Jim Brown speaks on Richardson trade, rips Mike Holmgren again

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Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown is a legendary figure in the Cleveland Browns organization.

As such, Brown’s opinions about the Browns carry legitimate weight.

The Trent Richardson trade is the latest event for Brown to express his notably blunt opinions about and he took the chance to take a shot at a familiar target in the process. Brown had been critical of Richardson in the past calling him an “ordinary” talent.

In an interview on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, Brown spoke in favor of the trade Cleveland made in sending Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a first-round draft pick next year. .

I was surprised,” Brown said, via John Breech of CBSSports.com. “But then I thought it was a brilliant move… Because first of all, Trent [Richardson] couldn’t have carried the kind of load that Cleveland needed.”

One reason Brown could be a fan of the move is because Mike Holmgren isn’t.

Holmgren was very critical of the trade of Richardson last week. Brown isn’t fond of Holmgren or the job he did as president of the Browns. He wasn’t kept as a part of the Browns organization with Holmgren at the helm and Brown felt disrespected by how he felt he was treated at the time. The trade gave Brown another opportunity to speak his mind about Holmgren.

“[Holmgren] had all his boys that were going to come in and take advantage of the kind of money that he could pay his guys and never really be there,” Brown said. “He took advantage of Randy [Lerner] and it was just a shame. Randy’s a good guy. Young owner. Wanted someone to take the pressure off of him. Mike came in, saw the weakness and took advantage of it.”

The relationship between Holmgren and Brown appeared to improve during the latter stages of Holmgren’s tenure in Cleveland, but it seems unlikely the duo will be buddies any time soon.

44 responses to “Jim Brown speaks on Richardson trade, rips Mike Holmgren again

  1. Too Bad he has to make these comments. Disagree with the moves or trades; but this is basically saying Homgren and his “own” staff fleeced the owner of his money. I wonder what he has to back up such claims?

  2. Brown loves to hear the sound of his own voice.

    Great football player in his day, but also the poster child today for the bitter ex-athlete who dislikes everyone and everything.

  3. Coach knows much more about drafting, coaching, etc than a talented player from the 1600’s.
    If you have a true talent like a bus, or emmit, or terrel, or dion, and you do not have a line to give him the holes, you save him untill you build that line. You do not wear off his treads. I think it was KC that did this with a big time runner and he wisely held out the next year for a new contract.

  4. I don’t understand why Jim Brown is so focused on the Browns…..His version of the Browns moved over to Baltimore a few years ago. Shouldn’t he be complaining about them instead?

  5. The Browns should have kept all of Holmgren’s pieces then signed Favre for a year. If they did well, that would have been the slap heard around the world!

  6. Jim is pretty dead on with this. People can come to the defense of Holmgren if they want. But no one can argue with the results, or lack thereof. Also…look no further than AP and the hapless Vikings to prove even elite running backs don’t win you Super Bowls. This is, and pretty well has always been, a QB-driven league. Unless you field a legendary defense (2001 Ravens) no one is winning Super Bowls with journeymen at the helm.

  7. As it happens I agree with Brown, although I think he is short changing some of what Trent can do on the field. Holmgren never was and never will be the answer for any organization in a GM type capacity. Guy was a good coach, but even the Seahawks terminated his GM role after one year during his stint there.

    Bottom line is the Browns are digging out of a hole that Holmgren put them in (at least this time around) and Trent was the pawn in the process.

  8. Jim Brown is and always has been a racist. From the Richard Pryor years till now. He said Holmgren was never present and wanted to steal the Browns money. What a fool.

  9. Dear Jim Brown (and all former players),
    you were great no question, but in 2013, nobody really cares to hear you b*tch and moan about what is happening in today’s NFL. Please shut up and go away. Even if you are correct about your assessment of T. Richardson, we don’t care.

  10. Once Holmgren no longer had possibly the best GM in football and a first ballot HOF QB he was exposed as the total fraud he is.

    I agree with Jim on this one. Trent Richardson is good and he was a high pick but 3.5 yds per carry even on a bad team isn’t that hard to come by.

  11. I love how Holmgren said if he was the coach he would have quit after the trade. Please; I no doubt think he is a quitter but no way he would ever walk away from millions of dollars; nobody would and anyone who says other wise is disingenuous. Holmgren is overrated and seems like a creep.

  12. Let’s see ,Jim Brown doesn’t like the guy who wouldn’t pay him to not be around also. But favors the people who will pay him to not be around. Sounds right.

  13. Holmgren is a bully and deserved to be fired for doing a lousy job and not putting in the hours for which he was handsomely paid. Glad they didn’t re-up his contract.

  14. Because first of all, Trent [Richardson] couldn’t have carried the kind of load that Cleveland needed.”

    This guy needs to croak already. So sick of hearing how great he thought he was when he was plowing through 150 lb white guys. Way to full of himself when he’s just completely irrelevant.

  15. Jim Brown was a great running back in the day when the linebackers and defensive ends were the same size and even sometime smaller than he was…Today he might be another Trent Richardson…a little better than average

  16. I live in Cleveland, I’m not from Cleveland. Mike Holmgren was garbage. He wouldn’t do interviews in the Cleveland media, yet would call his radio buddies in Seattle every week and yap away. He hardly ever showed up for work and hired Pat Shumer who was horrible because they had the same agent. Holmgren just stole money. He walked in the door talking about a “five year plan” while other teams were turning it around in 2-3 years. He had an excuse for for everything. I’m not a big Jim Brown fan, but he is right. He really is.

  17. Look at the bright side Jim, now TR will not be able to break any of your team records and he hs the chance to accomplish things you can still only dream about.

  18. Ordinarily I would just view this as an attempt by media to stir up drama, but judging from Brown’s comments he seems to know what he is talking about. This is sports and not life and death. That said, Brown has an emotional attachment to the sport and to the Cleveland Browns.

    I am not sure about Richardson’s abilities but that will give him incentive to validate rushing ability.

  19. “Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown is a legendary figure in the Cleveland Browns organization.

    As such, Brown’s opinions about the Browns carry legitimate weight.”

    Uh, no they don’t. Even if he happens to be right.

  20. Jim Brown was dead on about Adrian P being a super star and dead on about Trent Richardson being ordinary. Not only should he not be getting bashed, but they should allow him to draft our next running back. All you haters can’t even realize just how rediculously good this guy was.

  21. Holmgren is just trying to save face because he got exposed as someone who has no business making personnel decisions. This is a guy that only has EVER had a name because of Brett Favre.

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