Quinton Patton questionable to return with foot injury


The San Francisco 49ers receiving corps is already woefully short-handed without Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham in the lineup. Now they’re down another receiver for Colin Kaepernick to work with against the St. Louis Rams.

Rookie Quinton Patton left the game in the second quarter and was taken to the locker room for evaluation. The 49ers announced that Patton had suffered a foot injury and was questionable to return to the game.

Patton is still seeking his first catch in a regular season game for the 49ers. He has been shutout in the 49ers’ first three games of the season and was targeted just once before leaving with the injury.

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  1. With the Niner receiving corps in the condition it is in, they are almost FORCED to return to basic smash-mouth rushing football……. which is what they should have done anyway.

    The Rams aren’t very good, but the win was therapeutic for the Niners. And last week Gore ran for 77 yards in the first half, and they only rushed him twice in the second. It was a one-score game until mid fourth quarter. If they had kept giving Gore the ball in the second half, they may well have scored more, and the defense would likely have not been sucking wind in the fourth quarter. That game may very well have turned-out completely differently.

  2. Re post for dork Seahawks fans that read NINER articles:

    Are Seattle fans really talking this much smack? I mean, all your sports teams have been totally irrelevant for, pretty much, ever. Now that your football team is finally good after 30 years you act like you have this great organization. You have never had one all time great player ever( I guess if you want to call the overrated slow Largent one, go ahead if it makes you feel better).

    Your baseball team sucks, you lost your sorry basketball team and looked more foolish when you bombed trying to get the kings and now your football team is good and beat the niners a few times you act tough. You guys were deemed so worthless at one time they forced you to move from AFC to the NFC. They would never do that to a half decent organization. I guess that’s why you guys act like this when replying to NINER articles. You must have severe frustration. I am never reading Seahawks articles cause I’m not desperate like you sorry fans. Great your football team is better than the niners for once in ages. Act like you’ve been there before…..oh wait you have not been there, my bad.

    I went to your ridiculously loud stadium a few years ago and I was looking everywhere for the TROPHY case….. Couldn’t find it.

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