Joe Flacco: Ray Lewis knows better than that


While talking about the party bus incident that ended with a fight after a stripper named Sweet Pea hit Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones with a bottle, former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said that his old team was suffering from a leadership void caused largely by Lewis’ retirement.

Many rolled their eyes in response to Lewis’ claim that his presence makes dangerous off-field incidents less likely to occur, including quarterback Joe Flacco.

“It is what it is. Ray knows better than that,” Flacco said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “Things happen. I think we’re usually a pretty good team with stuff like that. If you look around the league, there are probably a lot of leadership problems then. Like I said, Ray knows better.”

Lewis never specified just how his presence on the roster would have stopped a bottle from making contact with Jones’ head, which is probably a good thing since he might have hurt a muscle while straining to try to elaborate on a comment that revealed more about Lewis’ estimation of himself than it does about the state of leadership on the Ravens.

45 responses to “Joe Flacco: Ray Lewis knows better than that

  1. Of course Lewis knows better than that. But he was hired to make stupid comments (in media terms, “controversial” comments) that 1) get people talking and 2) make him sound “objective” when talking about his former team.

    Exhibit A: Lewis’ assertion that the league caused the blackout in last year’s super bowl.

    Of course Espn thinks everyone is too dumb to realize this.

    Yeah, I know its a long shot for this comment to see the light of day…

  2. Ray knows better than that,” Flacco said. “Things happen. I guarantee no one on this team can hit Jones with anything, let alone a bottle. Like I said, Ray knows better.”

  3. I think Lewis is right because we’ve seen the aftermath of what happens to people who disagree with him at parties.

  4. I hate the damn Ravens, but for years all you media types could talk about was his elite leadership qualities and his irreplaceable impact on the locker room. Now that he says it he’s full of himself?

    Fact: Ray Lewis is one of the greatest locker room guys of all time and is probably the greatest linebacker of his day.

    Fact: He is a little bit overrated regardless.

    It isn’t his fault he now believes the B.S. the media sprayed up his backside for 15 years. Ray Lewis can go chicken dance off a cliff for all I care, but this one isn’t on him.

  5. He knows better?….what exactly does that mean Joe?…Ray would like you to elaborate on that

    … time you guys are face to face

  6. Lewis never specified just how his presence on the roster would have stopped a bottle from making contact with Jones’ head

    He wouldn’t have stopped it. He would have hidden the bottle, told sweat pea to deny it, and pretended it never happened.

  7. Ray Lewis talking about himself? and how great he was and leaving a void on his old team?
    Really? reaaalllly. I just can’t fathom that.

    (go away ray)

  8. Joe is making me like him more and more. It’s about time someone put blah blah ray ray in his place. That said, I hope a man in a white suit doesn’t find Joe, the suit will disappear, but not the body.

  9. Ray is a “talking head” now so he is required to spew stupid statements to try and get people to pay attention. As a Raven fan I will avoid his preaching at his HOF induction at all costs. Great player, but I really don’t need to hear him speak anymore. Its always the same tired thing.

  10. The Ravens are not suffering from Lewis leaving, they are suffering from ‘GaveFlaccaWayTooMuchMoneyItis’.

    The Flacco contract all but assures he’ll never reach the big game again, not enough left to surround him with high talent and a D to stop opponents.

  11. Lewis is probably right. Under his leadership they would have killed the stripper, covered it up and settled for an undisclosed amount out of court. when can people see lewis for what he is and take him off the pedestal he put himself on? all he is was a GREAT GREAT LB who liked to give pre game speeches that did not make sense half the time. Is anyone else sick of the attention he gets?

  12. Lewis never specified just how his presence on the roster would have stopped a bottle from making contact with Jones’ head,

    Well…….he would have stabbed Sweet Pea before she threw the bottle and then he would have had 2 friends dump the body. After he was charged with murder, Ray would have pled to obstruction of justice and then would have given the police information to go after the 2 friends. The 2 friends would later be acquitted because of a lack of evidence and Sweet Pea’s family would still be looking for answers.

  13. Now that he’s a media guy, Ray can become “neutral” and be honest without ripping his teammates, thus becoming the new Tiki.

  14. My brother is a HUGE Texans’ fan…. He says that Ray’s retirement ceremony was reason (momentum) the Ravens beat the Texans Sunday… told me not to expect the Texans to beat the Ravens & Uncle Shuga.

  15. It’s Chapter 6 Verse 9 in the Gospel According to Ray. Will He return to save the Ravens? Heaven help us. Amen.

  16. I guess you Raven fans can understand why fans everywhere find it so easy to laugh at Ray Lewis and his dwindling band of supporters. Just think raven fans you bought his act for a long time……starting to feel stupid….? It’s justified.

  17. The ravens Def won the last SB for that team. 1 year in retirement and Ravens fans already throwing RL under the bus LMAO. 1 of the best players ever to put on a uniform and you discredit anything he say’s because Joe Flacco doesn’t like it? Really? SMH News flash, Joe Flacco just got paid Peyton Manning kind of money and it forced all the tallent off this team to leave. this is the guy your going to get behind? because he had a few prayer balls connect in the playoffs last year? Wow.

  18. Wish I lived in a world where getting hit in the head by a $1000 bottle of champagne wielded by a high end lady named Sweet Pea “is what it is” and just “things happen.” It’s like pre-revolutionary France with these guys sometimes.

  19. Ray supposedly told Flacco that “this was his team now” after the Denver playoff game last season and was a big Flacco supporter but now he can’t stand the thought of someone else leading the team other than him. I love Ray but he needs to realize he’s not the leader anymore.

  20. Purple attack, Flacco is horrible this year. His receivers made him, Smith is the only real threat. The ravens defense and special teams put an end to the texans not Flacco and his offense.
    Jetslakersfan, i forget when was Ben charged? I can say anything I want, doesn’t make it true, until he is charged then it’s all bogus.

  21. I love how theres about 20 comments or “jokes” on here about Flacco’s contract. Boy, the hate is real….& so is his Super Bowl ring.

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