Iloka gets fined $15,000 for hit on Finley


When we said that Bengals safety George Iloka would be getting a package from the league, we were technically wr-wr-wr-inaccurate. He’s already gotten it.

Per a league source, Iloka was fined $15,000 for the hit applied to the head of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley when Finley was in a defenseless posture.  Finley suffered a concussion on the play; no flag was thrown.

The fine, communicated to Iloka by letter dated September 24, already has been appealed through an online tool that allows the review process to be initiated, and that gives the player the ability to watch the play in question.

The amount of the fine is a bit confusing. From the 2013 fine schedule, the minimum amount for hits to defenseless players is $21,000. That’s the amount Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans was fined last week for a hit to the head of Chargers receiver Malcom Floyd.

25 responses to “Iloka gets fined $15,000 for hit on Finley

  1. Sarcastaball is looking pretty real at this point. The more they fine, the less players are going to want to play down the line. In a fast game things happen, the NFL is basically done.

    Watch there be a fine for the hit on Pryor.

  2. Meh, just because the refs got it wrong doesn’t mean the player shouldn’t be fined.

    I mean, i’m against all of these fines in general, but at least it’s good they apply them somewhat equally. That is to say, everyone gets one for a hit in the head, regardless of intent or ability to stop.

  3. What a load of bull. Refs, announcers, everyone who saw it slow mo thought it was a good no call. Any time the league sees a head get hit it’s a fine. Even if not intentional. BS

  4. Ever think that maybe his 21,000 dollar fine was reduced on appeal? Don’t players have the abilty to appeal a fine and get it reduced based on a percentage of what they make or something to that effect.

  5. Even the announcers of that game said that the hit was a glancing blow caused by Finley getting pushed into Iloka by another tackler. Finley has had too many hits in his career, and it seems like he was concussed by contact that would not have injured many other players. This is a fine that Iloka should appeal.

  6. orcheon says:
    Sep 24, 2013 8:40 PM
    Meh, just because the refs got it wrong doesn’t mean the player shouldn’t be fined.

    I mean, i’m against all of these fines in general, but at least it’s good they apply them somewhat equally. That is to say, everyone gets one for a hit in the head, regardless of intent or ability to stop

    More of a double edged sword actually. Good that they’re fined equally as you can’t call favortism by the league but also bad that they’re all fined equally as it’s ruining the integrity of the game by the fact that it happens.. and is happening a lot.

  7. “League is a joke” ” NFL is basically done” “national flag football league” . What ridiculous comments, you really think that? Then leave, don’t watch. The most violent sport only gets your thumbs up if head shots are legal?

    Empty threats from people who want something to bitch about. Yeah you’re right, basically done. Oh, btw flag football- very original, we certainly haven’t heard that one.

  8. beerbratscheese says:
    Sep 24, 2013 8:46 PM
    I guess on the plus side, there’s no way that anybody can make any kind of a case that the refs are favoring the Packers.
    Oh, they definitely came out on top of that game’s calls. Sitting 4 rows from the field I counted 5 blatant holds on scoring drives, 4 other holds that would’ve been called in any other game, and some phantom calls against the Bengals. Finley lowers his head and Iloka doesn’t lead with the helmet–not malicious. The only bad call Cincy benefited from was Burfict’s cup check, and for all the holding Green Bay was getting away with, I’m glad he did it.

  9. If you don’t think that Iloka didn’t deserve the fine and should have been 15 yard penalty, you are delusional, there was another hit on a receiver that should have been called as well! Finley had no time to lower his head before being hit! And yes Burfict should have been ejected as well as a 15 yard penalty The officiating most definitely favored the Bengals in this game!

  10. @beerbratscheese
    You been hiding since Sunday. Packers 1-2 like I told you would happen. Bears 3-0 and the Joke Lions are the ONLY thing in the way of Chicago taking control of the North. Welcome to 2013 Nobody’s laying down for the packers NOT this season. Everybody knows they are weak

  11. Just watched the play over several times. It was a glancing blow at high speed, with the receiver changing direction late in the play. There’s no way Iloka could have done anything else,

    The league office says Iloka led with his head. Whats he supposed to lead with; his a$$ ??????

    If this play warrants a league fine, then the idiots have definitely taken over the asylum on Park Avenue.

  12. It was a clean hit, I agree with so many others that there was little he could have done, as long as he was trying to play good football. I mean, you can’t hesitate and see if it’s safe to hit the player first. The Refs made the right non-call, and honestly I have no idea what the league is thinking by Fining him. I agree that if the Refs miss a call and the league catches it, then they should fine, but in this case it is so clear that this whole thing has become a joke.

    As far as what was called, there were at least 2 Unnecessary Roughness calls that were called and were bogus. Reggie Nelson’s call may have been a mistake by the refs because they didn’t have slow motion, but the other call for hands to the face was rediculous, his back was turned and the back of his forarm bumped into the facemask as Rodgers fell down. Overall they have just gone crazy with the calls to the point that it is screwing with the outcome of the game. Players don’t have any idea how they can hit without drawing a flag or a fine, as every big hit, legal or not is getting them. I would start designing plays for defenseless receivers and tell everyone to flop on every play they get touched just to draw the flags.

  13. Its 3 games in. I had them at 1-2 anyway. I have The Packers winning the North at 11-5. The Bears played one of the worst teams in the NFL in Pit. And Bearly beat at horrible Vikings team. They beat The Bengals at home. Had The Packers played The Bengals at Lambeau they would have won by 2 touchdowns. Anyway, when healthy after the bye week. You will see The Packers roll and win The North hands down.
    You delusional Bear fan.

  14. @chio1town didn’t your Bears start 7-1 last year before blowing it and losing the division once again to the Pack? That’s right, they did. Don’t work though the Pack will embarrass the Bears on Monday night in November, Cutler can’t beat the Pack.

  15. @thepowerofchriscompelsyou:

    So we need to agree with you AND have 100% original material? Is that how this works? Feel free to engage in carnal knowledge of your posterior.

  16. @rtp295
    This is 2013 NOT 3 years ago and NOT last year. This season the packers have played 2 teams from the playoffs and LOST both games. This season Chicago has played 2 playoff teams and they WON both games. and RIGHT NOW!! Today Chicago has control of the North. SAVE YOUR EXCUSES FOR LATER. The packers need to WIN the games they are scheduled to play because thats exactly what Chicago has done.

  17. Here is any easy way to tell if the hit was legal or not, was the head hit and was it the first point of contact? If yes, penalty and fine. How hard is it to hit the body and not the head? I played hockey and we move a lot faster than any football player and we hit the body.

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