Newton, others will have to conceal Under Armour logo on visor clips

Yes, NFL players and teams can use Under Armour visor clips.  As long as the Under Armour logo is invisible.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy advises PFT that the Under Armour clips can be used by NFL players and teams, but that the Under Armour logo must be fully concealed.  Blacking out the logo isn’t enough, because the outline can still be seen.  Moving forward, teams will be required to cover the logo, presumably with black tape.

The league has declined comment for now on whether fines will be levied for a practice that has both common and fairly widespread.  The NFL didn’t see it until spotted Panthers quarterback Cam Newton with the apparent uniform violation, raising legitimate fairness questions regarding the prospect of harvesting thousands of dollars in fines for something that had been occurring without incident.

On Friday, the league will disclose whether Newton or others have been fined for use of clips displaying the Under Armour logo, as part of the league’s weekly announcement of fines.

Regardless of how it all turns out, Under Armour has gotten a lot more free publicity this week than the company that has made a billion-dollar investment in having its logo plastered all over the NFL uniform.