Frank Gore says he has “no issues” with Jim Harbaugh

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The report that 49ers running back Frank Gore was angry at coach Jim Harbaugh has been disputed by Gore himself.

I like Coach Harbaugh a lot. No issues,” Gore told the San Jose Mercury News. “No, I’m cool with Harbaugh. That’s not me.”

Gore didn’t get a single carry in the final 25 minutes of Sunday’s loss to the Colts, but Gore says his own stats aren’t the issue. The issue is that the team hates to lose, and now they’ve lost two in a row.

“I just wanted to win, to get that nasty taste out of our mouth,” Gore said.

So while the 49ers have a lot of problems, a Gore-Harbaugh feud isn’t one of them.

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  1. It’s plain to see that Greg Roman is coaching and calling plays for a head coaching job. It’s amazing the 49ers fans can’t see it.

    Hopefully he comes to the Raiders next year so we could get back to power football instead of the low budget west coast offenses we’ve been running these past couple of years.

  2. I believe it. Jim Harbaugh knows Frank Gore was in the right. They’ll be running a little more in STL.

  3. Don’t worry a Ram’s fan I can assure you that you will have no problem running against us. Did you see tape of the Dallas game?

  4. Agreed on Greg Roman. Ever since 1st and goal in the Super Bowl, his play calling has been questionable (run the damn ball each play there). I think the Seahawks exposed us a bit with press coverage, and the colts followed suit. but all I see are intermediate routes being run. Bring back the power run and dink and dunk Alex Smith offensive strategy. Our defensive production has decreased significantly as well, in my opinion, in large part due to offensive strategy. We don’t need a Mike Martz offense.

  5. raiderlyfe510 says:Sep 25, 2013 9:33 AM

    “It’s plain to see that Greg Roman is coaching and calling plays for a head coaching job. It’s amazing the 49ers fans can’t see it.”

    That’s how I’d do it-scoring 3 and 7 points in successive weeks.
    Doncha think if he was posturing for an HC position, he would want to score more points?

  6. 49ers will turn it around. it’s all about the run game. 2011 & 2012 they were top 10 ten team in rushing and time of possession. that equal a nfc championship appearance anf a sb appearance. the play calling had been TERRIBLE. They need to get back to their double tight sets with a fullback. one they establish the run it will open everything else back. the sub last wr will have a chance to get open. this year they are worst 10 teams I’m rushing and time of possession. They need to get back to tough football and let the defense catch their breathe. its hard in them when the offense can’t run the ball. GORE TIME! !!!

  7. wilsonwillbreaku says:
    otis52gsh says:
    osiris33 says:

    The seahawks beat us handily and you guys still obsess over us. That’s why you’ll always be the little brother in the NFC West. You can’t help who you really are, no matter how angry or how big the chip on your shoulder. No championships, no history, no tradition and no class.

  8. Gore is a stud player but too bad his prime years were wasted and flushed down the toilet along with shietty years of 9ers.

  9. I warned everybody that the 49ers were losing focus after the coach and players spent a full week whining about the Packers after the first game instead of preparing for the Seahawks. Looks like I was right. This team is in shambles right now.

  10. Frank Gore use to have me worried about a big game every time he came to town. He had some nasty games 3 or 4 years ago but the last two I think he has yet to break 80 yards. 49er fans may not admit it but age will have something to do with this. When you take the venom out of cobra what are you left with?

  11. “So while the 49ers have a lot of problems, a Gore-Harbaugh feud isn’t one of them.”


  12. if niners line up with a full back or double tights and run the ball they will win just like they did in 2011 & 2012. They have the best O line in football. They just got away from that formula to start the season. coaches need to remember we are a running team first. that will open up the play action, wr, and Kaep

  13. No actually I’m a Bears fan who has hated little jimmy since he was here. Terrible whiner back than, and has even gotten worse with age.

  14. This is just the internet era of news reporting. If the internet was around when Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Roger Craig was playing, there would have been reports of so-called feuds. And look how their teams turned out.

    -A Seahawk fan

  15. Each game this year I have screamed myself hoarse wanting them to run the ball. The only TD in 2 weeks has been on a drive that we ran the ball for over 70 yards. RUN THE BALL! Then kiss your Tats in the endzone with Frankie, Kendall and LaMichael.

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