Jimmy Graham named NFC offensive player of week

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While everything remains quiet on the contract front for Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, he continues to make himself more and more valuable.

The latest confirmation of his worth, such that he needed it, was being named NFC offensive player of the week.

Graham had nine catches for 134 yards and two touchdowns against the Cardinals, the kind of dominant performance he keeps piling up.

One of these days, he’s going to pile money up in a similar fashion.

15 responses to “Jimmy Graham named NFC offensive player of week

  1. Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham will go down in the alms of history as the greatest combination to ever grace a football field, for their is no beauty so majest to see our own savior Breesus drop cherry bombs to the afformentioned jungle troll.

  2. Jimmy Graham is a cyborg sent from the future to teach people how to be awesome at football.

    You can’t stop this dude. Put your best DB on him, he’ll just box him out. Put a linebacker on him, he runs right by. Put a helmet-to-head lick on him, he just bounces up and starts jawing.

  3. Just reported that Loomis has presented a first offer contract to Jimmy. Loomis is going to calculate a way to make this one happen. It may require re-doing other contracts like Brees’ but it will happen.

    What a team we have this year!

    Geaux Saints!

  4. I’m flabbergasted at the lack of haters here. Guess the Saints didn’t fold like they thought huh?

  5. I think the phrase “SHOW ME THE MONEY” fits in pretty well here! How much more does the guy have to do to prove himself? Not like he’s had a few good games or one good year! This dude has been a beast since he stepped on the field for the Black and Gold, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down anytime soon! Pay the man so he can put it behind him and he can continue to do what he does best! Make those Sports Center type TD’s! WHO DAT WHO DAT! Black and Gold all day son!

  6. Oh and I can almost bet my life that Brees will re-do his contract to help keep Jimmy around and keep him happy! They seem like not only are they a great duo on the field but also good friends off the field also! As a fan i’m not worried that they won’t pay him or make him happy but the sooner the better!

  7. Best te in the nfl with the qb he has hands down. Cant wait to see how gronk measures up this year. I was lucky enough to get rodgers, graham and peterson in my draft. Yeehaa! Love watching him play..

  8. What’s amazing about this guy is how he is so mild mannered off the field yet he’s a the ultimate warrior on game day. I really feel sorry for the defender charged with guarding him.

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