Lions work out Lavelle Hawkins, Anthony Armstrong


The Lions worked out free-agent wide receivers Anthony Armstrong, Charles Hawkins and Lavelle Hawkins on Tuesday, a league source told PFT. All three players were let go late in the preseason.

Anthony Armstrong and LaVelle Hawkins each have NFL regular-season experience. Armstrong, 30, was most recently with the Cowboys. His best season came in 2010, when he caught 44 passes for 871 yards and three touchdowns for Washington.

Lavelle Hawkins, 27, was released by the 49ers in August. He also had a stint with the Patriots earlier in the offseason. He caught 71 passes for 771 yards and a touchdowns for Tennessee from 2008 through 2012.

Charles Hawkins, a 23-year-old rookie from Southern University, had a three-month stint with the Cardinals leading up to the 2013 regular season.

Free-agent quarterback John Parker Wilson also took part in the workout on Tuesday.

Lions starting wide receiver Nate Burleson suffered a broken arm in an auto accident early Tuesday morning, thinning the club’s depth at the position.

24 responses to “Lions work out Lavelle Hawkins, Anthony Armstrong

  1. they may as well trade a first or second rounder for Cleveland WR Josh Morgan right now….but with Morgan only one strike away from a years suspension, its too risky..

    the three of these guys cant replace Nate Burlenson’s production…..the Lions should just go ahead and shoke the world…and bring in

    Terrell Owens, TO

    he would instantly be the 2nd best receiver on their team behind Calvin Johnson, and imagine TO, even at 38 or 39, with CJ, Reggie Bush, and those two tight ends with Stafford chucking the ball downfield…

  2. Charles Hawkins looked very good in preseason and fans hoped that he would be on the 53 man roster; the Cards were already so deep at that position that the numbers were stacked against him. There was talk about bringing him back but I hope he gets a shot with a good team that will provide opportunities not available with the Cards. Good Luck, I think this kid could be good and a real “diamond in the rough”.

  3. These names make me wonder if Mayhew realizes he’s still on the hot seat. I’d like to see him get aggressive here and make a trade that upgraded the roster rather than simply fill a roster spot with a veteran WR. My preference
    1. Leshoure and a 4th or 5th to Cleveland for Gordon. Both are on strike away from major suspension , but we ‘d get our WR and they’d fill the need at RB and get a pick.
    2. Leshoure and a conditional 4th to nyg for Nicks. The 4th becomes a 3rd if Nicks resigns with Lions.
    3. If we aren’t going to add a big name we, sign rookie Da’Rick Rogers who was just released in Indy. The guy can play.

  4. Is Lavelle Hawkins the son of the fat Lavelle Hawkins who owned all the fast food restaurants in Detroit and then went to prison?

  5. I’d rather see them swing a trade LeShore with Cleveland for Josh Gordon too. Any of these guys sound like just a “warm body” that will most likely not exceed 20 catches on the season if they see the field regularly.

    Take some risk and swing for the fences a bit.

  6. Josh Gordon would be too costly a trade for a Lions team which still has some holes.

    But what makes Lions fans think that Cleveland would even trade Gordon? That makes no sense. He’s young and he’s their number one receiver. He’s a piece the Browns probably want to build around for the future.

    Don’t assume that because the Browns traded Trent Richardson, they’ll trade anyone. Richardson, for however talented you might think he is, has minimally produced for the Browns. He didn’t make Cleveland’s offense any better. They wisely traded him now rather than when the rest of the league realizes he’s not very good.

  7. Lavelle Hawkins would’ve landed a job with the 49’ers this year if he hadn’t gotten showboating penalties after two of his big plays during the preseason.

  8. I believe in second chances. If Titus got on the right meds, committed himself to the Lions, and spent the rest of his time volunteering or getting treatment that would be a heck of a comeback story. Chances are that it won’t happen…

  9. With so many receivers in the league, you would think it would be easy to swing a trade with someone. Kenny Britt is wasting away in Tennessee. Put him opposite of Calvin and he could flourish.

  10. We draft bad normally in late rds anyhow so trade a fourth rounder for Gordon hoping for the best and that he can put down the blunts n start catching the pigskin in Blue n Silver

  11. There are no WR’s on the open market that can help the Lions.

    All the WR’s on the open market either lack the talent or have character issues that would hurt the team more than anything they bring to the table. This is not the time to be gambling on character.

  12. Oh, on Titus. Second chance? Wasn’t that after he punched Delmas and got to hang around? The dude got arrested 3 times in less than a week, and hasn’t shown up for court multiple times since then. The last thing he needs is to be on a football field.

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