Jacoby Jones apologizes, while saying he did nothing wrong


Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones spoke publicly for the first time since he was reportedly clocked in the head with a champagne bottle wielded by a stripper named Sweet Pea while celebrating Bryant McKinnie’s birthday.

Well, sort of, as any attempt to talk around such a salacious set-up is always going to fall short.

“I’m going to take the responsibility that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Jones said on his radio show on 105.7 The Fan (via the Baltimore Sun). “There was no altercation. There’s nothing wrong.

I did nothing wrong but I take responsibility for being in wrong place at the wrong time. Enough said. I apologize to my teammates and everybody.”

Asked about a meeting with coach John Harbaugh, Jones said only: “We’re fine. Everything is good.”

Jones is already ruled out this week, but that’s because of his knee injury. Putting him on the report as Out (Sweet Pea) is a little much to ask for.