Packers hope backfield gets healthy during bye week


The Packers were down to one running back on Sunday after James Starks injured his knee against the Bengals.

Rookie Johnathan Franklin gained 103 yards in his first offensive playing time of the season before losing a fumble that the Bengals turned into a touchdown on a fourth down try late in the fourth quarter. But he also picked up a foot injury that threatened to leave the Packers without any backs at all. That didn’t happen, but the team is hoping that the bye week provides enough time for Starks, Eddie Lacy and John Kuhn to get well.

Starks isn’t sure that he’ll be ready, but he knows that the extra time will be put to good use because he doesn’t think he could play if the Packers had a game this week.

“More time to heal and get right and get back to doing what I was trying to do,” Starks said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m hoping. I prayed about it. So hopefully everything goes how I want it to go. It’s God’s plan. I’ll just make the best of it. They’re just making sure everything is good from the swelling and everything. But it feels better than it did.”

Franklin’s performance was good enough to shake up the pecking order in the backfield once the Packers get back to work. The health of the other backs will likely determine how much that order gets shaken.

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  1. This team has been decimated with injuries from the start of the season for essentially the past five years. Either the training staff loves their job security or things need to change at that level in order to have a healthier team.

  2. The Pack have a Bye already? Thank goodness we’ll have a week without their fans whining about something. Scratch that, I forgot the sun will rise and set as usual.

  3. crownofthehelmet…..
    What are the packer fans whining about? They maybe be upset about there teams performance and the injuries, but that can be said about 3/4 of the teams out there..
    You don’t have to make up something to try and make yourself feel better, because your team and it’s fan base is terrible..
    Ok, while this guy is worried about packer fans, lets talk football.
    GB will be alright after the bye, they’ll get there injuries back, there running game will be tough going into the winter months… With the remaining schedule, I could see them winning out!! The Bears are the toughest team on there schedule, and we know who has there number.

  4. What are the packer fans whining about?
    injuries, playcalling, ref’s, Kaepernik, Meriweather, the fact the Bears and Lions (maybe Vikings) are better this year…. take your pick.

  5. Crown and Rikker –

    Huge Packer fan here…and the Pack have nothing to whine about. They got beat fair and square by two clearly superior teams. What I don’t get about our fanbase is the knee-jerk reactions to fire everyone whenever the opposing team scores a single touchdown. For every good game Capers has where he’s a genius, there’s a bad game where he should be strung up. For a fan base that’s the subjectively, self-proclaimd best around, it apparently knows shockingly little about football. The fact is, the Packers blew two games, albiet against two better teams. Everyone…stay calm after three games. It’s not like they’re the Jaguars!!!

  6. crownofthehelmet says:
    What are the packer fans whining about?
    injuries, playcalling, ref’s, Kaepernik, Meriweather, the fact the Bears and Lions (maybe Vikings) are better this year…. take your pick.
    Really?? wow, dude you need to get a life. As far as the Bears and Lions (Don’t even mention the Vikings in the same sentence) being better? I don’t think soooo. But you keep believing that.. and after the bye, the packers will dominate… You watch!! Come back in december and call me a whiner then!

  7. ma5terbla5t3r …
    I say the same thing every year, when we start out slow..
    Everyone is so negative about the players and coaches and we aren’t even in November yet. The two loses that we have are against tough teams, and will only make us tougher going into the rest of the schedule..

  8. Guess maybe a little credit should go to the “awful” offensive line” which has helped two different backs get 100 yards two weeks in a row. Other teams should be praying that GB doesn’t get all four of those backs healthy at the same time, because indications are they could be a handful.
    Oh, and Viking trolls:
    To Cleveland.
    At home.
    = Nothing to say to anyone not named Jacksonville.

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