Mark Ingram denies he asked for a trade

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Mark Ingram isn’t getting much work, but he’s not looking for a transfer.

The Saints running back, echoing the comments of his coach earlier this week, denied that he was looking for a trade.

“No, you guys (media) came up with that,” Ingram said of trade rumors, via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I don’t know who came up with that. I’ve never said that at all. I never asked for it. Don’t want it. Like I said, New Orleans is home. I love teammates, love my coaches, love this organization. I’m very grateful to be part of this organization. It’s a class organization. . . .

“Stuff comes from everywhere all of the time. People speculate things, assume things that may not be true. That’s OK. I know the truth and everybody in the organization knows the truth. Nothing like that ever came about. That’s all that matters. The air is clear here.”

Ingram went on to talk about how much he loved New Orleans, and everything about his experience there.

Which is a little odd, when you think about it, considering how small of a role he has there as a third option back, who has just 17 carries on the season.

34 responses to “Mark Ingram denies he asked for a trade

  1. Dude realizes he has a 1st round contract & not getting any wear & tear. he’ll be a FA soon enough and another team will pay good dollar for his services as well.

  2. Maybe the Colts would want him. They seem to have a thing for underachieving overrated slow Alabama backs who can’t even average 4 ypc.

  3. Indianapolis will offer their 2014 second and third round picks for Ingram next week , because they think they’re going to win the Superbowl this season.

  4. Typical “media” article with the last of it implying that the team isn’t using him. He was injured last week and didn’t suit up. He was used during the first two games but was ineffective. Seems to me the team has been giving him every opp they can to break out.

  5. 4 years, 7.4 million with 3.89 million guaranteed to practice 4 maybe 5 days a week. Good work if you can get it.

  6. Saints are winning, why risk getting shipped off to a loseing team for a draft pick for the Saints. Like said above, not much risk for him to stay in NO right now.

  7. I think he should request a trade but at the same time if the team is winning be a good sport and play your role. If the Saints win the SB he would at least get a ring out of it.

  8. As a life long Saints fan…I wish he would ask for, and be granted a trade! Most Saints fans don’t want him…he might be a great guy but on the field, he’s counter productive. Please Mark…go!

  9. In the same draft, Saints might have gotten the best steal of the first round (Cameron Jordan) and the worst bust of the first round (Ingram).

  10. He is correct – it was ME – I asked for them to trade him – every day for about 2 yearns now (or more)…

  11. Yeah Cleveland must want him! Not so much. Alabama RB’s are a product of it’s system. If you don’t believe me just ask the Colts in 5 weeks.

  12. I really wish they would deal him because as soon as he got drafted by New Orleans, I knew they weren’t going to be able to really showcase his talents. This guy is a feature back, not someone who should have to share time with the plethora of other running backs the Saints have.

  13. Love the “media logic”:

    DIVA for requesting a trade out of a 3rd string role.

    UNCOMPETITIVE for not requesting a trade out of a 3rd string role.

    Mind you, it was the New Orleans front office NOT Mark Ingram who drafted himself into this situation, but whatever happens, the Mark Ingram is the goat here. Lovely.

  14. Not so odd. I love everything about New Orleans and my experiences there and I have zero carries. What’s not to love? He plays for Sean Payton and with Drew Brees and he is on an undefeated team with more wins than the rest of the NFC South combined!

  15. what is so odd about enjoying being paid not to play and having a good time living in a party town like new orleans? I would take his job and enjoy it to!

  16. File this in the same folder of “what is he suppose to say” right next to Frank Gore’s file about his spat with Garbaugh.

  17. Please, Mark, say it ain’t so!?! Just leave already. Patriots got the better end of this deal, that’s for sure.

  18. Even if it’s true that he didn’t request a trade, it doesn’t mean that the Saints are not looking into trying to salvage something for this bust…

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