Wake practices on a limited basis


Since the Dolphins don’t play the Saints until Monday night, Miami’s first official injury report isn’t due until Thursday.  But since they take Thursdays off, they practiced on Wednesday.

And defensive end Cameron Wake, who reportedly could miss some time with a sprained MCL, participated on a limited basis.

Via James Walker of ESPN.com, Wake participated in individual drills during the portion of the practice the media was permitted to watch.  He didn’t participate in team drills; Derrick Shelby took Wake’s place with the starting defense.

Wake injured the knee on the opening drive of Sunday’s win over the Falcons.  He registered one hit on quarterback Matt Ryan before exiting.

10 responses to “Wake practices on a limited basis

  1. I have a feeling Wake is going to play. He might not start but possibly go in on passing situations. Wake is a beast and will do whatever he can to be on that field Monday night.

  2. Skippy, the Saints dont have a single offensive lineman that is anywhere near Wakes level. For Bree’s sake you better hope he is a no go.

  3. Dream on 305phinphan – Brees hasn’t lost a MNF game in the Dome since he signed with the Saints in 2006.

    We have a Top 5 ranked defense and a Top 6 ranked offense. Dolphins defense ranks 10th in the league and their offense ranks well below that.

    Unless you got Wake and about 20 others guys just like him, ain’t gonna happen.

    Be prepared to be 3-1 on Tuesday.

  4. OOPS!! I was wrong.

    Dolphins are 22nd in Defense and 26th in Offense and you really EXPECT them to beat a team that is #5 in defense and #6 in offense?


  5. So here I am thinking I have respect for Saints fans and here comes this guy talking about stats? In football? After 3 weeks? Based on THAT* schedule? Come on dude, just watch the games. Stop talking about team rankings in Week Three like it legitimizes you. It’s two non-playoff teams trying to become playoff teams. Don’t pretend the gaping holes on your team (Thanks for clarifying that you have Jahri Evans, Other Guy – a durable guard is just the ticket for shutting down dominating ends) are all that different from our gaping holes (Hello, Tyson Clabo) and you have the numbers to prove it. The teams are somewhat even, this one will come down to the same thing (And it could go any direction) as every Dolphins game this season – RT17

    * vs. Atlanta
    @ Tampa Bay
    vs. Arizona

    If you take all the legit starters from TB and AZ you could fill all of Atlanta’s injury holes.

  6. I’m agitated with the whole Saints fan base now so I’d like to point out that the Saints have made 9 playoff appearances since forming in 1967. Let’s just say its a good thing this isn’t Survivor and terrible competition isn’t voted off. While us Dolphans have a had a rough go of it the past decade, down here in South Florida we call 9 playoff appearances 1990-2001. Who Dey

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