Frank Gore: That’s smash-mouth football, that’s what we do


There won’t be any more talk about 49ers running back Frank Gore being mad that he doesn’t get the ball enough.

Gore carried 20 times for 153 yards and a touchdown in Thursday night’s 35-11 win over the Rams, and afterward he said he loved the way the coaching staff put the 49ers in a position to play the way they should play.

“We had to get back on track and just be us,” Gore said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “That’s playing smash-mouth football, playing great defense, playing great special teams. That’s what we do.”

Gore praised offensive coordinator Greg Roman for a game plan that saw the 49ers run the ball 40 times as a team, picking up 219 yards and three touchdowns on the ground.

“Coach G-Ro went back to doing basic stuff,” Gore said, “and we got it going.”

After two rough weeks, the 49ers again look like a tough, physical football team.

58 responses to “Frank Gore: That’s smash-mouth football, that’s what we do

  1. You ran the ball well against the worst run defense in the league and had no fear of the opposing team scoring on you.

    Now do that against the Seahawks and I think more people would be impressed.

  2. Anquan Boldin is the biggest pushoff in the NFL since Michael Irvin. But I guess that’s what you gotta do to get separation if you’re speed max is that of a pedestrian.

    Without Boldin pushing off, nobody can get open. And Kaepernick can’t anticipate “when” the receivers will get open, and that’s why you have games like Seattle and Indy.

    Every thing is far from fine.

  3. No Frank…. U just beat the Rams… Big whoop… I’m panther fan and we not beating our drums because we beat the Giants… Can we start being real and call Bradford a bust now???

  4. Smash Mouth Football. That is what SEATTLE does to you.
    Remember the last 2 meetings?

    Hilarious that after the team gets exposed and beat soundly by 2 teams superior to them, we can hear crickets chirping over the silence from the team and their mouthy, obnoxious fans.

    Now they beat the Rams……again folks, the RAMS. LoL and now its back to kissing biceps, whining, talking out of their backside, and mouthy talk from their simpleton fans.
    Alex Smith is outplaying Tattoolongneck.
    Pete Carroll is outcoaching the Whiner.
    Russell Wilson is outplaying the freak
    Seahawk defense is outplaying the Whiners

    But at least the Whiners can beat the Rams!!!

  5. Rams aren’t going anywhere unless they find a QB. Bradford is decent, but decent doesn’t get it done in today’s QB driven league. Rams have a lot of talent, but aren’t taking that next step with the current QB.


  7. Okay whiners. You beat the scrub lambs. Act like it. Quit acting like you beat the Seahawks or the Broncos. Geaux Saints!

  8. This is a hard game to analyze the 49ners’ potential. Rams really do stink. Same roll out playaction call over and over and Kaep converted most of them. Same running play that gashed the Rams over and over. 2 missed INTs early in the game by James Laurinidis that could have been pivotal. I believe one was after the Rams first score. Corey played great though. Might turn out to be an excellent steal.

  9. hawkhater3825 says: Sep 27, 2013 8:15 AM



    Rollin? Ten points in two games?

  10. Gotta love seahawks fans telling the 9ers to calm down cause they only beat the rams, meanwhie they celebrate barely beating the Panthers and the Jaguars.

    Can’t wait til the seahawks lose Sunday.

  11. Wow, it’s amazing how SeaHawk fans flock to every 49er article written and have something negative to say. Out of the 19 responses , 17 appear to be from SeaHawk fans. It’s only week 3 and you guys think you have won the SuperBowl.
    Let’s not forget, you guys have struggled on the road and your next two games are on the road (@ Houston and @Indy). The Niners next game is at home(vs Houston ). You lose those two, which I think you will, you stand at 3-2, just like the Niners would be with a win.
    The Niners would have 7 players returning from injury / Other things. Manningham, Crabtree, Marcus Lattimore(maybe if an injury occurs)on offense, on defense they get Tank Carradine, Aldon Smith, Eric Wright, Quinton Dial back. If you know anything about football, it’s all about getting healthy at the right time and making a run.
    Sure Seattle/ Denver are the best teams right now but I don’t think they can sustain that level of play for 13 straight games. Back in 2010 New Orleans went on a run, won d Super Bowl after a ton of injuries , In 2011 GreenBay did the same thing , 2012 NYGiants did the same and last year 2013 , the Ravens overcame early injuries to Suggs, R. Lewis, Ladarius Webb and others to win the Super Bowl. SeaHawk fans whether you give thumbs up or down , this is the truth, let’s see whose standing at the end holding that trophy , that’s truly all that matters.

  12. LOL at the Niners, beating up on lowly St. Louis and beating their chests about it.

    After what Baltimore, Seattle and Indy did to SF, I guess I can see why the Niners want to be a tougher football team.

  13. Cue comments about the “Forty Whiners” blah blah blah and “the Rams suck so it doesn’t count” blah blah blah and repeat some BS that Idiot Mayock said Blah Blah Blah Fact of the matter is that the 9ers looked better (not perfect) without arguably 2 of their best 4 defensive players, and they will be adding Manningham and Crabtree as the season moves forward.

  14. I don’t understand the Bradford a “busy” or “horrible” comments. Yes he had a bad game, big deal. But what was more evident to him having a bad game was that horrible running game and very suspect offensive line. Richardson can’t run the ball to save his life, Bradford could’ve did better with his accuracy but his receivers were barely getting any separation. There’s a lot of young QBs that I’d take Bradford over, give him a better line and a halfback who can RUN THE BALL, and he’ll show up.

  15. Just set the record straight, Gore ran well against the colts, but for whatever reason they went away from him in the second half. That why he was mad at Harbaugh. Guys above, you follow football, right?

  16. This was a big win. The Niners went 0-1-1 against the Rams last year on their way to the Superbowl. They got back to the formula that has made them successful for the past 2 seasons. Downplay it if you want. Seattle is still 2-3 vs Harbaugh. And they will lose to SF in SF in December. Not scared one bit. Last nights game was the waking of a sleeping giant.

  17. rjg427 says:
    Sep 27, 2013 7:57 AM
    “ease up there big fella…it was the Rams!!!!

    Murray gashed them for a buck 75 last week, so the way i see it, you underperformed!”

    Murray 26 carries for 175 yards and a TD. 6.7 yards per carry
    Gore 20 carries for 153 yards and a TD 7.7 yards per carry

    Cowboys #2 rusher – Dunbar 19 yards
    49ers #2 rusher – Hunter 49 yards


    in summary you’re a 9er hater and i get that but you’re also ill informed. If Frank played the whole game he would have had more yards but the 9ers have other options at RB.

  18. The comment section rarely disappoints. It was a road division game and a win for SF. You play the teams on your schedule. This is NOT college football where you make your own schedule. Did SF lose to Seattle and Indy horribly? Yes. Is the season over? Absolutely not. Ifany of you keyboard warriors had ever actually played the game then you’d know that EVERY win is important. momentum is real. It’s funny that when a team finally starts winning their fanbase triples. Be honest….two thirds of you Seahawk fans used to be Packer or Colts fans right? You do a disservice to a truely passionate ‘Hawk fanbase and you disgust me as a real fan.

  19. You know that any given game could be an upset. Give the Niners credit. They could have lost that game. Remember they have a lot of issues going on with the team. They will be just fine. Last night victory was the beginning of their Super Bowl run. Go 49ers! !!

  20. I guess some would say, ” WOW Gore was so right in that they needed to run the ball more!” I think it was a selfish thing to say and he is happy now that they gave him the ball? Yes they needed to run the ball more and yes it proved to help the team out, but on the other hand they did play the Rams and I don’t think all their problems are fixed quite yet although it’s a good start on turning things around! As for Mr. Gore, I think you should keep your mouth shut and just do the best you can when your number is called! Don’t be happy one week because they fed you the ball and all upset the next week because they didn’t! Go with the flow brother and oh yeah, you also have a pretty damn good QB that can also carry the load! Remember that! GO SAINTS!!!!!

  21. And also the people saying the 49ers are a fraud team, I disagree 100%! They are a legit SB contender who just played a few bad games! It happens guys! I am in no way rooting for them or even want them to do good but I have to give credit where credit is due! I don’t think they are as good as they were last year but still a very dangerous team!

  22. Wow, Gore is just as delusional as his teams fans are. Did the Rams even have 11 guys on defense? That was the worst all around effort I’ve ever seen from an NFL team in all facets of the game. 9er fans are a joke.

  23. …but, given the Seahawks history and love affair with HGH does anybody really think these guys aren’t juiced? And Pete Carroll has such a stellar rep of not playing fast and loose with the rules…he was two steps ahead of the NCAA getting him at USC for his “methods”. With the exception of Reggie Bush who had his Heisman stripped thanks to the Carroll method, his players have been a bust when making the leap to the NFL..which makes a person wonder if he is really that great of coach or if his players/programs need a little “help”?

  24. On every single article the insecurity of the Seagals fans shines through.

    Grab another flavored coffee guys.

  25. The Rams are in a very sorry state of affairs.

    No quarterback.
    No running game.
    Horrible offensive line.
    Horrible defensive line.

    And Jeff Fisher is a sub-500 coach and always will be.

  26. clssylssy says: Sep 27, 2013 11:45 AM

    …but, given the Seahawks history and love affair with HGH

    sportnorcal says: Sep 27, 2013 12:25 PM

    On every single article the insecurity of the Seagals fans shines through.

    Clssylssy – I suppose you mean Sherman? Yeah, his arms are like pencils. He is 6’3″, 195lbs. Yeah a real specimen of HGH. Get a new platform, this is old.

    sportnorcal – We look no better after the past two weeks of saying nothing, now spouting off after the win. Too many bandwagon fans here talking trash. Makes us look insecure.

    I have rooted for my beloved 49ers for over 40 years. Every season has it’s up and downs. Wait until the end. Until then, talk football not insults. Makes us real fans look bad.

  27. There was a 6.5 earthquake in San Fran last night. USGS stated it was due to all the band wagon fans jumping back on the bus.

  28. All the Shehawk fans bashing the Rams, watch them be the ones to smack their team around. Go ahead and underestimate your opponent see if they just might be the ones to knock you off your PEDestal.

  29. 49erforlife, you are a true class of fan. Your right, people are making us true fans look bad. I am a true Seahawk fan. Way to keep it real. Good one on you.

  30. mmsierra says: Sep 27, 2013 11:12 AM

    Be AFRAID, SeaHogs !!


    They beat the Rams………………..

  31. truthfactory says:
    Sep 27, 2013 7:30 AM
    You ran the ball well against the worst run defense in the league and had no fear of the opposing team scoring on you.

    Now do that against the Seahawks and I think more people would be impressed.

    Gore has been very good playing against the seahawks…with the exception of a few games.

    *five time SB champs* to seattles 0 SB wins…

  32. bert1913 says:
    Sep 27, 2013 12:36 PM
    weak team beats weaker team…next


    and what do you say about the game against the jags and panthers? weak team beats the weaker team, right?

  33. Also after this week it’s safe to add Ahmad Bradshaw to the list of 9ers killers.

    The List thusfar: Lynch, Jackson, Bradshaw(AP had a good recent game but has otherwise been handled by the Defense)

  34. all u niner haters out there leaving these comments about how ‘it was the rams’, are so full of it dat u don’t even read the story right! all #thetruth (frank gore) was saying is the sticking with da running gane plan is wat wrks for them dats all! in the first three games they tried to run a little and air it out a whole lot but dat is not their identity

  35. yayimspecial says: Sep 27, 2013 3:02 PM

    bert1913 says:
    Sep 27, 2013 12:36 PM
    weak team beats weaker team…next


    and what do you say about the game against the jags and panthers? weak team beats the weaker team, right?

    You forgot to include the 9ers…………..

  36. Ummm, weren’t we JUST IN in the Superbowl with a QB that had let me see, very limited playing time under center but yet when finally given playing time did his thing???..Damn short memories Seattle fans have. The Niner ship is back on course and we will be in the thick of it come playoff time, again..
    NINERS 4 LYFE!!!!

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