Fractured rib adds to Kenny Britt’s rough start

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If you wanted to write a book on the way to ensure that you won’t return to your current team after your contract expires, you could do worse than use Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt as inspiration.

Since the start of the 2013 season, Britt has hurt the team enough with penalties as a blocker that he was benched for part of Week Two and then compounded the issue by complaining about it on Twitter. Week Three brought another penalty, a dropped pass and another seat on the bench at the end of the game as the Titans opted to go with rookie Justin Hunter on the final drive, which ended with Hunter making the game-winning touchdown catch.

On Wednesday, Britt revealed he’s also struggling with a fractured rib suffered in the victory over the Chargers last Sunday. It kept him out of practice, although Britt vowed that he won’t be out long.

“I am feeling a lot better,” Britt said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I plan on playing through it. I plan on being at practice tomorrow actually.”

Britt says his confidence hasn’t been shaken in the first three weeks, but the Titans’ confidence in him doesn’t appear to be as sturdy. Hunter’s playing time was trending up before Britt’s injury and the fact that he’ll be with the team next year while Britt will almost certainly be playing elsewhere doesn’t suggest that trend will be halted anytime soon.

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  1. Actually, there were two dropped passes by Britt last Sunday. The first pass of the game and then that beautifully thrown bomb. …. Jake Locker had two on the money bombs dropped–the other was by rookie Justin Hunter who more than redeemed himself by catching the most important one.

  2. The issue with athletes like Kenny Britt is he is a talented athlete who is told so his entire life and over time some athletes develop a sense of entitlement and in their mind they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but his play hasn’t backed up his status as a 1st round selection, which gives him chances over and over he doesn’t deserve based on his effort. By all accounts Kenny Britt should be a 3rd or 4th string receiver on the Tennessee Titans based solely on his play. Maybe he isn’t the same receiver after his torn ACL? But his attitude is horrible and if he doesn’t start playing better, then others deserve opportunities on the team, who have work very hard, but may be less talented, but are much more dependable.
    Kenny Britt, look out if you will be cut and no NFL team may want a malcontent like you and you may be out of the NFL completely like your old buddy Vince Young! Think about it! —Titans Fan Dan

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