“Tripling” of England fan base is a condition of NFL team moving there

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The NFL returns to London again this week, for the first of two games involving a quartet of teams that have one win among them.

Despite the quality of the teams to play there this year, the annual visit inevitably will resurrect talk of a team playing not one home game but all home games in England.

NFL UK managing director Alistair Kirkwood said Monday that, before a team relocates to London, a “tripling” of the fan base in the United Kingdom must occur.

The next step in the process will be a tripling of the games that historically had been played in London.  From 2007 through 2012, the league staged one game per year at Wembley Stadium.  This year, it’ll be two.  Kirkwood said a third game could be added by 2014.

The Jaguars have committed to playing one game per year for the next four years.  The Rams initially had announced such an arrangement before backing out, due to issues with the team’s lease in St. Louis.

Before any franchise can move to London, it’s not just the game’s fan base but that team’s fan base that needs to increase.  If it happens with the Jaguars over the next four years, they become a logical candidate to, at a minimum, play a split schedule between Jacksonville and London.

The good news for folks in Jacksonville is that the team currently could be too bad to develop a bigger fan base in another country.


42 responses to ““Tripling” of England fan base is a condition of NFL team moving there

  1. So if the Jags actually get more fan interest, then the NFL will reward them by sending them to London?

    This is a joke. If the NFL wants football in Europe, bring back NFL Europe. Don’t screw over season ticket holders, and fans in the U.S. for a cash grab.

  2. As well, the lease the Jaguars have with the city of Jacosnville make it pretty much impossible to move the team before 2030. Not to mention Shad Khan investing in not only the stadium, but the city of Jacksonville as well. As well, then Khan would own two teams that would then be competing with each other for popularity, and no good businessman would do that.

    But you know. Keep perpetuating the myth. People never get tired of hearing about the ‘London Jags’.

  3. NFL owners continue to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

    They’ll eventually cram a franchise in both L.A. and London, disrupting the most perfect scheduling arrangement they’ve ever had.

    Additionally they’re also trying to get that elusive 18 game schedule. I hate that one as much as the London thing.

  4. Why would any fans show up in Jacksonville if your team was playing four games in London? Either you’re in, or you’re out.

  5. I can’t see the Jags getting anyone fired up about football over there. Maybe they should send a team that scores from time to time

  6. Here we go again. Roger Dodger trying to throw yet another thing down our throats that we don’t want, that nobody wants. The profit over common sense and/or people is one of the things that is ruining this country and has been for years.

  7. The London Jaguars? Doesn’t sound right. How about the London England Patriots? Too bad that won’t happen.

  8. can we get a team in LA 1st…..just saying seems like our country has a problem of taking care of at home problems before taking care of this country first…..nothing against London wouldn’t mind seeing it but let’s handle business at home before we move to another country

  9. Never going to work, British fans already have their favorite teams.

    I’m wouldn’t stop rooting for Arsenal just because the Premier League put a random team somewhere inside the US.

  10. Good idea NFL..NFL Europe was so successful. Looking at those games on T.V. it reminded me of crowds at soccer games..

  11. So sick of this “world village” idea. We are America, and this is the National Football League. The Nation in National is America, not England or any other European Nation.

  12. This is ridiculous… Moving games to Europe is a stupid idea, let alone moving an entire franchise.

  13. What player in their right mind is going to say “Yea, I want to up-root my family to another country and fly across the atlantic ocean 8 times a year” Stop trying to re-invent the wheel NFL

  14. The NFL is becoming just like the Government.
    They could care less about what the majority of the people want.

    4 teams in 4 divisions in 2 conferences in 1 league. Perfect playoff system. 16 games. Roger just can’t leave a good thing alone.

  15. No thank you Roger. I like my Green Bay Packer football in America. I don’t think the rest of the league has to go over there just to increase the fan base.

  16. Seems to me that only marquee franchises (e.g., Steelers, Patriots, Cowboys) could have a reasonable shot at popularity in a city like London, but those types of franchises obviously aren’t moving, so what’s the point of all of this? I mean, if Toronto cannot fully embrace the Bills, then how is London ever going to embrace the Jaguars?

  17. Always worth noting that the Monarchs closed up shop years before the rest of NFL Europe shut down. London has never been the American football hotbed Goodell imagines it to be.

  18. On the one hand you, have 32 super successful billionaires changing things and thinking it will work. On the other hand, you have many anonymous bloggers that should probably be working but are posting on PFT all day (like me!), and they say what a stupid idea this is.

    Man, I just don’t know which of these two sides is going to be correct for future business decisions. Screw it, I’m going with the billionaires!!

  19. I am curious how everybody thinks Roger Goodell is THE voice and decision maker in the NFL. He is a puppet of 32 billionaires. What, you think if Roger says one thing and the owners disagree, it will happen? Not a chance.

  20. allday28mvpmvp says: Sep 24, 2013 11:08 AM

    I’m sure fans and players alike hate this idea. I know I do.

    How can it be the National Football League with a team in Europe? Wouldn’t be the NFL anymore

    Kind of like when the Toronto Blue Jays were in the “American League.”

    It is/was a fiscal, logistical, and motivational drawback having NBA and MLB teams in Canada, and now Rodge wants to not just creep North into Canada with a team. Hell no, let’s go across the planet to play each week.

    Someone has to either wise this clown up or bump him out of office. He used to wash Tagliabue’s shoes….How the hell did he become a dictator?

  21. Just make the Vikings London’s team. After this weekend they sure won’t want to show their faces around the states. Might as well just stay there.

  22. This is a stupid idea. The logostics just don’t make for long term sustainability under any circumstances. No player in their right mind is going to want to play for the team they’d put over there, which would render that franchise a lifetime doormat.

    A team in L.A. makes way more sense than London. As tone deaf as the owners are, even they have to know that.

  23. I’ve read through a majority of the posts on this subject and I agree with most of them when they say that the NFL should stay in America. I am from the UK and I’ve been a fan of the NFL since the mid 70’s. Each time I visit the States I take in a game if it’s during the season, but not always getting to see the team I support. (The Saints). The logistics of sending just the two teams, for one game, to London must be a nightmare. Even though Wembley stadium is always 95% or more full, the kaleidoscopic effect of home and away shirts for 32 teams is something to see. But getting those fans to switch allegiance is a definite no no. So, Mr G. keep things as they are.

  24. I’m vehemently opposed to putting an NFL team in London because it won’t work logistically. But if moving the Jaguars to London means I’ll no longer be force-fed the same three teams every single Sunday … by all means … Cheerio, Jags!

  25. As a Brit NFL fan of 30+ years, I can assure you that there is no chance of the NFL putting a team here.

    The NFL is shown on pay per view over here and Sunday games get an average audience of between just 50,000 to 100,000 viewers.

    Its all just talk, to get local publicity in order to sell more merchandise.

    Unfortunately the mainstream media over here still regard the NFL as a bit of a joke.

  26. I know some Brits who have watched NFL games.

    Most ask the same question. “Why do they keep stopping?”

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