PFT Live: Buccaneers talk with Rick Stroud, Coaching hot seat

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The Buccaneers made a big change at quarterback on Wednesday, benching Josh Freeman in favor of rookie Mike Glennon ahead of their Week Four date with the Cardinals.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times will join Mike Florio on Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live to discuss the reasons why coach Greg Schiano decided to make the move as well as the rationale for doing it this week rather than waiting until the bye week to make such a dramatic switch. We’ll also find out what the Bucs’ thoughts are in regard to trading Freeman should an interested suitor make themselves known.

Florio will also take his weekly look at which coaches around the league find themselves on the hot seat at this juncture. With his team 0-3, Schiano could be one of the names on that list.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

5 responses to “PFT Live: Buccaneers talk with Rick Stroud, Coaching hot seat

  1. Coaching hot seat? I’m thinking Tom Coughlin has to be the biggest name on the list. Schiano is probably a close second. Shannahan’s seat is definitely starting to warm up, at the least. Ron Rivera’s may be cooling down a bit, but still should be somewhat warm at the moment. Leslie Frazier is probably starting to sizzle a bit from all the heat in his seat…. And as much as I can’t believe I’m about to say it… Mike Tomlin is on his way to entering the discussion. Almost certainly not this year, for obvious reason, but barring a nice turn around next season I imagine his buns will be getting toasty.

  2. Coach Shi has to go, he was an above average coach at an average college program in a below average conference … and he and his team have lived up to the billing. Rutgers?? I would have been ticked if USF had hired him, except for now I know what’s like to watch Skip Holtz crush a program. I see a pattern – Too cool and cruel Gruden, Rah Rah Morris, back to Sgt Shi and now we’ll hire another players coach – Lovie Smith??


  3. Coughlin isn’t going to go anytime soon – winning two Super Bowls tends to give you a bit of breathing room during bad seasons.

    Schiano has no such accomplishments to fall back on, and his veiled insults about those who hired him usually don’t result in increased job security. He may very well be gone by the Bye week.

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