Schiano: Glennon gives “best chance to win today”


Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano began his Wednesday press conference explaining the Josh Freeman benching by saying that on Monday, when he said Freeman was still the starter, Freeman still was.

But after talking with General Manager Mark Dominik and ownership, it became clear a change was coming.

Citing the fact that Freeman had lost eight of his last nine games, Schiano said rookie Mike Glennon gives the Buccaneers the “best chance to win today,” and that the chance to get a game in before a bye week was important.

And it apparently isn’t a short-term move.

“We’re moving forward with Mike as our quarterback,” Schiano said. “That’s our plan.”

Schiano called it a “performance-based” decision, and made it clear Freeman was being judged on his struggles in the back half of last season, making several references to the nine games. He used the same phrase when asked if reports of Freeman’s off-field issues (such as missing a team photo) played a role.

He also pawned trade questions off on Dominik, allowing him to keep his hands clean in a divorce proceeding that seemed inevitable.

Now, he has to sell to a locker room a rebuilding effort around a rookie quarterback. Schiano referenced the success of other teams in the playoffs with young quarterbacks, not flinching from a direct question as to whether Glennon is comparable to players such as Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson.

“I think Mike Glennon is Mike Glennon,” Schiano said. “I think he’s going to help us win a lot of games.”

Schiano said Freeman would be Glennon’s backup this week, but dodged repeated questions about Freeman’s future.

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  1. Where was Schiano working before Tampa Bay hired him??

    Oh…that’s right… he was coaching Rutgers to a 68-67 record..

  2. So did he also give them the best chance to win in Week 1 but he didn’t realize it?

    I still want to know more about what is the GM’s viewpoint of these QBs and why he has chosen these particular QBs and to explain his position so he has less opportunity to make excuses later. And to what extent has Schiano supported his GM’s QB decisions? Is he on board or has he been begging for a change? The answers to those questions will say a lot about the Head Coach.

  3. Just lost the rest of the locker room. Good thing they’ve locked down D. Jack & Williams. They’ve now got to play with a rook. Doubt they’d of signed knowing that

  4. Glennon is a tall guy. If he can step up into the pocket as the rush collapses and find a receiver, he could make some plays.

    This is not as half baked as some people think. Hell, they are 03. Why not?

  5. Never saw a Schiano presser before. Seems like a prick. No wonder the team had a player only meeting week 1. At least when Rex Ryan was on the ‘hot seat’ you could root for the guy.

    I don’t think anyone’s going to be rooting for Schiano.

  6. Was Freeman playing terrible? YES! Does he deserve to be benched? Perhaps. But I blame the offensive system and approach more than Freeman.

    As a die-hard Bucs fan, I do not like this move. Glennon is not going to be a better option.

    Wherever Freeman ends up (via trade or free agency), I am persuaded that he will have a successful career and I hope he proves Schiano and the Bucs organization wrong.

  7. I do not understand how Freeman could regress so much from how he played last year. Even when they were losing, he put up huge numbers. If I recall. it was the defense that could not seem to stop anyone.

  8. I’m not too close to the details on this, but seems at least part of the consideration to bench Freman is nobody can figure out how to bench a head coach.

  9. Good luck TB. Glennon was very average at NC state, and is no savior. If Ponder is about to wash out of the league, I can’t believe Glennon will stick.

  10. I never understood the Schiano hire. I mean as a Saints fan, it’s working out for us, but of all the college coaches they could have gone after, he made the least sense to me. Does Glennon really make that much of a difference? Doubt it. He is going to take his lumps and they are probably taking a QB in the 2014 draft. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a new coach drafting him.

  11. “It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” Josh has been known not willing to do what it takes to progress at his level. NFL QB’s should not have to be carried out of a bar on the beach for being inebriated. (There are photo’s and stories out there for the doubters.) Let’s face it, without the influence of Raheem Morris Josh would not even be in the league. Sad but true.

  12. Why not just come out and say it. “Glazers force Schiano’s hand. Glennon to Start.”

    Freeman will win a Superbowl somewhere. That’s what QB’s that get cut by Glazers do.

  13. This is the type of stuff that kills me cuz if they were going with Glennon in the first place and everyone knew it in April when they drafted him then why not just let him have it from the get go get rid of Freeman and his distraction and just move on.

  14. Don’t worry Bucs fan…You have Revis @ $16M annual…as a CB, he will most certainly be able to carry the team on his back and carry you to multiple victories by locking down 1 opposing player per week!

    Because we all know that winning football teams invest a ton of resouces into the postion, not the QB position…

    At least you get to see how Glennon plays though and if it is a total disaster, you get your shot at Teddy…

  15. beardinals says:Sep 25, 2013 3:03 PM

    I’m a Cardinals fan and I’m not sure I can even tune into this game.

    You wont want to tune in.. Glennon and Jackson are going to rip the Cardinals apart! Glennon is confident and has a big arm- he also has talent around him!

  16. If benching a continuously losing QB destroys a locker room, than the Bucs problems are a deeper than at the QB/Coaching positions. Freeman has Vincent Jackson and Doug Marting, no excuses.

  17. And in related news, Schiano is officially delusional. Not that Freeman gave the Bucs a great chance to win, but it was not all on him.

  18. As for losing the locker room….same guys in there that declined making him a captain right? Locker room may be what amped the decision. These guys don’t like to keep losing while Freeman sleeps late and tries to figure it out.

  19. If I’m Tampa, I’d also be looking at trading Revis. A $16M CB in a zone defense is a luxury no 0-3 team can or should afford.

    See if the Jets will take him back for the 3rd in this year’s draft that Tampa originally packaged to the Jets. Unfortunately, they can’t get last year’s 13th overall (Sheldon Richardson) back.

  20. 1. compare the Bucs from the end of 2011 (Raheem era) and the Bucs of today and if you can not see the vast improvement you are fooling yourself.

    2. don’t confuse a QB situation with the entire team in turmoil. not saying Glennon is the answer (i think the issue falls more on the OC) but with even an average to good QB behind center the Bucs would be sitting at 2-1 right now.

    3. those who are trying to blame Revis, they are just still bitter.

  21. I’m disappointed we aren’t winning this year, but make no mistake, I get angry and over react when we lose 2 of three games by beating ourselves, but this is a team very close to sustained winning for years. We need a game manager QB (not elite), a NFL starting caliber TE, a solid #2CB, possibly a stronger player at SAM, a stronger LDE. Pretty much every other position on the team is filled by a capable player. It’s apparent now that Schiano almost wanted Freeman to fail, so fine, Glennon’s your guy, win with Glennon, or next year we have a great coaching candidate drooling over the opportunity to take over this talented team (like Andy Reid and the Chiefs last year).

  22. and to add, those who are saying “there goes the locker room” are just regurgitating uneducated media banter. the Bucs are 0-3, the O is not getting it done, the guys in the locker room are not there to coddle a QB, they are there to win. it would be different if the team was 2-1 or even 1-2 and Freeman was playing good but that is not the case.

  23. Well Tampa will have the ugliest QB. That’s for sure. Maybe he’ll play like ugly Peyton Manning.
    Come on people! It’s Tampa Bay! NOBODY CARES.

  24. I can fully understand why Buc fans want to see a new QB, but that’s not going to fix the coaching. And with Freeman out, the clock is now running on who the next guy will be to catch Schiano’s full wrath. No team will ever win with him.

  25. newlydead says:
    Sep 25, 2013 3:50 PM
    1. compare the Bucs from the end of 2011 (Raheem era) and the Bucs of today and if you can not see the vast improvement you are fooling yourself.


    Morris took a team, with dramatically less talent to a 10-6 record and was a blown call (the non-TD Winslow offensive pass interference in Q4, W16 that the NFL had to send an apology letter about) away from making the playoffs. How did that team get to 10-6? Because they let Freeman actually play to his strengths, they had fired the o-coordinator in the preseason and Olsen didn’t have the time to mess up Freeman so it was left to Freeman to make plays, so he used his legs and play making ability to get it done.

    Schiano is a piece of crap college coach that was 20 games under .500 in the Big Least. He’s a hack and there is no reason for him to be in the NFL, he’s awful.

    Freeman is a 6′ 6″ strong armed QB that has already proven that he can carry a team on his back — WHEN HE’S ALLOWED. He’s only 25 years old the Bucs are dumping him for a prototypical QB from 1985. Good job Schiano, I think the Bucs will have about as much success as they did in ’85 (they were 2-14 for the record).

  26. Actually, punting on first down gives the Bucs the best chance to win, lets be honest, but Skeletor over Freeman, NO. This team just took a couple of steps back today.

  27. “How did that team get to 10-6? Because they let Freeman actually play to his strengths.”

    They went 10-6 because they had an extremely easy schedule that year, and beat up on teams with losing records.

    The bottom line is that Freeman’s mechanics stink and his vision stinks and good teams that year knew how to beat him and now bad teams do too.

  28. Schiano is doing a an okay job if you think about it. His specialty is taking a bad program and making them mediocre. Just cause they are 0-3 does not mean he can’t pull off 7-9 or even 8-8. What exactly did the front office expect?

  29. scrp2 says: Sep 25, 2013 4:31 PM

    Jets South


    if they were Jets South, they would’ve beat the Jets on Week 1, no?

  30. There really are only 8-10 really good quarterbacks in the NFL. That’s pretty much all there’s ever been in any year. After that, you could probably mix and match the other guys and it won’t make much difference.

    I doubt a QB change is goes to fix all Tampa’s woes, any more than it would a lot of other teams in the league.

  31. Anyone who watched Glennon in the preseason knows he has a lot of work to get better. With no VJ and hobbled Mike Williams Sunday will be ugly and Glennon will have his work cut out for him. Schiano is the next to go , he has lost the team and the play on the field shows it. Schiano preaches discipline and the Bucs have none. Wannstedt may soon be the interim coach.

  32. I have been in Freeman’s corner…but the guy has just not been good. With that said though if you look at the numbers he took a massive decline in passer rating and comp. % when Schiano was hired. Not saying Freeman is a franchise QB but Schiano to me is the real problem and needs to go.

  33. So based on the fact that Schiano said on Monday that Freeman was their starter. And today Glennon is their best chance to win, I’m thinking come Sunday I’ll be starting for the Bucs. Sweet!

  34. Schiano wanted to bench him his first year. He only didnt do it because of his salary. He should have. He’s regressed since his freshman year.

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