Brian Waters aiming to play entire game this week


Last week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that he thought guard Brian Waters looked ready to play an entire game after coming out of retirement to join the Cowboys this season.

That didn’t happen as Waters and Mackenzy Bernadeau had an even split of the 62 snaps at right guard. It could happen this week, though. Waters said Wednesday that he’s been working with the first team in practice and that the goal for this week is for him to take over the job all on his own.

“That’s the goal, to try to make it through the whole game,” Waters said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “We’ll see how it goes. Mack will be ready to go. I think we’re all confident he’ll be ready to go if anything happens.”

Waters, who said he hasn’t had to alter his game at all despite not playing in 2012, and the rest of the Cowboys line are coming off a strong game against the Rams. DeMarco Murray had acres of running room and Tony Romo was sacked only once during a largely pressure-free game in the pocket. More of the same in the coming weeks will set the Cowboys up well in the NFC East race.

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  1. @ bigdinla,

    “Good he clearly out played Bernadeau!”

    Austin miles sitting on the bench outplayed Bernadeau – it ain’t hard to do.

    Bernie is a highly paid backup from here on out. Waters is going to be the man, and hopefully he is rewarded with a playoff appearance (and more) come January.

    Free is playing great right now, (no mention of his name mysteriously enough from the haters) and the play of the line, in general, is trending upward. Let’s hope they keep up the good work. Frederick is the real deal at Center. Where are all those haters after the Ram’s game, I wonder? They sure jumped all over Frederick when he was beaten twice by a very strong and much improved Dontari Poe in week 2. Frederick will be a pro bowler by the end of his second season, at the latest, IMO.

    Let’s keep it rolling, Cowboys. Beating SD won’t be a cake walk, but it is very possible. The SD O-line isn’t very good. Rivers does very well what he can do (given his extreme lack of mobility) in the passing game, so as long as the pass coverage is good, the sacks should be there for the taking. Mathews will be eaten up by the LB’s, and this game will hopefully be won by a large margin, much like the Rams game.

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