Suh was neither aggressor nor victim in Week Three


In Week Two against the Cardinals, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was on the receiving end of a cheap shot, and on the delivering end of one.  It makes sense (especially after Suh’s $100,000 Week One fine) to take a close look at the film of every play involving Suh, for evidence of someone trying to injure him, or of him trying to injure someone.

After watching all Detroit defensive snaps in Week Three via the “All-22” film available through the NFL Game Rewind feature, I can report that, well, there is nothing to report.

Against the Redskins, Suh did nothing wrong, and no one did anything wrong to him.

Suh had a couple of opportunities, if he was inclined to make more mayhem.  After a fumble that was recovered by quarterback Robert Griffin III, Suh didn’t dive on Griffin but merely touched him down.  Suh also pulled up in another situation, where a hit on Griffin may have avoided a penalty and a fine.

So congratulations to Suh for remaining within the confines of the rules — and congratulations to those who were blocking him for doing the same.