Jerry Jones says Anthony Spencer needs microfracture surgery


For the second time this week, a franchise-tagged player has become evidence for why players hate the tag so much.

Via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones just said on his KRLD radio show that defensive end Anthony Spencer would need knee surgery, and is likely done for the season.

Spencer’s been tagged by the Cowboys the last two offseasons, and the lack of a long-term deal now comes into sharp focus. He’s signed for a guaranteed $10.6 million this year.

Spencer was coming back from surgery in July, and played 34 snaps against the Chiefs in Week Two, but was inactive last week against the Rams after practicing once.

While Spencer said last week he didn’t think he’d need a microfracture procedure, Jones said he apparently would now.

Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton, who was tagged this year for $8.45 million, suffered a torn ACL Sunday night.

Now, both will enter the job market next year with no guarantees.

27 responses to “Jerry Jones says Anthony Spencer needs microfracture surgery

  1. But 18 million combined in their bank accounts at least…man I really feel sorry for these guys what a tough situation to be in your early thirties and a millionaire.

  2. Oh, poor guy. Had to get paid about $20 million for the last two seasons. I hope he can survive on that plus the minimum of $3-4 million per season he’ll make once the Cowboys let him hit free agency this off-season.

    Spencer was a rollercoaster player. He had up years and down years. As far as I’m concerned, the $20 million for the last two seasons was egregious overpayment, which will make up for any decline in the offers he will receive in free agency. The guy will be 30 in a few months, after all.

  3. I am sure that the Cowboys tried to negotiate long term deals with Spencer both times they tagged him. The risk of taking more money now is you lose the security of a long term deal. Spencer made a business decision and now has to live with the consequences. The Cowboys are not being unfair because Anthony Spencer did not sign a long term deal.

  4. Average American salary is like $50k a year…this dude makes in one year what it would take the average american to make in 160 years…PERSPECTIVE…and then their is the rest of the world that cant touch 50k a year.

  5. Cowboys D hasn’t missed a beat.George Selvie has paid massive dividends. Spectacular move by Jerry eased the blow of Spencer’s injury.

  6. And with their first round draft pick in the 2014 draft, the Cowboys select…a defensive end, because there’s no way Spencer gets a long-term deal now.

    Man, I wish I could get $10.6 million to be off sick from my job for a year…

  7. Well on the bright Side free agent George Selvie Is filling in pretty good maybe he can have a great season and be Spencers Replacement he is only 27 has two sacks in three games I think having Marinelli as DLine coach has brought his Potential out!!!

  8. Here is a quick look at the 2014 Cowboys Draft:

    1. Defensive Lineman
    2. Interior Offensive Lineman
    3. Defensive Lineman
    4. Running Back
    5. Cornerback
    6. Interior Offensive Lineman
    7. Linebacker
    7.(A) Linebacker
    7.(B) Defensive Lineman

    They’ll need to replace Ratliff and Spencer and possibly Hatcher – I think they re-sign Hatcher if he stays healthy and has a monster year.

  9. Even if he had signed a so-called “long term deal”, he may not have received any more guaranteed money than he was paid over the last two years anyway, and he could have been released at any time. I mean, how many players his age actually make it to the end of a back-loaded long-term contract?

  10. Most of you people are ridiculous. Whining about how much a player makes and think they should just take what the owners/GM give them. Which would you rather have? $10 mil for one year or a four year deal with a $25 mil signing bonus?

  11. I still don’t understand the disdain for the franchise tag. It’s usually more money than they would otherwise get (unless they are top 3 at their position)

    Why should an employer hurry up and pay someone a large long-term contract just in case they get injured and cannot perform the services?

  12. (Full disclosure: I’m a proud union guy.)

    Fair or not, the franchise tag is something both the owners and the players’ union agreed to as part of their CBA. It’s simply part of the landscape *BOTH* players *and* owners have to face when it comes to player contract negotiations.

    Spencer chewed up about 8% of the Boys’ cap space for the year, which is not something teams want to do. But Spencer didn’t get the long-term deal he wanted, either. That’s what happens when you have a negotiated deal: neither side is completely happy.

    Either way, the franchise tag just is; it’s part of the deal both sides have to face. And it creates a gamble that sometimes (with serious injuries) works out badly for one side and creates a sense of relief for the other. In these cases, it just happens that the team won the gamble.

  13. @earpanic…to say that the average American can’t do what Spencer does is accurate. However, there are more than a few in the NFL who can produce at level he has since the cowboys drafted him. For you to say the average worker does nothing to help produce revenue for their employer is idiotic. Just what do you think everyone is doing each day when they go to work? In fact, I’d argue that Anthony Spencer has produced NO revenue above and beyond what the Cowboys would make if he had never been drafted.

  14. And I realize every employee brings in revenue to his employer. But it is a fact it would be easier to find someone else to do mine or your job than Anthony Spencer’s. All I was trying to say is his employer thinks he is worth that much, and that is the going rate. If a guy at McDonalds makes $20,000 a year, and a guy works for the city parks and makes $40,000 for essentially cutting grass he’s going to think that’s crap too. But in his field that’s the going rate, and his employer pays that. Why be mad at the employee or what he makes?

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