Bush probable, Ansah questionable for Sunday


As the 2-1 Lions prepare to host the 3-0 Bears on Sunday, the injury news for the home team is mixed.

The good news?  Running back Reggie Bush is back, after missing Week Three with a knee injury.  He’s officially listed as probable, which means he’s virtually certain to be available for normal duties.

The bad news?  Defensive end Ziggy Ansah is questionable, with an abdomen injury.  He was limited in practice all week.

Drafted as a project, Ansah has made a huge impact so far, with 2.5 sacks in three games.

Also probable for the Lions are receiver Calvin Johnson and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, both with knee injuries.  And various others.  But since probable means virtually certain to play, there’s no cause for concern.

27 responses to “Bush probable, Ansah questionable for Sunday

  1. They need Ziggy if they wanna beat the. Bears. He dominated last week and showed the learning curve wasn’t as steep as some thought with his lack of experience

  2. With Jason Jones recently out with an injury and now maybe Ansah, Devin Taylor becomes a hot wild card for a high snap count. That’s an opportunity for Chicago to take advantage of his inexperience, but this kid also has shown some great athleticism and potential to make the big plays. Maybe he can crash the party with a Turnover.

    It’s your first game Rookie, just keep things simple and sniff out that ball and get it somehow some way!

  3. Bears could easily be 1-2 …they needed miracle comeback to Win 2 of their gms and have played weak opp…Lions Win this one

  4. “He reminds me of some of the great players I’ve seen. With Ziggy, you really don’t notice it until you look at the tapes how many plays he’s made that are almost the side of impossible … People said he didn’t have football instincts, well, I guess if you grow up in Africa you get some instincts. I don’t know what he has but he finds the ball really quickly.”

    -Gunther Cunningham

  5. The Lions cant beat Chicago on the moon so it wont make any differents who plays for them or who dont. Cutler has always looked good against the Lions and this week wont be any different. 37-10 Chicago

  6. Cutler picked your team apart all those years with a POS o-line. You think cutler is going to be worse with this new rebuilt o-line that has played very impressive so far. Not one false start yet this year. Forte will have a big game Sunday. Yes more than bush. Only chance Detroit has is if Tillman can’t play.

  7. Schwartz is a jag bag. If the Lions had a good coach they might have a chance Sunday. I predict Lovie in Detroit next year.

  8. Who cares if Bush is probable or not? The Lions are still going to lose. Cutler has owned Detroit when he had nothing around him. Now, he has a line, receivers, a TE and a coach who knows offense! Plus, special teams are still hot with Hester back there and the defense is getting turnovers at a ridiculous rate.

    C’mon, Lions fans. Let’s get our heads out of the clouds, yeah? That way you won’t feel so bad on Sunday when the inevitable happens.

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    tigersfandan says: Sep 27, 2013 8:31 PM

    “The Lions cant beat Chicago on the moon…”

    So? Are they going to play on the moon?

    No, but they are playing at Ford Field where the Cutler-led Bears have won every time except for once.

  10. Silly Chicago fans. Every year it’s the same. Beat a couple lousy teams and the Super Bowl drums start going. It’s fun to watch the Bear fans squirm when the wheels come off. Usually ay the hands of the Packers.
    Go Lions!

  11. Yeah Bears fans don’t get it. Keep sleeping on Detroit. Last time we played the Bears with a running back we won 24-14 and Jahvid Best ran for 180+ yds on you clowns. You can talk about your victories last season against us, but guess what. We’re a completely different team than last year (even though you won by 6pts or less both times last year). You have to know football to know what’s going on. Last year teams played safeties play us ridiculously deep. They had no respect for a run game or a second option for Detroit. Last year Defense Coordinator had the game plan last year, “If you limit Calvin Johnson as much as possible 9 out of 10 times Detroit will lose the game.” that’s what was the game plan against us. But guess what? Having that explosive player like a Reggie Bush that has the speed to take any play and take it to the house weither it’s a draw, screen, dump off is going to be a handful for ANY team. I don’t care who you are. You can’t double Calvin, and load the box or double Reggie out of the backfield. If you choose to double Calvin like the Vikings did look for another HUGE day from Reggie. If you load up the box and have faith in Tillman to go one on one with the great one the entire game then Calvin will have a HUGE day. All I gotta say is good luck lol

  12. These Lions fans are really starting
    to piss me off. at first I wasnt going to respond to this nonsince but they need the truth. Your coach is the reason why the Lions cant beat Chicago. he dont know how to make an adjustment and he gets angry at his players when his game plan stop working in the first half. then Suh gets a 15 yard penalty right on time to give the other team more momentum. the players in Detroit can play football but the coach is the reason they cant win.

  13. You Bears fans, you always think you Mrs. of the Midway are the best around… Talk your garbage about Schwartz but Trestman is nothing but a CFL has been, Cutler is afraid of Suh, and Calvin will make Tillman look like a peanut… oh wait, Tillman might not be playing? That spells trouble.

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