Report: Gronkowski, Amendola playing “as of today”


On Thursday, PFT reported that the outlook for tight end Rob Gronkowski playing in Week Four against the Falcons was not optimistic.

A report out of New England on Friday is more optimistic about both the tight end’s chances of playing for the first time this season and wide receiver Danny Amendola making his first appearance since the first week of the season.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe spoke to a source who told him that “as of today, they are playing.” Both players have been limited in practice this week and are listed as questionable on the Patriots’ final injury report of the week.

Volin’s source adds a note of caution, however, by saying that there’s “a lot of time between now and Sunday night.” There could be an update to the status of the players on Saturday should the Patriots decide to leave either one at home when they fly to Atlanta or it could come down to the announcement of the inactives on Sunday evening.

Which basically means that things could wind up going either way for two key members of the New England offense.

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  1. Nobody knows with the Patriots. Belichick has every single media member guessing and in reality not even the best of them have any idea what the status of Gronk and Amendola is.

    Pretty much just the way Belichick likes it.

    “I fear Gronk may never be the same and Amendola is who we thought he was. *sigh* Why cant every year be as fun as 2007? (minus the stupid helmet catch.)”

    3-0 isn’t good enough for you? Comments like these are why Patriots fans are seen as spoiled. If you don’t like how things are going this year just root for Denver.

  2. Where did i say 3-0 wasn’t good enough?? I said it’s not as fun… I mean would you rather go into every game with all these uncertainties, or go into every game confident that your team is going to blow the other guys out of the water???

  3. Congrats on writing an article about nothing. They may play, but they may not. Journalistic masterpiece. People would have been in the exact same place not having read this.

  4. Neither will be playing for long since they are both so injury prone. Both will finish the season on IR again

    As a longtime Pats fan, I have to admit that what you say is a real possibility.

    The good news – those young wideouts are looking good. Brady screaming at them in week 2 will be a distant memory by week 10.

  5. If

    If I were to believe one of them were going to play my guess is it would be GRONK…. However I would have no issue with them both sitting out this week and both getting healthier for the Bengals game…Edelman can fill in for Danny another week & Zudfeld hs to step up & play like he did in pre season & be a great down the middle check down/redzone threat for Brady….& I believe Bolden can really take advantage in space catching balls on screens…
    Brady also has to keep the safeties honest by hitting Dobson & KT on some go routes….
    I believe the D is gonna be the key to this game as to keeping Matty Ice scrambling & not just sitting back there & having all day to survey the field!!! Tough game on the road but defiantly winnable with or without Danny & GRONK
    Go pats!!!

  6. A source in Foxboro, yikes! Someone call the NSA and inform the media. This source could be a stadium cleaner, or the light tower service man or anyone within the confines of that stadium knows what the rest of us know, nothing. Bill Belichick is the only source of true information and everything else is just pure speculation.

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