of my contract if fired I’d be bold too.

  3. There’s entirely too many good players on this team for them to be losing. Feels like the same situation as Kansas City a year ago.

  4. You can’t do it in two, but Grigson in Indy did it in one.

    I think TB is underachieving with a talented roster, and I don’t know the in’s and out’s of this squad, a mediocre QB and disliked coach seems to be the recipe for 0-3 in the NFL these days.

  5. This guy has to be gone by the bye week. He is just not that good of a head coach. Talent is not the issue with that team.

  6. Schiano is a average college coach at best. He never won a championship in college or got to any top bowl game. He put all these Rutger guys on the Bucs that havent done nothing. If Mark Dominik wants to save his job, it may be best to get rid of Schiano if we lose this week. By the way…what the hell does Butch Davis do??????

  7. they seem to be lacking a leader at QB, which isn’t news but now that its out there they should be moving in that direction. i hate the idea that a coach’s leash in this day and age is around 2-3 years. he inherited some bad players and really hasn’t had enough time to bring in his philosophy. maybe he does a crappy head coaching job but maybe its the players. shouldn’t be knee-jerking at the HC imho.

  8. Factor in Manchester United’s early struggles and the Glazers have to be feeling a ton of heat.
    About time for Revis to demand a better contract, isn’t it?

  9. How this much dysfuction can be coming from a team that’s obviously close is crazy. I don’t remember one person that could understand the Schiano hiring. It made no sense then and it makes less sense now.

    They’re 3 points away from being 2-1. They should be talking about unity and how close they are to good…this is just wild to me. How do you question the GM’s ability to reload unless you don’t realize how close you actually are? Isn’t optimism a pretty big deal when being head coach? Has he ever been optimistic?

  10. Sounds like Schiano wants a roster full of “his guys” that he can build up over a long period of time.

    Sorry, Greg, but the NFL is a win now league. And quite frankly your resume doesn’t buy you that kind of time and leeway.

    If your approach isn’t working then change it because you’ll be gone long before guys like Revis and Goldson.

  11. Freeman is gone and if Schiano gets canned that has to be it for Mark Dominik too. His entire first draft class would be gone, he’d have drafted a “franchise” (I couldn’t use that term any more loosely) QB who failed and two coaches who failed. And the win % in his time is Millen-esque. If he survived all that I would be mighty impressed or conviced he has photos of the Glazers in compromising positions (like spending money)

  12. 5 gets you ten,,,if he goes…BB will swoop in and offer him a “consulting position” just like he did with Mcdaniels….he may not be a HEAD COACH,,,but he has skills.

  13. I don’t get why some folks here are getting in Revis. The Bucs problems are mostly on offense not defense. And Schiano needs to go. Probably Dominick too.

  14. I agree he is a dead man walking but I think your embellishing on his comments a bit …. couldn’t it simply mean they didn’t have all the players that would fit his system so it takes a little time to roll over the roster?

  15. Schiano doesn’t seem like an NFL coach. He isn’t dealing with children here, they are grown men.
    Obviously a lot of unrest there. Good Luck to Revis, he probably wishes he never left NYork.

  16. RE: bmorell – “…. couldn’t it simply mean they didn’t have all the players that would fit his system so it takes a little time to roll over the roster?”

    You hit the nail on the head – Schiano is unable to get the most out of the talent he has on his roster i.e. making the best man-to-man corner ever play zone. All he can do is shoehorn players into his “system,” even if that means not putting them in the best position to succeed.

    Send him on his way.

  17. Personally, I think PFT is making way more of this than they should. I think you guys are looking for material to make a story out of. I heard the coach’s comments, the spin you are putting on it is not what he was trying to convey.

    On Schiano: He’s a defensive coach and the defense has improved significantly. There is lack of depth. Is he meddling in the offensive side of the ball, don’t know? He could be hindering the offensive side.

    On Freeman: Doesn’t make enough plays. They aren’t playing well around him, but he hasn’t picked up his play either. Inconsistent. He’s being given ample opportunity to prove he’s the guy, but he’s not seizing it. He better finish strong to prove he deserves another year.

    On the GM: Hit and miss with the draft. Has had enough quality players stick. Has been a real company man. Filled in big splash players, but failed in gaining depth. And he may have missed on Freeman.

  18. Dear Jets fans,

    I’m sorry that you were dumped by Revis, I know he meant the world to you and I know he’s still the center of your universe. But Revis has moved on and you should too. It’s in the best interest of all involved. The NFL tried to help you out by having the refs hand you the game in week 1, with that and the draft picks you’re not leaving this relationship empty handed.

    Please try to find someone new, I heard there is a nice boy Milliner that you drafted, maybe give him the same attention that you’re still giving to Revis and maybe he’ll be that someone new that you need in your life.

    Thank you,
    The Rest of the World

  19. Of course the way to succeed is to throw your QB and your GM under the bus. It’s one thing to undercut your players, but woe to those who publicly criticize their bosses!

    There seems to be a pattern developing with Schiano, and it’s one that won’t earn much trust or respect from neither the players nor the front office. I wonder how much of a jerk he’ll have to be before management pays him his money to just go away.

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