Suh was neither aggressor nor victim in Week Three


In Week Two against the Cardinals, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was on the receiving end of a cheap shot, and on the delivering end of one.  It makes sense (especially after Suh’s $100,000 Week One fine) to take a close look at the film of every play involving Suh, for evidence of someone trying to injure him, or of him trying to injure someone.

After watching all Detroit defensive snaps in Week Three via the “All-22” film available through the NFL Game Rewind feature, I can report that, well, there is nothing to report.

Against the Redskins, Suh did nothing wrong, and no one did anything wrong to him.

Suh had a couple of opportunities, if he was inclined to make more mayhem.  After a fumble that was recovered by quarterback Robert Griffin III, Suh didn’t dive on Griffin but merely touched him down.  Suh also pulled up in another situation, where a hit on Griffin may have avoided a penalty and a fine.

So congratulations to Suh for remaining within the confines of the rules — and congratulations to those who were blocking him for doing the same.

17 responses to “Suh was neither aggressor nor victim in Week Three

  1. On the delivering end of one? He wasn’t flagged, the other player said it wasn’t a cheap shot and he has not been fined?

    Maybe you need that “jump to conclusions mat” from office space.

  2. Congrats for playing the game the right way…..gimme a break. The guy is gonna snap again and get another (ridiculously huge) fine and just keep playing. It wont change with guys like him until the team AND the individual are penalized.

  3. Suh has had one play in this being the third year that crossed the line of the last three years. That was the so called kick to the groin where he reached out a little far with the foot. Sure that was wrong, and so was a few things early in his career, but good grief the guy has had two personal fouls in two years and three games and the one that is being appealed was nothing I haven’t seen in at least three games a week by other players.


  4. It would be nice if you mentioned that he’s been playing at an All-Pro level this year and Pro Football Focus ranks him as the #1 defensive tackle so far this season.

  5. And in other news, “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still Dead” (look it up kiddies).

    If there was nay doubt before, there should be none now. I think this now classifies as an honest-to-goodness witch hunt.

  6. Suh will continue to stomp around the field and do as he pleases for as long as he has the money in the bank. The second the funds run low, we’ll see the BS stop.

  7. EJ it’s better to be quiet and be thought a fool…, Suh gives away more money than any of us will ever have including the hacks on this site.

  8. lol at the “it makes sense…” justification in the first paragraph after last week’s story

  9. Wow comment deleted for a second time… must be hitting a nerve. Feel free to delete again, but it only let’s us know that you actually have lost the respect. For those that would like to read prior to censorship:

    I understand pandering to public reaction, but you’ve lost all respect of your colleagues at this point, right?

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