Chargers announce sellout for Sunday, but blackouts could be coming

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Good news, Chargers fans.  The next game, featuring a visit from America’s Team, will be televised in San Diego.

Bad news, Chargers fans?  The team is concerned that blackouts could be looming.

According to Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego, plenty of tickets remain for the six remaining home games.  More than 12,000 non-premium tickets haven’t been moved for a Monday night game against the Colts.  Ditto for Peyton Manning’s return to Qualcomm Stadium.

For the rest of the games, even more unsold tickets remain.

“[T]here is a strong likelihood we’re going to face some blackouts this year,” Chargers senior vice president and chief marketing officer Ken Derrett said, via Gehlken.

Unlike plenty of teams with ticket-sales issues, the Chargers have not opted to reduce their threshold of non-premium tickets below 100 percent.

20 responses to “Chargers announce sellout for Sunday, but blackouts could be coming

  1. This is an archaic rule with no precedent. No other business in the world denies their customers their product just because enough are not sold. These multibillionaires receive multibillion dollar fees from networks yet demand taxpayer money to build/renovate their luxurious palaces, and then have the nerve to blackout games.

  2. Dumb assessment to say “Paving” the way to LA. Fan support will be the same up there, if not worse. Why do you think they have not had a team there for over 20 years! Also, if they did move…it’ll still be blacked out in San Diego! They have a 100 mile radius from the spot of the game which would mean San Diego wouldn’t get it either. *Thumbs up* Great point of view.

  3. schmitty2 says:
    Sep 26, 2013 2:01 PM
    Qualcomm holds about 67k. About 40k will be Boy’s fans.


    As an SD local I can confirm, but I would say more like 50k.

    Take a peak at craigslist to see those die-hard Bolt fans selling their season tickets for profit.


  4. The Cowboys got an extra home game at Candlestick a few years ago, San Diego will be the same.

    The Cowboys have the biggest following for a non home team in Northern and Southern California.

    Why JJ didn’t move the Cowboys to L.A. is a mystery?

  5. The Cowboys got an extra home game at Candlestick a few years ago, San Diego will be the same.

    The Cowboys have the biggest following for a non home team in Northern and Southern California.

    Why JJ didn’t move the Cowboys to L.A. is a mystery?

    Really? So as the “Dallas” Cowboys you have one of the top sports franchises in the world. But you think it is a mystery as to why they wouldn’t move to LA even though (As your statement mentions) they have a very high share of the California market even by being the “Dallas” Cowboys.

    I hope you are not a decision maker…..

  6. As a Cowboy fan living in SoCal (we are legion), this Charger game is the ONE I want televised. Every time Dallas plays @ SD it’s a sellout. Why? Dallas hasn’t won much of anything in 20 years. Ans. – America’s Team; even when they are NOT winning SBs. Gotta love it!

  7. I’m no fan of the blackouts, as they can have a self-fulfilling tendency to continue lack of fan attendance. You cut off such a large portion of game viewership by doing this, and it is easy to see how fan motivation to attend the games actually lags instead of increasing as they now have far lesser exposure to the game excitement. The NFL has it exactly backwards on this issue.

    As for a disproportionate number of Cowboy fans, well that is just typical of San Diego. That being said, I lived there most of my life and Charger attendance always lagged behind Padre’s attendance, which never made any sense to me since the Chargers were usually the much better team. Be that as it may S.D. is just a lousy city for fan attendance, and always will be. The city consists of far too many losers that moved there simply to get away from the weather, or whatever, where they used to live. Those kinds always end up supporting teams from where they originally lived, which is a bit of a laugh, but that’s the way it is. That and the rest just whine that the weather was too nice (or not nice enough), that they simply decided to do something else that day.

    L.A. will be just the same, as others have already stated, and now I hear that they might like two teams, and not just one. What a joke.

    I recently moved to the New Orleans area and love the support that this team gets. I may never become a true ‘Who Dat’ nation member, but I’ve followed the team ever since they got Brees, and more so once they got Sproles, both from the Chargers. No blackouts here, that’s for sure. Go Saints!

  8. It’s true, there are a bunch of Dallas fans in San Diego. Probably not as many as there are Bears and Patriots fans, but still a whole lot. There’s really no sense in rehashing the “why’s” of San Diego’s attendance problems. The factors, along with losing, are well known by now.

    My question is what’s with the “Ditto for Peyton Manning’s return to Qualcomm Stadium” comment? I know he’s the current darling for the league, but wow, Peyton Manning’s return?

  9. kando53:

    You’re citing the wrong team, if you want to discuss loyalty. Until they made the move to get Brees and Payton, the team was one of the worst in the league, and had absolutely abysmal attendance figures. Katrina brought attention to the town, and the bandwagon lashed up the horses.

    Do you realize, that even now, the Saints are still considered just as likely (if there ever were a stadium deal) to move to LA as the Chargers, Raiders, Jags or Bills?

  10. Hard to believe with the population in Southern California that they can’t get 67,000 seats filled on an NFL Sunday. No wonder the public doesn’t want to build a stadium there.

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