It’s the PFT Whiparound for September 26

Every weeknight on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, we do the Whiparound.

My goal is to get you to watch it here, so maybe you’ll watch it live.

That’s some next-level subliminal messaging.

Here’s some not-so-next-level, rapid-fire, hope-we-don’t-screw-up summaries of all the best NFL news of the day.

1 responses to “It’s the PFT Whiparound for September 26

  1. The show is possibly the best thing to happen to football broadcasting since Monday Night Football.

    But if you want us to watch, get the network to stop pre-empting it for tennis and yachting, etc.

    Regardless of any importance of those events to those who enthuse over those past-times, they need to find some other place to broadcast those and leave PFT alone.

    Then people will more consistently tune in to the show. Or not. That’s just my opinion not fact.

    Really, I just want to not come home and find my favorite show’s latest DVR recording isn’t actually one of my favorite show!

    NBC, if I can’t watch PFT, I will turn to the NFL network if you make me! Don’t!

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