Andre Johnson returns to practice

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The Texans got wide receiver Andre Johnson back at practice on Thursday, but they’re no closer to determining his status for Sunday’s game against the Seahawks.

Johnson was a limited participant in practice, sticking to just individual drills and sitting out team work a day after he wasn’t able to practice at all. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Kubiak said that the Texans are still considering Johnson a game-time decision for Sunday.

That’s also the status of left tackle Duane Brown, who did a little bit of team work on Thursday. Kubiak said that if Brown was in the lineup, he’d be starting and playing full time. Brown thinks that he’ll be in the lineup.

“It’s recovering pretty rapidly right now,” Brown said, via McClain’s colleague Dale Robertson. “I think a little bit ahead of schedule than we previously though. I’m not too worried about it. I think I’ll be fine.”

Cornerbacks Kareem Jackson and Jonathan Joseph were out of practice on Thursday. Kubiak said he expects them both to practice on Friday, which should have them on track to be out there against Russell Wilson and company.

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  1. This is the game I marked as a loss on Seattle’s schedule. Tough team, classy fans, road game…good luck Texans fans. I think this will be a defensive slugfest. May the best team win.

  2. This game should be a very low scoring affair as both are missing their star LTs, Texans missing Dre, and both have very aggressive defenses ranking #1 and #2 in the league….

    I wish I shared your optimism on the Texans though…. I have Seattle in a 1 possession game…

  3. Texans are exactly what I thought…..

    -Wade Phillips Defense is overrated
    -JJ Snot is overrated
    -Andre Johnson is…overrated

    Need I say anymore

  4. This is going to be a very good matchup.

    There are those who say Seattle “can’t win on the road”. I maintain that they are a young team who is still figuring out how to establish more consistency on the road. They were able to come back and win in Chicago and Washington later in last season, and that Atlanta game, they were one play away from putting a coffin nail in the “can’t win on the road” argument.

    Four of the next five on the road, starting with this one…if they are able to establish some consistency in road performances, they could be well on their way to a #1 seed when this stretch is over…or, conversely, they could find themselves fighting with the rest of the pack.

    It’s a ways down the road, but that Monday Nighter against the Saints the first weekend of December keeps looming a little larger as the young season progresses….but, first things first. This is a talented veteran division-winner coming up, and a win would be a definite feather in the Seattle road-win cap.

  5. ccjcsr


    Wade Phillips defense is currently #2 in league.
    JJ Watt is reigning DPOY
    Andre Johnson is still a stud, no matter what you think.

    With so many Texans playing poorly right now – you pick those? You are clearly clueless.

    Did you even look at defensive rankings? Texans losses (and near losses) are ALL the offense’s fault. When you throw pick sixes and let punt returns score – can’t blame the D on that, genius.

  6. If you would have asked me at the start of the season I would have given this game to the Texans but have you seen how they have played against 3 mediocre teams so far? If they don’t step it up Sunday the Hawks win this game–handily.

  7. No sense in Kubiak playing coy about Andre Johnson’s condition.
    The Legion of Boom will line up against whoever they suit up.

    Earl Thomas’ coming home to Texas

  8. With the way the Texans have played recently, the game should belong to Seattle. However, I don’t know how the Hawks O-Line without Okung is going to hold up vs JJ Watt. Dude is a monster, and their front seven is very talented. On the other hand, the Texans offense has to go up against the Seahawks D, and Schaub is probably gonna throw a wayward pass into the hands of a Seattle Defender, maybe even twice. Overall, I think Lynch will ground and pound, and Russell Wilson will have some more 3rd down magic as the Seahawks win 24-14

  9. This will be a good game. The Ravens/Texans final score did not show how good Texans defense was playing. Watt is a talent but watching Smith over the left tackle is just as scary. Cushing is worth that big contract and their safeties hit hard minus Ed Reed. Their CB’s got tested vs Torry Smith and lost. I don’t konw if our line without Okung will give Wilson enough time to hit those deep routes. Unger has struggled (arm injury) and he was our best lineman last year. If Johnson isn’t full speed they are going to have to rely on Hopkins and Daniels. Schuab will need to bring his A-game against our pass rush and secondary if their o-line doesn’t run block better. Texans fans are no nonsense which is cool.

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