Joe Thomas makes 100th straight start on Sunday

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It feels like it was only yesterday that Wisconsin tackle Joe Thomas opted for fishing with his father over attending the 2007 NFL draft.

That day, the Browns reeled in the 312-pounder — and never looked back.

Thomas makes his 100th career start on Sunday against the Bengals.  He’s never missed a game.  Hell, he’s never missed a play.

His 6,054 consecutive snaps is the longest current streak in the NFL, and his six straight Pro Bowl berths trail only Jim Brown and Lou Groza, who each had nine in a row, on the franchise’s all-time list.

Thomas plays a low-profile position and keeps a low-profile, so we don’t hear much about him.  Last week, we heard speculation that Thomas could be traded to a team like the Broncos, which has lost its starting left tackle for the season.

While the Browns have said they have “no intention” to make any other trades (and all that that possibly implies), it would be a very hard sell to move Thomas.

If anything, the Broncos could be inclined to make a run at right tackle Mitchell Schwartz, who was drafted last year by former Browns G.M. Tom Heckert.  Orlando Franklin, who played left tackle and left guard at the University of Miami, could be shifted to the left side, and Schwartz could be installed on the right side.

It’s unclear whether the Browns could part with Schwartz, but it’s far more likely that they’d let him go instead of Thomas, who has been a quiet cornerstone for the Browns during otherwise underachieving times.

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  1. Dude is a stud. Guys like this don’t come around often, and when they do you snatch them up quickly. We could see this from day 1 when he was drafted that he would be this guy.

  2. The broncos should be looking to make a deal with the jaguars

    The jags have a top 10 left tackle now and just drafted their left tackle of the future. Making the trade is a no brainer for the jags as their O line can’t get any worse this year and they can start loading up on draft picks for next year

    It’s win/win which means they won’t do it…

  3. Awesome, and what’s Cleveland’s record since acquiring this fella? Just goes to show o-line is not the 1st thing to be built. QB, defense, o-line, WR, then RB in my opinion.

  4. Trade the bum! Cleveland clearly doesn’t want to win this year and is confident they will hit home runs with every draft pick they make next year. Surely they will find a better LT with one of the picks they could get for Thomas.

  5. There are pieces in Cleveland that should be retained and Thomas is at the top of that list. Besides the fact that they’d never get what they should.

    Frankly I think it’s a bit crazy to suggest the Broncos would replace Clady with another big money player. From a cap standpoint without knowing the specifics of the Broncos current state I’d have to assume it’s not feasable.

  6. It’s hard to believe it’s been 100 weeks of regular season football since Brady Quinn started making obnoxious faces every time someone was picked ahead of him.

  7. Why in the world would the Broncos replace Chris Clark with Mitchell Schwartz, and in the process move Orlando Franklin out of the position where he’s now most comfortable?

  8. Joe Thomas is a rock. He is proud to be a Brown and loves Cleveland. He also makes contributions to the community that people never hear about. I love the fact that his entourage on draft day was made up of his dad, some fish and an ESPN boat tailing him on the water.

  9. Thomas plays a low-profile position

    Really ? Good left tackles are among the highest paid players, are the anchor of every OLine and get tons of media mentions related to how well their QB is protected.

    I’d say there’s nothing low profile at all about the LT position.

  10. Stupid concept. A rebuilding franchise often begins the rebuild with a franchise Left Tackle. The Browns already have that. Joe Thomas is the most untouchable player on the team if not the league. Just because they traded an overhyped and overrated running back in Richardson and are shopping a disgruntled locker room cancer in Gordon, doesn’t mean that everybody is for sale.

  11. The more I read posters comments the more I realize they lack rationale. Why in the hell would the Broncos trade for Joe Thomas when they have a pro bowl tackle already? Granted he is injured but it is not career ending. Good grief!!

  12. “All I can say about Joe Thomas, is I hope the Browns do trade him out of the division.

    Cincinnati Bengals
    Baltimore Ravens
    Pittsburgh Steelers”


    The Bengals, Ravens, and Steelers are 28-8 vs. Cleveland (w/ Joe Thomas).

    We don’t mind if they keep him especially since their crappy receivers never get separation for any of their quarterbacks.

  13. The Browns would be crazy to trade Thomas. They need more good o-linemen, not fewer, especially if they find their franchise quarterback in the draft next year. They’ll need an o-line to protect him, and Joe Thomas is a pretty good place to start.

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