Since the Jaguars have no O, Robinson not an OW


Give the NFL credit for truth in advertising.

According to Mark Long of the Associated Press, the Jaguars are no longer listing rookie Denard Robinson as an OW — or offensive weapon — since the league asked them to pick a traditional designation for him.

Given the fact that he has thus far not proven himself to offensive or a weapon, it seems appropriate.

Robinson has five rushing attempts for minus-1 yards. He has fumbled once, but has yet to catch a pass, and has gained a perfectly acceptable 54 yards on two kickoff returns.

He’ll now be referred to simply as a wide receiver.

It’s not terribly much fun, but then again, neither is watching the Jaguars play, unless you’re lubed up on free beer.

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  1. Its so bad in Jacksonville, that my friends aren’t going to a free beer game (or any other game) but rather flying to Boston to see NE & Den tangle in Nov. At least we’ll see what real QB’s look like.

  2. The Lions should get this guy while he’s cheap. Then run a two RB set and let CJ force them into a nightmare situation of Bush or Robinson. Only way he’ll thrive.

  3. @jjbo – Soon to say “Bye, Bye” Brady-Bunchden was older than Gabbert is now before he made his first start. Old Bobblehead Manning started his career 5-15, the same as Blaine.

  4. Gabbert has had more different coaches, G.M.s, offensive co-ordinators, and team owners to cope with in a bit over 2 years, than Manning and Brady have had to deal with combined in their careers. You could probably throw Rodgers and the other Manning in there and the statement would still hold true.

  5. I feel bad for jags fans…I really am sorry if you look forward to NFL football and that’s what you get not sure which is uglier the play of the team or their uniforms?

  6. Jags fans are desperate for hope. But we’re resilient. We won’t be down forever. Even if it feels that way going 7-31 over the last 38 games.

  7. @thegreatgabbert – Better hope he is the next Alex Smith then. Actually, everything he is going through, and how he has played, reminds me a lot of Alex Smith the rookie. I would have never thought Alex would still be in the league back then.

    Speaking of parallels between our teams, another one is the fact that the 9ers have had no O either the last 2 weeks. Just pointing it out before someone else does…

    The 9ers were bad for many years, so I feel for Jags fans. It makes the games just awful. Hang in there though and you’ll learn to appreciate the good years even more. Jack Del Rio wasn’t so bad…

  8. As a ‘Hawk fan who was at the last game, I wasn’t impressed. The Jags actually had a decent drive to end the first half that ended with an unforced error (pass hit center in the helmet, deflected, INT), and opened the second half by moving the chains for another first down. Enter Robinson with the Wildcat, who proceeded to fumble the football without any contact from anyone other than his own man, leading to another easy Seattle TD and a 31-0 lead.

    The Seahawks outplayed them, but without the unforced errors – fumbled snap, pass off center’s head, dumb fumble – it would have been a much closer game. Robinson’s error killed any chance at continuity. OW is a good descrption of how his team felt after that play.

  9. sparty0n says: Sep 26, 2013 2:54 PM

    Proof that this guy was over-hyped just because of the college he attended.


    Can’t image what might influence you to say that.

  10. @nineroutsider – Smith actually played for the same H.C., G.M. and ownership his first three years in the league. He was coddled compared to Gabbert. Not to overlook the fact that he was the first overall pick of the draft and earned about quadruple the wages that Blaine is.

  11. justintuckrule says:
    Sep 26, 2013 3:33 PM
    I’d pull an Elway/Eli if the Jags ever drafted me.
    That’s b/c Baltimore and San Diego had horrible ownership and management to allow that to happen. Go ahead though and try that with Khan. Call their bluff and so where it gets you. Have fun sitting on the couch while your 4 year $22 mil just waste away. Good luck with that.

  12. If your o-line and execution currently sucks, why not start DRob at QB? At least he’ll be able to run for his life, unlike Henne and Gabbert. God forbid the Jags fans actually get to have some fun. And if he stinks, then all the better for Jags management, who just want to go 0-16 so they can draft Bridgewater anyways.

  13. nationalmediacansuckit says:
    Sep 26, 2013 3:54 PM
    justintuckrule says:
    Sep 26, 2013 3:33 PM
    I’d pull an Elway/Eli if the Jags ever drafted me.
    That’s b/c Baltimore and San Diego had horrible ownership and management to allow that to happen. Go ahead though and try that with Khan. Call their bluff and so where it gets you. Have fun sitting on the couch while your 4 year $22 mil just waste away. Good luck with that.
    I wouldn’t sign that 4 yr $22M contract. If Shad wanted to waste his no. 1 overall pick on me out of sheer stubbornness and watch me coach my high school team for a year before returning to the draft next year, then he is dumber than we thought.

  14. Jax is where careers go to die. If I’m Bridgewater or Manziel, I’d go public right now telling Jax not to bother drafting me otherwise I’ll sit a year and go back in the draft next year. I’d rather forego a year’s salary and land somewhere where my career actually has a chance to flourish (maybe Minn, Phi, TB, Den [learning behind PM for a yr]) than playing for that godawful semi-pro team in Jax (that has one foot out the door to London) where my career is guaranteed to go the way as the last 9 Blaine Gabberts they’ve drafted. No offense to Jags fans.

  15. Shoelace is Our Work in progress. Guy is going through multiple position changes on the fly, you have to expect an adjustment period. Besides, he is well worth the money he earns just for being Denard Robinson. Any contributions on the field are bonus. Culture change.

  16. Thegreatgabbert =Logicalvoices. Each is obsessed with their QB. Sad really. I hope the shrink doesn’t charge you too much to cope after Gabbert is gone.

  17. @justintuckrule

    I know this may shock you, but Jags aren’t the first team whose team has been dysfunctional and and drafted poorly over the years thats why there is and entirely new regime with new owner .I realize no one in the NFL world has any perspective and hyperventilates over every single thing but all NFL teams have had bad periods although most of you think your team has always had grade A drafts and competes for SB every single year of your teams existence. Yes the Jags are bad, yes they are horrible we get it, but so has every single team at some point. Just a little perspective. It’s really not that hard. By the way, the LA and London comments are a little old at this point. Teams have been going to play in London way before the Jags and will continue way after the Jags. Stop overrating at every single thing you read it hear and taking it as gospel. It’s a little played out my friend.

  18. Denard has the most talent of anyone on offense on that team. The fact that he has only 5 carries shows the coaching staff is the problem on that team. He’d have 5 carries for 6 yards in Michigan and then BOOM 78 yards and gone. Once that happened he’d get 4 here 6 there and then BOOM 32 yards. Give this kid the touches he deserves.
    Or try him at quarterback. He’s an instant upgrade over henne and gabbert for gods sake .

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