Jairus Byrd won’t play unless he feels 100 percent


Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes says he still isn’t 100 percent recovered from the foot injury that kept him out for most of last season and the entire preseason, but he’s been in the lineup and his 69-yard touchdown catch beat the Bills last weekend.

Had safety Jairus Byrd been in the Buffalo lineup, perhaps things would have played out differently. Byrd hasn’t been in the lineup at all for the Bills this year because of his own foot problem and, unlike Holmes, Byrd won’t be taking a step on the field until he’s certain that he’s 100 percent.

Bills coach Doug Marrone said Wednesday that Byrd, who missed the entire offseason and almost all of the preseason before signing his franchise tender, is working “extremely hard” to get back but that he can’t get past one last hurdle so that he’s able to play. Byrd said that the decision about when to play is up to him and that he won’t be making it at anything less than full strength.

“No,” Byrd said, via Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News. “I mean, I don’t want to see them do bad. I’ve said that since Day One. But me going out there at less than 100 percent isn’t going to help the case, either. I can’t do anything about it. That’s the tough part.”

The Bills could really use Byrd right now. Cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore and Ron Brooks will be out again and Leodis McKelvin may join them on the sideline after injuring his hamstring against the Jets, stretching the depth of the entire secondary and possibly forcing Aaron Williams back to corner from safety. Whether with his franchise tender or his foot, however, Byrd’s made it clear that things are happening on his needs and desires.

13 responses to “Jairus Byrd won’t play unless he feels 100 percent

  1. About time someone called his fraud butt out, there’s nothing wrong with him, mad that he got franchised & no long term contract worked out, wanted 40 million but hurt Smh

  2. Byrd’s “one last hurdle” is a new contract which he can’t get until Feb at the earliest. Don’t expect to see Byrd before week 10 of the season.

  3. Byrd is just sticking it to the Bills for not giving him the multi-year contract.
    It has been noted that Byrd had this condition most of last year as well – two points on that: 1) he played through it last year but can’t this year? Gotta call BS on that; 2) why on earth would the Bills lock up a guy for big bucks when he can’t be proven to be healthy?
    The fact that Byrd cannot take the field demonstrates that the Bills were correct in not locking up a ton of money on this guy.
    He is now nothing more than a cancer that the Bills need to excise – but given his “condition” and attitude, who would want him?

  4. Byrd isn’t sticking it to anybody but himself. Nobody is going to want to sign a player that quits when he is unhappy, ESPECIALLY if he sits all season due to an injury he played on all year the previous season. His trade value dropped, and there is absolutely no way his value in Free Agency didn’t drop, either. I have a feeling when it’s all said and done, he will receive less in FA than the Bills initially offered (which was top 3 money). His loss, not ours. We can ultimately draft a FS or sign one in free agency every year. He only has a few chances his whole life to get that huge contract.

  5. This guy is a good player but super overrated and very replacable. Pretty sure he is getting this advice from his agent who is notorious for these type of shenanigans. They really need to try to trade the guy if possible and move on. He doesn’t want to play for “them” Bills anyway. I am sure he’s a nice guy, but would love to see this backfire on him big time.

  6. Anyone who thinks Byrd isn’t nursing this injury is a sucker. He’ll come in strong and fresh around week 8 when everyone else is already beat up, and put up above average numbers for the rest of the season. Then leave. Eff him.

  7. Byrd is all butt hurt about not getting overpaid. Very smart on the Bills part as I’m sure they knew about the foot condition. I wish the Bills would trade him for a cornerback.

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