Esiason responds to L.T.

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On Tuesday, Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor went off on former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, who repeated during a Showtime documentary his belief that the Giants coddled L.T. during his career.

Among other things, Taylor called Esiason a “dickhead.”

On Wednesday, Esiason responded.

“Never did I think I would see [dickhead] actually next to my name in a newspaper, but that’s just the way it works — the slings and arrows that we all have to endure in the business in which we work,” Esiason said during his weekday radio show on WFAN, with Craig Carton.  (I specifically mentioned Carton because if I didn’t mention Carton, Carton would say, “Hey, why didn’t he mention me?”)  “I’ve been down this road 10 years ago, and I’m down it again.  It’s unfortunate.”

Esiason corrected Taylor on one point.

“The only thing about where L.T. is wrong is I don’t hate L.T.,” Esiason said.  “He may think I hate him.  I don’t hate him.  And what I do hate, is I hate the fact that he wrote the book, and he basically trashed the Giants, [Bill] Parcells, [Bill] Belichick and everything else.”

Esiason also made it clear that he stands by his comments.

“I don’t back down on anything that I said,” Esiason said.  “I tried to be as understanding and as supportive of the addictions that he had, and recognize — because of my time with Stanley Wilson in Cincinnati — that people in that situation aren’t who they really are.  They just aren’t.  They’re taken over by the drug.”

Boomer is right, but that doesn’t mean Taylor will keep quiet.  For the purposes of sheer entertainment, we kind of hope he doesn’t.  Even though he should.

22 responses to “Esiason responds to L.T.

  1. I always kind of thought of Esiason as a verbose blow hard.

    He’s pretty spot on about LT though.

    Good for him for holding his ground.

  2. Anyone who has met Boomer in person knows that LT is correct. Boomer is one of the most arrogant, least friendly people I have ever met. I have dealt with him on several occasions and always to the same effect.

  3. Boomer started and ended his career with the Bengals, and was in Cincinnati for almost 10 years. He was with the Jets for 3 seasons. Why is he pictured in a Jets uniform?

  4. LT another former NFL that was a great football player. That’s where it stops, character and class a one on a scale of 1-10….

  5. If LT was clean now, he wouldn’t taking such exception to what Boomer said. He would know that that’s his track record and be trying to do something about. It’s unfortunate he’s still being ruled by his demons.

  6. Tooz72 said:
    LT is the greatest defensive player ever and Esiason was an average QB


    HAHAHAHAHA! Either you’re suffering from revisionist history, you’re a hater, or you are too young to know what you are talking about.

    Sorry, but average Qbs dont become league mvp, esp when they didnt win or even play in a SB that year. When he retired, he was top 10 ALL TIME in almost evevery statistic for QBs.

    But its cool, haters gonna hate.

  7. Lt is right.
    You will find a lot of tools in a hardware store, but none bigger than Boomer Esiason.

    PS – never ask him for an autograph…especially during a charity event!

  8. Lawrence Taylor was the best defensive player in the history of the NFL.
    (Ask Joe Montana or Joe Theisman)

    Hatred of New York clearly blinds objectivity or is it pure stupidity?

    (Any answer is correct)

  9. You’re right lrjets because when I need to be accurately informed about the entire history of the NFL, I always first consult with a serial philanderer who changed the pronunciation of his last name to try and win an award.

  10. Boomer was an outstanding QB. That said, this is more like a dustup between old flames. And personally I do not care who Craig is, was or will be.

  11. @tooz72

    LT was a great defensive player.

    Reggie White is the best defensive player, and i’m definately not a packer fan. But that dude did it right, unlike LT.


  12. tooz72 says: LT is the greatest defensive player ever and Esiason was an average QB


    And despite that, if you believe anything that LT says, then he’s probably got a bridge in Brooklyn that he’d be happy to sell you too.

    I believe Boomer.

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