Alex Henery fined $15,750 for horse-collar tackle

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The NFL fined Eagles placekicker Alex Henery $15,750 for a horse-collar tackle of Chiefs returner Quintin Demps in Philadelphia’s Week Three loss to Kansas City, the league confirmed to PFT on Friday.

The play occurred in the third quarter, when Demps bounced a kickoff return outside and Henery pulled him to the ground by the neck of his jersey. Henery was penalized for that foul, and he was also flagged for a facemask penalty, which was declined.

Henery, 26, is in his third season handling field goals and kickoffs for Philadelphia. He is 5-of-7 on field goals, and he has averaged 67.0 yards on kickoffs, with 7-of-17 going for touchbacks.

25 responses to “Alex Henery fined $15,750 for horse-collar tackle

  1. Are you kidding me!? So if a flag is thrown for something other than a holding call you better expect to lose over $15,000. The NFL is a joke now. I know it’s a personal foul, but he is a kicker! He isn’t taught at practices how to tackle and to be fair the guy was still dragging him even with the horsecollar tackle. The NFL is becoming too SOFT!

  2. If a kicker has to make a tackle and pay a fine, the special team unit should be passing a hat around to pay for it. When it happened, I thought he would be fined.

  3. Is this a repeat offense or if you horse collar that’s the fine? Seems extreme if it’s his first time (that’s what she said).

  4. And if you were watching REAL close kcflake you would have seen Demps grab Henery’s facemask and twist it. While a runner or reciever can obviously stiff arm, they are not allowed to grab the facemask and twist like Demps did–and it should have been off setting penalties. This is Henery’s first time and yes, 15K is a little excessive for the first time.

  5. Fines would be more equitable if they were based on a percentage of player salary.
    To a player making millions per year a fine like this is nothing, for someone making a couple hundred thousand it stings a bit more.

  6. Any kick return unit that is so bad that it forces the kicker to make a tackle should take up a collection and pay the fine for him. These kickers are prima donnas and aren’t paid to make tackles. Not only that, but they are more likely to get injured trying to do something that they weren’t trained to do.

  7. @kcflake I did indeed watch the game. Apparently you didn’t read my comment all the way or are not capable of being able to. I said “I know it was a personal foul” which means I know he took down your kicker illegally! I was complaining about how a horsecollar could be a fine, especially if it’s a kicker and his first offense ever!

  8. The NFL has found themselves a new money making scheme, haven’t they? And it’s totally unregulated.

  9. sgtr0c says:
    Sep 27, 2013 5:31 PM

    If a kicker has to make a tackle and pay a fine, the special team unit should be passing a hat around to pay for it. When it happened, I thought he would be fined.
    Damn right they should, he saved that TD when no one else did their job. Everyone toss in $1363.63 each.

  10. Ridiculous……… was a face-mask, not a horse-collar…….this is one of those things where the officials should look the other way…..Alex Henery is listed at 177lbs……….he should be given a medal, not fined…….the league is getting way weird….any more calls like this and I might start watching full-contact tiddly-winks, not alleged football!

  11. I myself like the All-Girl Lingerie Full-Contact Tiddly-Winks League. When they throw a flag on one of the gals, she has to take an article of uniform off. You just have to root for penalties.

  12. You east coast fans totally stink. All fans are a bit biased, but if you actually watched the play, you would see Henery first tackle by the face mask, then by a major horse collar. Its bad enough when you flagrantly do one, but both on one play? How could he NOT be fined. I know kickers are taught to bring the guy down however necessary as they are usually the last line of defense, so he is doing what he was taught, but that doesn’t make home immune to fines, nor does the fact he is a kicker. What, are we setting a new standard? Should the homeless be aloud to rob banks because they are homeless? A penalty is a penalty, and any other position would have been fined for two personal fouls on one play.

  13. Ignoring the fact that it was a kicker, who has the physique of a banker and practices tackling as much as your average Sports Blogger does. They would be the only group of people (kickers/punters) that I would allow to horse collar tackle, because of what I just said above.

    It’s not news he got a fine for an illegal tackle. It’s better to give up 15 years for a personal foul than 6 points, so whoop-dee-poop. Good job to Henery for actually being a tackling member of the Eagles special teams.

  14. And you West Coast fans evidently don’t see well. He did that because demps had his hands jammed up hennerys face mask. refs have to call both fouls not just the one on the defender

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