Jason Peters bothered by dislocated finger


Eagles left tackle Jason Peters had a tough time with Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali on Sunday, allowing one sack and several hurries as Kansas City improved to 3-0 with a victory.

Peters said Tuesday that he’s been bothered by a dislocated finger he suffered in the season opener against the Redskins. Peters said he aggravated the injury in the game against the Chiefs, forcing trainers to tape up his fingers and limiting Peters’ ability to keep Hali from making life miserable for quarterback Michael Vick.

“I had to adjust a little bit because I had to tape up three of my fingers and I couldn’t grab,” Peters said, via Tim McManus of PhillyMag.com. “I had to adjust to Tamba in the second half with my hand placement and stuff because I couldn’t really grab him with my outside hand. I just had to adjust as far as settling down and start using it a little bit better than I did in the first two quarters.”

Peters still had the fingers taped together at practice on Tuesday and said he thinks the injury is one he’ll have to deal with for the rest of the season. The Eagles will be much better off if he figures out a way to deal with it that doesn’t include pass rushers having their way with him because the offense was grounded last week.

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  1. “I had to tape up three of my fingers and I couldn’t grab,”…Couldn’t grab??? I thought holding was a penalty. There is no reason to grab if you are not planning on holding.

  2. @jjackwagon Offensive linemen always grasp the chest plate as long as you do not impede the opposing player holding will not be called. As long as you body is square to the defender while grasping holding will not be called. The key is not to impede the opposing player. Therefore, if you grasp and drive straight back to the ground that is called a pancake and perfectly legal. If the defender attempts to run around a linemen and the linemen is not square on the defensive player and is still grasping the chest plate it is holding. As a lineman you are taught to have proper footwork, set your feet, punch and or grab, but let go if they are attempting to move around you outside of you being able to maintain a square posture on him. Usually grasping the chest plate happens during run blocking and in pass protection it is more footwork and punching the arms out to control the opponent. Once the defender attempts to move laterally you have to release your grip otherwise you will get called for holding ( if your caught 😉 )

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