Goodell open to more playoffs, less preseason


Playoffs are good, and people like playoffs, so Roger Goodell might be interested in more of them.

Preseason games are bad, and nobody likes the preseason, so Goodell might be willing to let some of them go away.

The stuff in between, he’s not sure about.

Those scheduling topics were among the things the NFL Commissioner touched on in an interview with Judy Battista of

On the topic of the universally loathed preseason, Goodell floated the possibility of turning some preseason games into scrimmages, or taking them out of season ticket plans, to reflect the increasing worthlessness of the August games.

He said there had been no recent conversations about an 18-game schedule, but seemed intrigued by the notion of expanding the playoffs beyond the current 12 teams.

“With the competitiveness of the league, you see teams get hot the second half of season, a reasonable argument could be made that there are teams that should qualify for the playoffs and don’t and could win the Super Bowl,” Goodell said. “I don’t think we want to expand just to have more teams. We want to create more excitement, more interest and give teams a chance to win the Super Bowl.”

Goodell admitted that the timing is such that any changes could be implemented before next year, giving them plenty of time to figure out a way to find a balance between more of the stuff they want (inventory, money), and less of the stuff they don’t (preseason games, arguments with the NFLPA).

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  1. Don’t extend the playoffs.

    The regular season still means something in the NFL. Only 37.5% (12/32) of the league makes the playoffs. Don’t become the NBA or NFL where 54% (16/30) make the postseason.

  2. The worst team in the league might be able to win a SB to if you give them a chance. Whatever that small chance is why not let them play too? So a 32 team playoff scenario should be in order right?

  3. I think the whole league should make the playoffs except for 12 teams, then we can call them the dirty dozen.

  4. I wish Goodell was open to turning in his letter of resignation effective immediately……

    Maby he could move to England instead of an NFL team…..

    Goodell has a lot of ideas. The majority are bad like this latest one…..

  5. I wouldn’t have a problem with 7 teams in each conference making the playoffs, leaving only the best team in the conference with a first round bye. I don’t have a problem with the way it is now, but I’d rather them do that than extend the regular season.

  6. The Seahawks went to the post season with a 7-9 record (when NFC West was still the NFC Worst) and beat a pretty good (11-5) Saints team. (remember the Beast Quake?).

    As the playoffs stand now, it’s very rare that a team with a losing record can get to the playoffs. But the format works. Don’t change it!

  7. What this tells me is that we should be in favor of international expansion. Think about it. The league is desperately searching for ways to make more money because…well, because more money is better than less money, never mind that they could never spend all of it anyway.

    They can either do this by keeping the game domestic and expanding the structure (# of playoff teams, # of regular season games, etc.), which brings with it a whole host of safety-related issues (not to mention collective bargaining) or they can migrate overseas and get a whole new set of fans that can attend games, buy gear, etc. But it basically has to be one or the other. They’ve saturated their existing markets about as well as anyone can.

    The wrinkle: add four teams. Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Berlin. Total of 36 teams, split the 36 into two conferences of three divisions of six teams apiece. Division winners and next three best teams in conference make the playoffs. You’re welcome.

    And as a bonus, we no longer have to see repeated threats of ‘team X is going to move to LA unless you give them a new stadium’, because LA will be taken too.

  8. Wait, is Goodell a lawyer or not? If not then I feel very stupid about my earlier post — and I will demand to know why I thought he was.

    If he is then no problems, boo boo boo Goodell.

    Thank you.

  9. I don’t see how the NFL could add to their playoffs without a huge in-balance. any expansion would either remove or extend the bye week for the one and two seeds. No one want to wake that long

  10. Does Goodell lie in his bed at night thinking, “hmmm, what stupid idea can I come up with tonight to piss off the fans tomorrow”? Worst commissioner in any sport….ever!!

  11. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:
    Sep 26, 2013 5:22 PM
    Do season ticket holders realize that regular season prices will increase if the preseason games aren’t included in the package? They have to make up the money they lose out on.

    It’s not the $$ that matters, it’s the principle of paying full price for games that don’t count. The overall dollar figure wouldn’t (shouldn’t) change if preseason was excluded and regular season ticket prices went up to compensate. How many season ticket holders actually go to the preseason games? They give them to friends for free.

  12. People always want to talk about the regular season “meaning something” … Who cares if your team makes it as an 8 seed? You still can win the Superbowl. I like 14 teams myself… Only one top seed… The 7 plays the 2, the 6 plays the 3, the 4 plays the five…. Reseed with lowest seed playing the 1 seed the second week. Two teams don’t deserve to get home field advantage & be off a week. Only the #1 seed deserves it.

  13. Stop the madness. This man is on a campaign to ruin the game. The owners need to change the pricing on the pre-season, and increase the cost for regular season games that count.

    More TV money that dilutes the playoff pool is just another way to offset the loss of the 18 game schedule (that nobody but the greediest owners, and the commissioner, wanted).

  14. He’s in my top five “look at me” windbags in the NFL:

    1. Jerruh
    2. Robert “i was duped” Kraft
    3. Jim “tweets like a teen” Irsay
    4. Roger Goodell
    5. Butt Fumble

  15. Add one team to the playoffs per conference, give the top 3 seeds byes and the top seed double bye go back to 1993 If necessary and give every team 2 bye weeks. Also eliminate 1 preseason game. Have 1 home/away/ and one at a neutral site preferably in state or as close to one if the teams as possible to attempt to broaden the fan base and give cities and communities live nfl .. And play em at the local college stadium of medium or comparable size to the nfl team. Besides preseason games don’t truly sell out Reduces the empty seats issues in preseason and gets season ticket holders off the hook , also no preseason games included in the season ticket package. Or at worst drastically reduce them to half off normal prices or something..

  16. And add a extra week or 2 of camp and maybe a scrimmage or 2 to placate the Schiano types coaches who wanna run teams into the ground practicing to make up of the lack of preseason

  17. Goodell is open to more MONEY!!! Why not let 26 teams into the playoffs? Leave a good thing alone. The more he mucks with things the worse things get.

  18. Terrible idea. I’m all for getting rid of preseason games….but not at the expense of extending the regular season or adding more playoff teams.

    The only way to expand playoffs at this point would be to add 2 to each conference (no more 1st round byes). That would make more than half the league qualify for playoffs….welcome to the world of the NBA where sub .500 teams making the playoffs is the norm. Unless Goodell intends on adding an obnoxious amount of expansion teams in the near future.

    Every team has a 1 in 4 chance of getting a guaranteed playoff spot with a home playoff game. In addition to that they can also qualify for a wildcard. That’s plenty.

  19. As much as I love the NFL, more playoff is not the answer. I’d favor less.

    Make the regular season matter more. Top team in each division, that’s it. Win your division or go home.

  20. Most of the posters here don’t seem to understand that no matter how much the fans loathe Goodell that it is immaterial to his bosses, the owners.

    Who just gave him a 30 mil a year last season because league revenues have increased dramatically under Goodell. That’s the only thing the league cares about so unless literally millions of fans suddenly stop watching games on tv and spending lots of money going to games and on merchandise that Goodell is going nowhere any time soon.

    I think his ideas have mostly been terrible so I’m not saying I want him running the league. But the reality is as long as revenues keep goin up he’ll be commissioner.

  21. Has there ever been a person, much less a commissioner of a major sport, who has come up with more bad ideas than Goodell? Let’s see, football in the Olympics, a team in London, the Super Bowl in London, 18-game schedule, complete mishandling of the lock-out of the officials, unnecessary change of draft format and dates, complete and utter fumbling of the bounty scandal (which Tagliabue had to clean up), constant changing of the rules so no one knows what they are, and now more playoff teams. If I didn’t know better, I would think Goodell is a mole sent by soccer to destroy football.

  22. Did Roger Goodell watch last year’s Wildcard games? It was a weekend of awful football, as opposed to the divisional round which was much more exciting. Allowing even less-qualified teams into the playoffs would be even worse.

    Don’t dilute the value of an every-game-counts regular season, and keep only competitive teams in the playoffs.

  23. Please, for Pete’s sake, do not add more playoff teams! No one wants the NFL to become the NBA or NHL. Right now we have the perfect playoff system, don’t screw it up over money.

  24. It is a terrible idea in the current NFL.

    You cant really expand the playoffs beyond even the top 50% and have it still mean something. You could expand the playoffs if the league grows, but there is hard enough time supporting small market teams now.

  25. They’ve cut back on practices a team can have already. Teams need these preseason games.

    If fan X pays full price to see them and doesn’t like it, that’s a you problem, not a me problem.

    Leave it alone, Rog.

  26. Instead of adding more teams to the playoffs, send the top 6 teams from each conference to the playoffs regardless of where they stand in their division.

  27. If Goodell wants more playoff games, why doesn’t he just eliminate the regular season altogether and just start the playoffs in September and end them with the Super Bowl in February?

  28. The NHL playoffs are amazing, toughest championship to win. I love best of series but it obv wouldn’t work for football. I’ve just never liked the rule that a div winner gets a free playoff spot when they didnt deserve it. I’d be for more regular season games but not playoffs, preseason is uber lame. NFL season is too short anyways. Injuries? That’s why you get paid the big bucks..

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