Cross Jaguars off the Josh Freeman sweepstakes list


Immediately upon benching quarterback-in-a-contract year Josh Freeman, there were reports that the Bucs were putting him on the trading block.

At least one of the usual suspects in the quarterback market is letting it be known they’re not interested.

According to Mark Long of the Associated Press, the Jaguars have “zero interest” in trading for Freeman.

They made a degree of sense, because they have cap space to accommodate Freeman, a bad group of quarterbacks, and a clear need for a long-term answer at the position.

While Freeman might not be that guy, he’s shown more indications of being trustworthy than Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne have in their careers.

Obviously, what this means is the Jaguars don’t want to do anything that might block their eventual acquisition of you-know-who.

Oh, it’s a joke. Settle down. E-mail your manifesto to somebody else.

24 responses to “Cross Jaguars off the Josh Freeman sweepstakes list

  1. Hey Jacksonville, this is Tampa Bay, you want Freeman?? That way you can win 3 games this year instead of 1 and lose your 2014 first overall pick.

    What do you mean you’re not interested?? Hello??

  2. Because we have such a great crop of quarterbacks now. Yes thegreatgabbert, I know you’re going to say that Blaine is the best QB ever to suit up. You can save your breath.

  3. Unfortunately there is no prospect out there as great as Andrew Luck when the Colts really did “Suck for Luck”. With the talent they had…Now that was blatant. Our Jags are just bad. And unless they can become competitive, they might become HISTORICALLY BAD! Teams DO tank, but this is not an example of it. Hopefully #14 can come back in after Sunday, open some things up, and do some damage. I’m a fan and our time will come! Go Jags!

  4. Dude – we already have 2 QBs who are bench-worthy.

    Why spend a pick on another guy who will not be a building block?

    Caldwell isn’t a sucker.

  5. Not a Jags fan, but their GM is Very Scott Pioli Like. Not signing Tebow or trading for Freeman when their vaunted stable of qbs stink. Running the Team & Season into the ground so he can draft a qb. WEAK GM DECISION.

  6. Hey truthfactory, you forgot one part of your otherwise accurate conversation. It went more like this:

    “Hey Jacksonville, this is Tampa Bay, you want Freeman?? That way you can win 3 games this year instead of 1 and lose your 2014 first overall pick.

    What do you mean you’re not interested?? Hello??


  7. Calling the acquisition of Josh Freeman a sweepstakes is like calling being infected with HIV a free lifetime membership.

  8. Just say No! to Tanking For Teddy!

    “Drop Dead for Ted” has a much nicer ring to it, and rhymes.

  9. Freeman is a very good quarterback. In a bad situation. But he isn’t an upgrade from Gabbert, so why complicate things as far as the Jags are concerned? Same situation as with Tebow. Same situation as with Bridgewater, or whatever other name you want to throw out there, for that matter. None of them better than Gabbert. This year might be rough, because Jedd Fisch wasn’t a good hiring. But either he comes around or he’s out at the end of the season. In any case they’re handing the keys to Gabbert and basically telling him “tolerate Fisch, but you’re the leader”. The same way Manning runs the show wherever he plays. Or Brady. That’s reality in Jacksonville, deal with it.

  10. I won’t call Gabbert “great,” but I do think he can be good, and the staff seems to believe the same. Just need a line to block for him, and to convince him to let loose and stop looking over his shoulder. You have a guy who had a nightmare situation for his first season, then his second season had that joke Mularkey who hammered “don’t make a single mistake, don’t turn the ball over, play scared.” (Mularkey did some other stuff that makes me now want to go find and slap the man. It’s no wonder Knighton sucked last year after hearing what Mularkey was doing to him…)

    I don’t think the Jags roster is even as bad as people think. The offense looks bad because the interior line is crap. The WRs are young and inexperienced and people just smother Shorts right now; once Blackmon’s back in, teams will have to take a guy off Shorts, and that’ll help a lot. The secondary’s not bad, McCray was a low pick and not meant to be a starter but did okay (with a couple of mistakes, yeah) on Sunday. Linebackers are just “okay,” I think Allen’s solid and Reynolds will be good once he learns more. Defensive line, well… I’ll take Clowney (if he’s healthy by then) over Bridgewater, thank you.

    No QB will come in and flip this team around. The problem isn’t the QB position (ok, fine, yes, Henne sucks ass), it’s a lack of experience in many positions and an interior offensive line that might as well not be there.

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