Keyshawn makes early exit from DWTS

Getty Images

On Sunday, ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson starred in an awkward segment with Cris Carter and Adam Schefter, catching footballs from a JUGS machine.  (Or, in Keyshawn’s case, dropping footballs from a JUGS machine.)  On Monday, Keyshawn made an even more awkward exit from a slightly more popular ABC property.

Johnson was the first contestant eliminated from the 17th season of Dancing with the Stars.

Typically, current and former football players do very well on the show.  From Hines Ward to Emmitt Smith to Warren Sapp to Jason Taylor to Jerry Rice to Chad Johnson to Jacoby Jones, the NFL has been well represented.

Johnson, in contrast, got the damn boot before folks like Valerie Harper, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Ozzy Osbourne’s son, and Snooki.

In the tradition of terms shouted on the set like “Jacked Up!” and “C’mon Man!,” we’re looking forward to the next catch phrase shouted by Cris Carter or others in honor of Johnson’s misadventures on the dance floor.

But it could have been worse for Keyshawn.  He could have lost a drag race to Justin Bieber.