Chris Long disgusted by Rams defense

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The Rams allowed 30 or more points twice last year, which is part of the reason why their defense was seen as the backbone of the team heading into this season.

It hasn’t quite worked out that way. Thursday night’s 35-11 loss to the 49ers was the the third straight game that saw the opposition wind up over 30 points. The Niners rolled up 219 rushing yards on the way to the victory, something that left defensive end Chris Long with a bad taste in his mouth.

“It’s disgusting. It really is,” Long said, via Robert Klemko of “That’s not who we are, but if we keep playing like that, that will be who we are. When you give up that many yards in the ground game it’s a lot of things going wrong. We have a lot of things to correct.”

The Rams named Tim Walton defensive coordinator during the offseason, which makes him an obvious target for complaints about the downturn in effectiveness through the first month of the regular season. Long wouldn’t point the finger at Walton, saying that players have to do a better job of fulfilling their assignments but watching the Niners hit screens and draws for good gains made it clear that teams are going to try to take advantage of the aggressiveness of the front four.

Once you get past that front four, there are more problems. The Rams are very young on defense, something that has caused some issues at safety in particular, and cornerback Cortland Finnegan has struggled with both coverage and committing too many penalties this month. In the end, everyone needs to improve since their work adds up to 97 points allowed in the last three weeks and three straight losses for a Rams team that doesn’t look ready to play spoiler in the NFC West yet.


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  1. All offseason, I wrote that Fisher was overrated and got bombasted by Rams fans. In year 2, he- again- has a sub .500 team getting steamrolled. The blame is all over the place but never at his feet.

    Everyone complained about Ten’s ownership, bad GM’s, et al. But never in 19 years of coaching, less his one season being dismissed, has Fisher been held accountable for constantly fielding hair above .500 teams.

    I went so far as to friendly bet 2 different friends that he would blow the picks from the RG3 trade. So far I’m winning them!

  2. Tim Walton used to be our secondary and third down coordinator in Detroit. Since he left for the Rams, our secondary has become slightly better and we now lead the league in 3rd down defense.

  3. Even though Kosar was talking about the wide receivers and the 3rd string quarterback in the preseason game against CLE, maybe he was right? What do you say, Coach Fisher?

  4. D was ok it’s the qb and rb that S U C K for St Louis, I can’t believe Bradford is getting 10-15 million dollars he seriously sucks

  5. I am no Rams fan but from watching that game the thing I saw was that the defense played well early in the game. But with Bradford and that totally inept offence it was just a matter of time before the niners would wear them down.
    The guy (bradford) is just a flat out bad QB. How they see him as an elite franchise QB is just baffling. The only thing that guy has even close to a franchise QB is his pay.

  6. Little Howie is a true leader just like his dad was, I believe Fisher will get it straightened out ASAP.

  7. Fisher is a joke. If I was that bad I would just quit. I bet you Rob Ryan is glad he didn’t get the coordinator job. Bradford will never develop. Boy in a man’s game.

  8. The Rams have no running game and everyone knows it. This team is one dimensional again plus the o-line cant run block. Fix that first and get some balance.

  9. No question that the Rams have played three superior teams, and they looked bad doing it, but the defense is not the big issue. It is the same issue for the last 10 years, the offensive line. Montana and Dickerson could not play behind this line. No protection, no openings for the RB. They are totally overwhelmed. Once the opposing defense has no fear of the run, they can tee off on Sam. He now resembles David Carr. Rams have been trying to rebuild the offensive line with picks (Smith, Saffold) and FA (Long and a list of many), with no success. The Rams defense will never be the ’85 Bears. They cannot dominate a game. They need some offensive help. Overall, the defense is about average in talent. Combine that with an awful offensive line, and a poor offense in general, and you get 4-12. Fisher and Sam will get this and next year to improve. Cannot wait for the draft. Rams better look at a QB and OL, again.

  10. No reason to be disgusted with the defense. They can’t do but so much when the offense is rat poison. I felt like I was watching the Giants game from Sunday on Rewind. Same redundant inept playcalling, no offensive line be able to run block or pass protect, and a skittish QB.

  11. It’s always funny when Rams fans troll Suh stories about how happy they are they drafted Bradford over Suh lolol

    That was sweet when Suh had an interception against Bustford though ahaha

  12. Tim Walton coached one of the worst secondaries in recent memory last season. That’s seriously who we hire as a defensive coordinator? I don’t understand why we let Gregg Williams out of his contract, look at his defense in TEN. Playing like a top 10 unit with half the talent we have in St. Louis.

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