Terrelle Pryor doesn’t remember game after suffering concussion


Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor says he doesn’t remember much about Monday night’s loss, which he left early after suffering a concussion on a hit by Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard.

“Sorry about the loss RaiderNation,” Pryor wrote on Twitter. “I don’t remember much! Good hit by whoever it was. I heard our team fought well . . . We will be back!”

Pryor added that he’s feeling fine today, but Raiders coach Dennis Allen said he doesn’t know if Pryor will be able to play on Sunday against Washington. Allen noted that the NFL has a concussion protocol that dictates how all players who suffer concussions are cleared to return to action.

“He’s got to go through the protocol,” Allen said of Pryor. “So, we’ll look at how he’s doing tomorrow; we’ll see whether or not he’s able to go or not, and then we’ll see as the week goes on and make a determination on what we can do. . . . I think we’ve got to be prepared for any option. Obviously if Terrelle’s not able to go, Matt Flynn will be the guy. So I think we’ve got to be prepared for either scenario.”

Allen also acknowledged that Pryor stayed in the game for two more plays after suffering the concussion, but Allen said the Raiders did everything they were supposed to do according to the league’s concussion rules.

“We put him back in the game, and then when he came back over to the sideline that’s when our medical people took a look at him and decided that we needed to send him into the locker room for further evaluation,” Allen said. “Football is a tough sport and there’s going to be collisions and you try and make sure you do everything you can to take into account players safety. I think our medical people followed the protocol that’s set forth by the NFL. They followed it exactly how it’s supposed to be followed, and when we determined that he [Pryor] had a concussion we got him out of the game.”

Now the Raiders’ medical staff will determine whether to keep him out for another game.

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  1. My assumption is that he will pass tests tomorrow morning and practice.

    Everyone is using his Tweets to determine his health, let a doctor do so tomorrow morning under NFL rules.

    He got his bell rung, concussed, he will play.

  2. Wow. He looked fine after the hit just shook up, even was able to go through the calls for another play. Shows how deceiving looks can be.

  3. Helloanybodyhome,

    You state that like the opposite isnt insane.

    (The opposite, or inverse….”the raiders beat my team once in a game, so i’m happy and rooting for this kid who wasnt even alive then to be a real head injury.”)

  4. Pryor, after game 2 last week: “Why did all the black people move to Detroit? Because they heard there were no jobs up there.”

    Totally inappropriate, if you ask me. Art Shell must be rolling in his grave right now.

  5. Helmet to the chin for Brady or Manning and the league shuts down for 6 weeks.

    Helmet to Pryor’s chin and it’s PLAY ON. See how fast we can get in back in there. No penalty, no fine, no suspension, no discussion about the hit. Business as usual.

  6. Qdog112 is obviously a little butt hurt about his historically bad team losing another one. You’d think he’d be used to it by now.

  7. Amen, qdog.

    Did you even watch the game last night? Peyton was pretty much calling his own penalties whenever he wanted meanwhile the Raiders got ever play over 15+ yards called back by the refs because if the Raiders are moving the ball they must obviously be cheating in some way!

  8. Kid was lone bright spot for Raiders. Say what you will about the game but he stood in pocket and made some good throws. If only Mckenzie had signed\given him some credible targets he might even develop faster. Raiders need a big body wr guy……maybe they should have kept TE Myers and DHB on the cheap and then they might be something.

  9. no doubt that he was seeing stars as he was walking into the locker room….it’s all good. TP would have had well over 300 yards if it wasn’t for some drops. Really I feel bad for DMC……he runs into a wall every play…our O-line just can not create a hole.

  10. @lurchpapa … If I’m not mistaken, Art Shell wouldn’t be rolling in his grave because he’s still working in the league office.

  11. Wow… memory loss is NO JOKE. Pryor seriously needs to slow it way, way down for a while. This is the rest of your life we are talking about.

    That’s freaking scary.

  12. I notice a hit like that is automatically 15 yard penalty but since its the Raiders and Pryor its like get him off the field so we can move on..” wow and its true thats the sad part..

  13. That’s the kind of hit James Harrison kept getting fined for. I’m surprised the nfl doesn’t seem to care more… We are talking crown of the helmet to the chin. He’s lucky a concussion is all he got, and not a broken jaw.

  14. I never want to see anyone get hurt, especially in a way that could affect the rest of their life, but get real people. Read the rules. He was a runner heading towards the endzone inside the tackle boxes. What is the defense supposed to do, stand up and let him walk in without being touched becasue he is a QB? He wasn’t on the outside sliding or giving himself up, and if it was arunning back, nobody would be complaining. That’s what you get by being a running quarterback. It wasn’t a dirty hit, just a hard hit.

    Too many loser Raiders fans trolling on here…

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