Carlos Ortiz changes story regarding Odin Lloyd shooting


If the prosecutors’ plan for convicting Aaron Hernandez of murder is to rely on Carlos Ortiz, they may need a better plan.

Via the Boston Herald, prosecutors disclosed during the bail hearing for Ernest Wallace (pictured) that Ortiz now claims that only Hernandez exited the car before Odin Lloyd was shot and killed in an industrial park near Hernandez’s Massachusetts home.

Previously, Ortiz supposedly said that both Hernandez and Wallace got out of the car, and that Wallace later told Ortiz that Hernandez had admitted to shooting Lloyd.  (That’s an odd admission for Hernandez to make to Wallace, since Wallace presumably was aware of the shooting.)

The summary of evidence presented without testimony from Ortiz successfully kept Wallace behind bars subject to $500,000 bail.  But the contradiction in Ortiz’s testimony could help give Hernandez’s lawyers enough ammunition to create reasonable doubt, via the Chewbacca defense or otherwise.

It’s a low bar, and it Ortiz can’t get his story straight as to the most critical moment for the case, why should a jury believe anything he says?

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  1. I agree with Florio, why should a jury believe Ortiz? I’ve just got a weird feeling that Aaron Hernanez might get off easy from this. There is plenty of evidence…but nothing truly reliable according to the law.

  2. If anyone thinks there isn’t a massive wad of cash coming the way of Ortiz or someone he loves, they are kidding themselves. If Hernandez is acquitted, he’ll be back in the NFL in no time.

  3. It’s a good thing they have all the other evidence they do. Ortiz as their star witness seems awful shaky

  4. Some of you seem to be forgetting that even if the murder charges go away, the weapons charges are still there and that means 3 years mandatory. So Aaron’s NFL career is still very much in doubt. Ask Plexiglass how good your career is after doing some jail time.

  5. OK, so if “Ortiz now claims that only Hernandez exited the car”, than only Hernandez could have shot and killed Lloyd. I don’t get what the big deal is. Besides, the prosecution has plenty of circumstantial evidence to convict Hernandez.

  6. If I was a betting man, and I am, i would bet that if he gets off on this charge, that he will kill again. Past actions have proved this….allegedly.

  7. Florio: I have to say after several years of visiting this site, I think I finally am starting to get your sense of humour. Chewbacca defense, classic!

  8. gadzod – Without getting into specifics, I know for a FACT that juries have convicted defendants without an eye witness and without a murder weapon. Rock solid time lines can get convictions.

  9. The only way Hernandez walks is if they find out
    he has a twin holding the murder weapon.

    It ain’t gonna happen people!

  10. This just entirely discredits Ortiz as a witness (not that he was that credible to begin with), so the State has no witnesses, no weapon, and a lot of circumstantial evidence, and nothing to definitively say that Hernandez pulled the trigger…unless one of those things changes, his lawyers will stomp it all into the ground and have their client do a couple years on some trumped up weapons charges…guys like Ortiz are a defense attorney’s dream

  11. Im sure they will throw the book at him for his gun charges, which will probably stick. Everything else? Total crapshoot. This evidence doesnt even appear as strong as some other high profile cases, and we all know how those turned out.

  12. I see all of this nonsense about if he walks its pitiful. Point is none of you were there to witness it. Sometimes cops get so caught up in who they want to be guilty instead of doing real police work. I remember when those black kids went to prison for the Central Park thing only to find out years later they didn’t do anything. So the point is he isn’t convicted nothing was proved yet so lay off. If he walks it’s not pathetic its justice.

  13. azarkhan says:

    OK, so if “Ortiz now claims that only Hernandez exited the car”, than only Hernandez could have shot and killed Lloyd. I don’t get what the big deal is.

    Mr Ortiz, first you said Mr Hernandez and Mr Wallace exited the car. Now you say just Mr Hernandez. You’ve also said you were high as a kite and sleeping. How do you know that everything you’re claiming wasn’t a drug induced dream and you never woke up enough to even know what was going on?

    That’s the big deal. A good attorney will totally discredit all testimony from Ortiz. If the testimony isn’t effective and the jurors discount it the door is open for acquittal on the murder charges.

    He’ll still do time over the gun charges but 3 years maybe instead of life no parole

  14. You’re all forgetting that this little weasel originally said he was sleeping in the back seat UNTIL he heard the shots fired, and then Wallace and AH got back in the car. Plus, you know, the daily angel dust use, yada yada. If this is their only witness, no murder weapon, only circumstantial evidence, there’s a boatload of reasonable doubt.

  15. Comparing him with Burress doesn’t work. Burress was in his 30’s whereas Hernandez isn’t even in his prime yet.

    Still even though I don’t see the murder conviction happening, they have the gun charges as backup so he’ll still be going to jail.

  16. Or what if it was Ortiz that shot Lloyd? Just a thought, and thinking it will be brought up sometime.

    Fact is, only the person or people there know what really happened, and everyone is innocent till proven guilty.

  17. Its amazing how much the court of public opinion has changed since he was arrested, even Florio’s. Hernandez will be back in the NFL and I can’t wait to hear people cry about it.

  18. I don’t get the people saying that Ortiz must have a bunch of cash waiting on him. He changed his story to try to make things worse for Hernandez, not better, by saying that Wallace stayed in the car and therefore couldn’t have been the shooter. When you put Wallace outside of the car and then Ortiz says he was sleeping, then all of a sudden he has no frickin clue who actually could have pulled the trigger. The prosecutors probably pressured him into changing his story so they could try to tell a better story at trial, although now they’re giving an uncredible witness even less credibility.

  19. gochargersgo says:
    Sep 26, 2013 7:02 PM
    Bottom line: No murder weapon, no admission of doing the crime, and no witness testimony = no conviction.

    Never mind there is a dead body. Perhaps Lloyd shot himself five times after walking into the murder site with these three fools. Maybe Santa Claus did it. Here is a better one, it’s Bush’s fault. All three should be charged with accessory to murder and weapons charge. That should put them away for at least 20 each.

  20. This is just another round of discarding before the final hand can be revealed. Or if this is a Bingo game, then Ortiz is going for the “cover-all” strategy. The entire Ortiz deal is like a legal civil war where parties of all involved sides are battling each other with an arsenal of wrenches. It’s hard enough to deal with one wrench in a plan, but in this courtroom everything is a wrench. Look even the microphones are shaped like wrenches, nice ominous stage scenery. Bring your aspirin and ace bandages in case you hurt your wrist from slinging wrenches around all day, and a wear a helmet obviously.

  21. Either way he knows that Lloyd was in the car and didn’t come back! I think he spends at least a little time for this on for Obstruction and possibly more if the girlfriend and cousin break.
    He won’t be back in the NFL because no team will touch him.

  22. All the evidence against Hernandez is either A) circumstantial or B) testimony from convicted felons.

    I’m sorry, but if they don’t have anything better than that, I’m going to be legimately surprised if he doesn’t get off with just a gun charge.

  23. fumblenuts says:
    Sep 26, 2013 8:00 PM
    What happened to the dude Hernandez shot in the face?


    I’m guessing he didn’t “see” anything and therefore cannot be an “eye”witness.

  24. All of you racist hiding behind your computer screens I wonder if you would have the heart to say any of this to the face of a hispanic or black male. I doubt it. Now, that wasn’t for everyone who post. It just for those who think that somehow this is funny. I hope none of you ever have to lose a loved one or watch and loved one endure what both of these families are going through. And, if you should find yourselves in this place I pray that someone would have more humanity in them than you have in yourselves.

  25. I highly doubt Hernandez will walk (it’s not like he is going to be tried by jurors from Florida or something). But even if he does, there’s no way he’d ever have an NFL career again. Any city he plays for will have an automatic spike in the crime rate the day he signs. He’s toast.

  26. eport comment
    stealthjunk says:
    Sep 26, 2013 7:43 PM
    I don’t get the people saying that Ortiz must have a bunch of cash waiting on him. He changed his story to try to make things worse for Hernandez, not better, by saying that Wallace stayed in the car and therefore couldn’t have been the shooter.

    I disagree. Now AH is the only one outside with Lloyd.
    If I am his ddfender, this is how it went down.
    AH scolds him for dissing the fiancée and tells him he can walk home from this dangerous area. Must have been shot by some crack head bum.

  27. To all the internet lawyers out there, if you think they cant convict without a weapon and based circumstantial evidence you dont have a clue.

  28. What the prosecution might do is claim there was a joint venture between Wallace and Hernandez to murder Odin Lloyd. Under a joint venture theory of liability, the Commonwealth does not have to establish beyond a reasonable doubt who the shooter was, just that there was an agreement between Wallace and Hernandez to murder Lloyd and that they were both present when Lloyd was murdered.

  29. hes not getting off, scott peterson is on death row with nothing but circumstantial evidence. also odin isnt the only murder he is facing.

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