NFL finds no evidence of widespread problem with sample collectors

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In the wake of the reality that Broncos linebacker Von Miller worked with a urine sample collector in an effort to generate negative drug tests, the NFL was indeed concerned about other potential incidents.

Per a league source with direct knowledge of the relevant testing procedures and protocols, the NFL has investigated the situation and found “zero evidence” of any systemic or widespread issues with the sample-collection process.

Still, the league realizes that it’s impossible to completely ensure that corruption won’t occur.  In any testing program, the integrity of the collectors ultimately must be trusted.

The league uses outside testing companies who hire collectors after checking their background and vetting them.  Sometimes, a proverbial turd can land in the punch bowl.  (It’s a fairly appropriate metaphor, in this context.)

The NFL and the testing companies utilize audits and other devices to check the work of the collectors.  In this case, for example, we’re told that the chicanery with the aspiring chicken farmer’s sample was detected not by dumb luck but through the protections that previously have been put in place.

The league is committed to constantly improving the process.  Short, however, of videotaping the entire process of collecting the sample (and all that that implies), transporting it to the lab, and then testing it, a chance of foul play exists.

It surely has happened before.  It could happen again.  With Miller, it happened — and the NFL has taken all actions deemed appropriate in response to that fact.

21 responses to “NFL finds no evidence of widespread problem with sample collectors

  1. It would be nice if “the protections that previously have been put in place” would catch a few more players. Find it hard to believe this was the only occurrence.

  2. Maybe they didn’t look “close” enough?

    They should use the Patriots system and “record” every drop!

  3. NFL investigated it…and they basically said nothing to see here. that’s a surprise as they can’t take another large PR hit.

    btw – nice pic of the dude fascinated by the urine cup…made me crack up!

  4. ….In other news, Doctors accused of supplying PEDs to professional athletes have also completed a SELF INVESTIGATION and have discovered no wrong doing…

    Nothing to see here….

  5. So when Aldon Smith got his DUI; the pot and pills he had with him really were something he was holding for a friend?

    Hernandez is a drug dealer that never tested positive, he must also have just been a holder and not a user.

    I totally buy it.

  6. Some adjustment difficulties, as most sample collectors remain single throughout life. Inviting a date to “come up and see my specimen collection” tends to awkwardness.

  7. That was a pretty fast “investigation.” What did they really do to investigate?

    Investigator: Hey guys, are any of you players trying to make deals with sample collectors to be sure you pass the urine test?

    Players: No.

    Investigator: Okay, good by me!

  8. heyguru1969 says:
    Sep 24, 2013 3:24 PM

    The biggest problem sample collectors face is when someone asks, “So — what do YOU do for a living?”


    “I work for the shield. It’s best we don’t discuss it.”

  9. Why do I feel like the investigation went like this.

    NFL: Hey! Are any of you other samplers take bribes?

    Samplers: Nooooooooo.

    NFL: Whew! That’s great news. As you were!

  10. This is happening alot more than one might think, and this is an attempt by the NFL to brush it under the rug and avoid any bruising to its image. All you have to do is look at Aldon Smith, a great player, sells tickets and oops! – gets busted for a DUI and marijuana and self checks (w/ help from the 49ers) into a rehab facility for his issues with substance abuse. How many times is he tested a year, and how could it never have been found if there is no issue with the collection process when he self admittedly has issues with substance abuse. The collection process is flawed!

  11. They asked all of the urine-cup-guys and they all said they didn’t help any players cheat. Case closed.

    As a Seahawks fan I am in favor of doing everything humanly possible to get PEDs OUT of the NFL. I hate that the Seahawks have become synonymous with PEDs. I would rather have a team that sucks than a bunch of cheaters. And I’m not saying that they are a bunch of cheaters, I’m just saying that one case is too many, and we’ve got more than one case on our hands in Seattle.

    Blood tests once per month, and urine samples every gameday for EVERY PLAYER! It’s a 9 billion dollar a year industry, they can afford this.

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