Grand jury indicts Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee


Prosecutors have believed that Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancee of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, engaged in “overt attempts to hide evidence . . . and to hinder and mislead” their investigation into the murder of Odin Lloyd.

A grand jury now agrees.  Via the Boston Globe, Jenkins has been indicted for perjury.

The grand jury also indicted Hernandez’s cousin, Tanya Singleton, on charges of conspiracy to commit accessory after the fact.  She had been jailed on contempt of court charges after refusing to testify before the grand jury.

Carlos Ortiz, who previously faced weapons charges, has been indicted as an accessory after the fact.  The weapons charges have been dropped.

The charge against Jenkins means that she lied under oath.  Which likely means that prosecutors believe she lied when testifying before the grand jury.

The news charges will serve to put increased pressure on persons who have collateral roles in the case, with the hope that someone will provide clear and persuasive testimony or evidence that can be used to convict Hernandez for murder.

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  1. If Hernandez walks on the murder charge she might end up doing more jail time than he will for the gun charges. Gun charges = 3 years max. Perjury = 10 years max.

  2. “I’m starting to feel like Hernandez is going to get off. This reeks of desperation.”

    I feel the exact opposite way. If they’re able to indict her, it means that they have accumulated enough evidence against her man to show that she lied, tampered with evidence, etc.

  3. I see about a thousand dominoes, but it’s only a pretty show if they knock one of them over. Where’s the trigger point? I see nothing but circles with no connection points so far. This picture needs more logical connecting lines. I’m just not into abstract art.

    Upon seeing this story on NFL Network, Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski reached across his couch for the remote to turn up the volume. In doing so, he strained his right tricep muscle and will miss an additional 2-3 weeks.

  5. This whole thing is sad. Friends and relatives of AH are all being sucked in all because AH got paranoid and didn’t think he could trust Lloyd anymore.

    Not saying all the friends and relatives are innocent, but AH’s paranoia was the first domino to fall and more dominos are still falling now.

  6. This girl must be a complete psycho to have been in a relationship with this pathetic excuse for a human being. Aaron’s close friends and family confirmed that he did in fact have a problem with ANGEL DUST in the weeks before his arrest, which led him to react impulsively, display erratic behavior, and also led to extreme paranoia. This girl is trying to cover up the tracks of a murderous, sadistic, evil, drug-fiend who has clearly shown that he does not value human life, and this leads me to believe that she has to be almost as crazy as he is. A man is dead, and in all likelihood she knows the truth about what happened that fateful night, and she is showing the same lack of value for a human life by trying to cover things up for Hernandez. Just lock her up too…

  7. This pic speaks volumes towards mr Hernandez mental faculties. Had millions- dream job and some fame /-/ and this lil Kim lookalike is the best he can do? Wow. I feel an insanity plea coming!

  8. The State has to prove perjury, and the fact that she was indicted just means there’s enough there to believe it should be tried; and I really haven’t seen enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed perjury…a good lawyer will tell her to keep her mouth shut no matter what the State threatens her with and more than likely she’ll walk on the charge…now that they lost Ortiz as a credible witness, they’re scrambling around for anyone else to somehow testify that he killed Odin Lloyd, which I don’t think they’ll find

  9. So…which one is it? If she truly made “overt attempts to hide evidence and to hinder and mislead” she should have been also charged with obstruction of justice, not just perjury. These prosecutors seem to be worried about the evidence they have and are throwing charges out left and right to try to get anyone to talk to them. Hernandez is going to get away with murder.

  10. @Captainwisdom8888:
    Let’s not forget that he is her baby’s daddy and was making millions of bucks. She actually was the smart one~ up to the point where he became a murdering psycho. Of course this chick was going to do anything to keep “sugar daddy” out of prison.

  11. People like this are world class. These two women would sell their souls to get a chunk of Hernandez’s money. Well selling your soul is one thing but going to jail is another. The thought of incarceration turns many of the indicted to open their mouths.

  12. I’m sure she had high SAT scores…NOT!! Ya wanna hang w/the bad boys, you get their problems. Someone else was right…a major career and millions of dollars and he kills someone [allegedly] for talking to the wrong person. I guess saying, “Dude, go away.” wasn’t enough for him.

  13. If Hernandez walks on the murder charge she might end up doing more jail time than he will for the gun charges. Gun charges = 3 years max. Perjury = 10 years max.


    …and that is EXACTLY what the police are most likely putting in her ear, along with, “we’re gonna take your child away from you” and “do you want to see your child through a glass window and talk to her over a phone, as you miss the best years of her and your life?”

  14. Could someone explain to me how this is even remotely related to football anymore? This is a murder trial, period. He is out of the league, never to return regardless of the verdict. She has never been in football or associated in any way whatsoever.

    So whats new with OJ these days?

  15. Whoever claimed that Hernandez can only do 3 yrs max for the gun charges obviously has absolutely no idea whatsoever as to what they are talking about.

    He will almost definitely do around 5 yrs for the gun charges alone, and the maximum is much more. One former Massachusetts district attorney recently claimed that he could do 10 years plus, especially if the sentencing is consecutive and not concurrent.

    These are basic facts.

  16. I agree with the guy who said this reeks of desperation. If Hernandez walks on murder she walks on accessory charges because it will be reasonable to conclude if he’s not guilty of murder she didn’t lie. Thumbs down galore I’m sure but they’re hurting and this shows it.

  17. The lengths that prosecuters will go to, to intimidate people to say what they want juries to hear remind me of Hitler’s tactics.

  18. A decent DA can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. And an indictment isn’t anything remotely close to proof of guilt.

    Obviously they’re trying to put fear in everyone else they call before the grand jury, and also try to put the squeeze on Hernandez. Whether these indictments actually mean anything or were an act of desperation by the DA is something that only time will tell.

  19. touchdownroddywhite says: Sep 27, 2013 8:32 PM

    I agree with the guy who said this reeks of desperation. If Hernandez walks on murder she walks on accessory charges because it will be reasonable to conclude if he’s not guilty of murder she didn’t lie. Thumbs down galore I’m sure but they’re hurting and this shows it.
    I’m not gonna thumb you down (man does that sound dirty), because hearing new ideas on this site is about as rare as people sticking up for Jason Garrett (not that I’m saying anyone should stick up for him, or for Hernandez, for that matter). That said, I think this reeks of a clean sweep more than it does desperation. Obviously if Hernandez walks, she walks too, but that also means hell has frozen over and Josh Freeman has won the Jaguars their first Lombardi.

    Indicting Hernandez’ Cotillion queen here seems to be an indication that the prosecution is moving in for the kill. If they didn’t have a clear case against her, they wouldn’t weaken the Hernandez case by dragging her into the mix. And if/since they do have her dead to rights, that means Hernandez is probably about to be bent over a barrel as well– figuratively and then, shortly after, literally.

  20. ufanforreal says: Sep 27, 2013 6:37 PM

    Aaron Hernandez…….AL CAPONE wannabe.
    Al Capone made a ton of money killing people. And the police were never able to pin a murder on him (maybe because he didn’t have his own security camera taping him). Aaron Hernandez kills people because he feels like it and then spends all of his money hiding his evidence and paying for his baby mam to get those “sexy”(?) eyebrows done. And manages to get police who didn’t remotely suspect him to pin a murder on him within a week.

    At best he’s an OJ wannabe– killing people around him for personal reasons, making it completely obvious to everyone in the country that he’s 120% guilty and then managing to walk anyway. It’s not gonna happen though, he was never one tenth of the player OJ was. And he never even did a Lethal Weapon movie– even the ghost of Johnny Cochran couldn’t swing this case for him. If the video footage fits, you can’t acquit.

  21. Aaron is going to jail for life. and she gone trick on his a%$ the first chance she get. this anit the state…
    this is the federal government and they dont lose. they have a 99% conviction rate. both of them are gone do time

  22. THIS is looking more and more like O.J being repeated, all over again..BUT this time, there is no Glove…

  23. if my black buddies taught me anything,,

    bigger the hoops, bigger the hoe

    i bet she loves that her man is locked up.
    them hoops is huge

  24. briang123 says: Sep 28, 2013 3:07 AM

    This case is a Republican’s dream come true. A minority to blame at every turn.
    The hell is that supposed to mean? One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. I got pulled over for speeding the other day, my brother was in the car and he got a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt– two minorities broke the law and were punished by the state. Do you think Rush Limbaugh is gloating somewhere?

    You do the crime, you do the time (or just pay a couple fines in our case). Are you saying Republicans are genocidal against all non-whites? A hispanic man killed (at least one) guy, a black(?) woman hid the evidence and lied about it. Everyone on Earth, from Dick Cheney to Michael Moore, would be happier if Odin Lloyd was still alive, and no one had to be convicted of anything.

    Employment and avg. income among blacks has dropped further during Obama’s presidency than any other administration in the 20th century, is Romney glad he lost now?

    I do think this is an interesting twist in the case though– OJ had Our full support behind him (don’t blame me, I was too young), and it was a significant event that a black man was able to finagle his way out of an open and shut case, especially in the murders of two white people. However, Hernandez is not black and is convicted of the murder of a black man. The fact is, that We have a voice, We were one of the chief factors in the OJ ruling, and We were the ones who blew Trayvon into an national spectacle. Without the black community on his side, and it won’t be, Aaron Hernandez will be convicted before he can blink.

    That said, don’t be ignorant, and don’t make Us look ignorant. Alleging that Americans, black or white, hope for the destruction of other Americans, black or white, based solely upon simplified political leanings is almost as bigoted as actually having those views. We’re all people, man, grow up.

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