Isaac Redman says he played in Week Two after suffering concussion early in game

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The NFLPA is concerned about the way the Raiders handled quarterback Terrelle Pryor after Pryor suffered a concussion against the Broncos on Monday night, but he isn’t the only player who has remained in a game after suffering a concussion this season.

Steelers running back Isaac Redman said that he suffered a concussion on the opening kickoff of the team’s Week Two loss to the Bengals, but returned to the game a short time later despite being taken back to the locker room for evaluation.

“I had a concussion,” Redman said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I was pretty much out of it the rest of the game. I just tried to go back in.”

Redman didn’t have an elaborate plan to get back on the field — “I said I was all right” was his method — and he didn’t land on the injury report at any point during the week. That’s likely to catch the eye of the NFL, which has punished teams in the past for failing to report injuries, and anyone concerned with how teams are administering concussion tests if a player that was “pretty much out of it” can evade the protocols if they say they’re all right.

12 responses to “Isaac Redman says he played in Week Two after suffering concussion early in game

  1. How are the Steelers supposed to give him the test and include him on the injury report if they are unaware of the of the concussion?

  2. The pittsburgh steelers are being beaten, manhandled, abused, destroyed, and dominated by their AFC North rivals.

  3. If I was Redman as bad as he’s played I would say I’ve been concussed for at least 2 years! Thank god le’eveon is ready to go. If I had to watch Dwyer, Jones and Redman again this week I’m gonna throw my 60 inch flatscreen into the street!

  4. I dont understand how the league and fans are supposed to take concussions seriously when its very clear a good deal of players clearly don’t.

    I have no doubt concussions can cause significant cognitive brain disfunction and can significantly impact your health. I think the league has also acknowledged this point by the 765M settlement to former players.

    So all of that said, if you suffer a concussion, the league has rules in place to keep you out of the game. The fans are understanding the seriousness of the injuries and you won’t get the Cutler treatment for leaving a game injured. The union would urge you to sit. So why are the players lying and coercing their way back in?

  5. “I was pretty much out of it the rest of the game.”

    3 carries for 4 yards – you were never in the game.

  6. @doctorrustbelt, I will agree that the steelers aren’t playing particularly well right now, and there are a myriad of reasons why, young o line, injuries etc. but you say they are being manhandled by their AFC North rivals ?!? They have only played one AFC North team so far. Check your facts.

  7. Pittsburgh has played as well as or better then opposing offenses, the issues are turn overs and lack of blocking. You turn the ball over an average if 3 times a game and don’t force any it’s hard to win.
    Game 1, gave up 16 points, gained 30 yards rushing 190 passing, titans had similar numbers, difference was the steelers couldn’t score. Week 2, 260 yards passing, like 60 yards rushing, bad calls and no calls. Gave up less yardage then the steelers gained, lack of points and costly turnovers. Week 3, 400 yards passing and like 70 rushing, scored 23 defense gave up 26, beats had and int and fumble returns for TDs.
    Fix the turnovers and wins start coming. Playoffs will be missed but will finish ahead if the browns. Expect a lot more youth on next years defense, Clark and Foote both gone, Taylor and Polamalu got 1-2 years left and Keisel can still produce, but will see less snaps.
    On offense Ben and Heath are the old men starters, still have 3-4 years left. Ben’s heir needs to be decided is the next 1-2 years and Heath’s replacement needs to be found in 2-3 years. Brown is getting close to a #1 but still has work to do and Sanders is looking like a decent #2, the depth behind then is thin.

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