Calvin Johnson: It’s easy to dislike Bears

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There weren’t many teams that figured out a good strategy to dealing with Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson last year, but the Bears were able to do it twice.

Johnson had eight catches for 106 yards and no touchdowns against Chicago in a pair of Lions losses last season, 27 yards less than he averaged per game when the Lions were playing anyone other than the Bears. That’s one reason one Johnson has less than fond feelings for the Bears.

“It’s easy to have a dislike for them,” Johnson said, via Carlos Monnarez of the Detroit Free-Press. “It’s not hard at all. Can’t stand them, one, because they’re filling up the stadium a lot with a lot of Bears fans. So that’s one reason I can’t stand them. But we’re going to have a good showing this week. We’ve had two good practices this week. Guys are focused in and, like I say, we don’t like those guys. So it’s going to be a good little showdown.”

It usually is when Johnson gets together with Bears cornerback Charles Tillman. This weekend shouldn’t be much different, especially with the Lions potentially needing more from Johnson than they’ve gotten in the first three weeks in the wake of Nate Burleson’s injury.


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  1. Whats up with these bipolar comments from Calvin? One second, he’s saying how great Tillman is, the next he’s saying its easy to dislike them.

    He does realize Charles Tillman is a part of these same Bears, right?

    Also, I think the fact that the Bears are 5-1 against the Lions under Jay Cutler has more to do with his dislike than anything else. He just doesn’t want to say it.

    Bears win 33 – 24

  2. If both teams are hitting on all 8, this could be the game of the weekend. Ok Schwartz, dont ruin the game with stupid penalties…

  3. On the other hand, it is SO easy to like Calvin Johnson. For as good as he is, he could choose not to be humble and probably get away with it.

  4. I always wondered if Lions players hated that their fair weathered fans wouldn’t show up to their games. Must be tough when half the stadium is Bears fans.

  5. Johnson dont like the Bears because the Lions cant beat Chicago and he knows it. Tilman will let that cartoon catch the ball then take it from him. 37-10 Chicago

  6. It’s obviously a dislike out of respect. And I like it when a football player does that. I’m not fond of my team losing a game and watching the players yuck it up with the opponent immediately after the game. I’m aware it’s a job, but feel free to be pissed off for at least a day after you lose to your “buddies”.

  7. it’s because chicago fans and players alike are so full of themselves, the worst of all are bore-us and born-stained of the WSCR radio show.

    Boers wouldn’t know an original thought if it bit him in the ass, all he does is say yep and uh huh to everything bernstein comments on.

  8. As a Lions fan, I don’t like the Bears either. Look it up – since ’85, the Lions have made the playoffs just as often as the Bears. Yet, based on their fans, one would think the Bears are on the same level of the Patriots in terms of recent NFL success. Easily the most dislikeable (if that is a word) opposing fan base in the NFC North. With all due respect. of course.

  9. If both teams play their best, mistake free game, the Lions win. They have more talent throughout their roster than the Bears do.

    The issue is that the Bears defense is very opportunistic, and if they create turnovers, then the Bears can win this like they have been winning their other games this year.

    Prediction, this will be like the MNF game in 2011, and the Lions will roll to a victory.

  10. @bears0492

    It’s perfectly logical to dislike the Bears while respecting Tillman. I’m a Lions fan and feel the same way. I don’t like Melton for talking trash about the offense and Dom last year, I don’t like Jay Cutler’s smug attitude, then there’s the Calvin Johnson-rule that was a TD-for-the-win in the eyes of 98% of football fans (Cutler had a typically smug remark after that game along the lines of “Sucks to be them”). Yeah, I really can’t stand the Bears.

    But Tillman is basically the defensive equivalent of CJ. Humble, works hard, arguably the best at his position in the NFL. I always look forward to seeing that matchup.

  11. dino2997 – what are talking about? When was the last time the Lions didn’t sell out a game? They were the only nfl team to sell out both preseason games. And maybe you forgot the last few times Chicago came to Detroit, the Bears couldn’t snap the ball because Lions fans were so loud.

    Sorry for using facts.

  12. @toonzes, do you have any other broad, sweeping generalizations that you would like to share? I would LOVE to hear them. B&B can be grating, but you are no different than them with comments like that.

    As far as this game, I don’t know why so many Bears fans are predicting a double-digit W here. It’s an away game. The Lions’ D has improved. And the Bears last two games were against teams with a combined record of 0-6. This game scares me as a Bears fan. Especially if Tillman isn’t around to stop Johnson.

  13. So basically he is saying he hates the Bears because they have a great fan base and reason two being they are competitive and owned the lions the past 9 out of 10 games? Who hasn’t owned the lions, they are awful. So glad I’m a Bears fan.

  14. Lions are going to beat the tar out of the Bears on Sunday or did you forget that Monday night game when you were exposed??? Bush might not be as fast as Javid Best was but he is more than enough to make Bears defense look Defenseless. Final point, Cutler is loser.

  15. I read Megatron’s comments as having respect for the Bears and fans. He dislikes them as a competitor because they’re good, not because they’re insufferable like the Seahawks with their loudmouthed/ egotistical players, the drug cheating, and douchy fans.

  16. I hate Bears fans so much. The most annoying bunch on the planet. When I hear the phrase “Bear Down”, it makes me want to rip my ears off. I absolutely respect Tillman and Peppers though. Great attitude and work ethic. That’s about as far as it goes. Go Lions!

  17. @bears0492

    To be liked and to be respected are two different things. It’s obvious CJ respects the Bears, especially Tillman. However, he dislikes the Bears because of the enormous following they have and how their fans fill up other stadiums. He basically just paid the Bears organization and their fans a huge compliment.

  18. tigers182 says:
    Sep 27, 2013 12:02 PM
    dino2997 – what are talking about? When was the last time the Lions didn’t sell out a game? They were the only nfl team to sell out both preseason games. And maybe you forgot the last few times Chicago came to Detroit, the Bears couldn’t snap the ball because Lions fans were so loud.

    Sorry for using facts.


    FACT: The Lions had games blacked out out due to lack of attendance in 2009 and 2010.

  19. Should be one helluva game! And just to be clear, Calvin was grinning the entire time he was saying this. Look it up. The dude’s an awesome receiver and about the most likable person you will find in the nfl.

  20. Bears fans have to bring their hate for the Packers to the table on pretty much every thread where that does NOT apply. The fact is the Bears haven’t won squat since the year they won the division and the Packers ran the table and won it all, running over the Bears at home in the process.

  21. As long as the Lions backs and receivers don’t let the punch happy bears knock the ball out, they should be ok. Stafford’s accuracy needs to be on point a well. No picks = Lions win.

  22. lmao@ holmania85, you really bringing up the 1 win out of the last 10 against us. You are a freaking clown. @ Tigers 182 you are stating all the facts except the one where your superstar wr is correct. I have been to Ford Field four times since 07 and sorry to rain on your parade but there was no big difference between our numbers and you alls. Of course we were outnumbered hell its your home stadium but not by much. ford field= another home game for the Bears. You know this to be damn near the truth and so does the whole Lions organization. Cj and Suh & company will w/o doubt be our toughest test thus far. Now that that’s outta the way, it will be a tough game for both as always when we come to town. good luck “Da Bears”

  23. Bears fans can’t even get a team rally cry right without stealing it from a college in the desert. I’m with Calvin. Bears are overrated.

  24. Gotta love the guy who said the Bears last 2 wins came against teams that are a combined 0-6 as if that means something. Hello, the Lions 2 wins are against 2 teams with a combined record of 0-6 and their loss was to a team 1-2

  25. Lions have been garbage since 1957. Congrats on your 2 wins this year. I know Lions fans are riding pretty high right now because that’s quite an accomplishment for the worst franchise in sports. Bears will bring them back down to earth on Sunday. I just hope Suh doesn’t resort to his temper tantrums and throw a hissy fit after they lose. Watch your balls Jay Cutler

  26. Some of you need to get off the computer and go put boards on the windows of your foreclosed homes. My car is worth more than the average home in Detoilet

  27. mute617 says: Sep 27, 2013 3:53 PM

    “Peanut won’t be shadowing Megatron this week”

    He practiced today and is listed as questionable, so maybe he still might.

  28. Mr Wright212
    You might want to check the stats….Last year alone 27 and 70 yards against the Bears…
    There are just as many Bear fans in the area, can you blame them….Lions…Browns…. I rest my case…

  29. kabasaman says: Sep 27, 2013 7:57 PM

    Mr Wright212
    You might want to check the stats….Last year alone 27 and 70 yards against the Bears…
    There are just as many Bear fans in the area, can you blame them….Lions…Browns…. I rest my case…

    Don’t need stats. Conte or Wright were never more than 10 yards away.

    As I said before.

  30. @Mr. Wright:

    Okay, just for the sake of making you happy, let’s say Tillman is just some scrub DB, and the Bears only held the almighty Megatron in check because of safety help.

    1.) Kudos to them for stopping him, regardless of how it was done.

    2.) And more to the point…If it was that easy, how come no one but the Bears pulled it off?

    3.) Because no one else has Peanut Tillman, that’s why.

    Good day, sir.

  31. @shortracknews

    I wasn’t saying it means a Bears loss, but last time I checked, even the NFL analyzes strength of schedule. So yeah, it does mean something. It means that until either of these teams string wins against winning teams, they are not proven contenders.

    Or do you forget last year, when my beloved Bears started the season 7-1 against mostly garbage teams? Beating up on basement dwellers means nothing. Bears aren’t a good team until they can finally beat the Pack, who have haunted them the past five or six years, including an NFC title game.

  32. Sounded like all of CJ’s comments were out of respect. His numbers against the Bears haven’t always been great. That’s a decent reason to hate them! He and Tillman have been giving each other props all week.

    I’ve heard Tillman is hurt? Also, the Bear’s o-line isn’t great and the Lions have an awesome d-line. Bad news for Cutler!

    Bears D is great and Stafford will have to play mistake free – which he rarely does.

    This is going to be a great game. I think this is a national TV game this week, right?

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