Rumors of Nicks for Leshoure trade are bogus


Over the last 12 hours, rumors have circulated of a potential trade that would send Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks to the Lions for running back Mikel Leshoure and a third-round pick.

Those rumors, we’re told, are unfounded.

On the surface, it would make sense for the Lions to move Leshoure, a second-round pick in 2011 who hasn’t done much in two-plus seasons.  With Reggie Bush and Joique Bell playing well, Leshoure has become the odd man out.

The Lions also need help at receiver after Nate Burleson broke his arm in a car accident.

But with everyone in New York on notice after the Giants failed to make it to the playoffs three times in four years, it makes no sense to trade Nicks.  Even if they’ve decided to let him walk away via free agency, they need him if they’re going to turn around an 0-3 start.  Otherwise, plenty of people could get fired.

Also, the Giants would potentially receive a third-round compensatory pick in 2015 if Nicks signs elsewhere.  Getting Leshoure and a third-rounder in 2015 feels like a bad deal in comparison to what the Giants could get from the league office if Nicks leaves.

For the Lions, Nicks would be a one-season rental at best, given the money and cap space already devoted to Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford.  Though the Lions have wasted plenty of picks in recent years on players who didn’t pan out, giving up a third-round pick for 13 games with Nicks is a lot to sacrifice.

Then again, if G.M. Martin Mayhew and coach Jim Schwartz fear they won’t be around to use that pick next May, they could be tempted to lose it now.

Either way, the rumors are unfounded.  It doesn’t mean either or both players won’t be traded between the Lions and Giants or other teams.  It means that Nicks isn’t on the verge of becoming a Lion in exchange for Leshoure.

53 responses to “Rumors of Nicks for Leshoure trade are bogus

  1. Spot on…as a Lions fan, would love this trade but doesnt make sense on the business side. The Lions are already playing a salary shell game as it is…

  2. the compensatory draft picks is bogus! i aint never seen the SAINTS get one, hell we just get our draft picks took away! in one summer we lost meachem (first rounder) tracy porter (second rounder) and carl nick (maybe 5th rounder but he were an allpro!) all of them to free agency.
    we didnt get no extra picks! but some of these teams like the atlanta FALCONS get a ton of picks and i can hardly name the guys they lose. it looks like some summich nepotism or favoritism cuz i aint never seen no extra pick come my way!

  3. I get how keeping him helps the receiving corp now. But how does getting, at best, a pick after the end of the 3rd Round help more than getting a player and a pick within the 3 rd Round.

    Even in the unlikely event that the Lions won the Super Bowl the 32nd pick is higher than the compensatory pick. And for the Lions, wouldn’t they get the compensatory pick if Nicks left the Lions as a FA at the end of the season.

    Basically, the trade would be the Lions moving down in the 3rd to get 3/4 of a season from Nicks. That is best case scenario… not sure that Nicks brings a 3rd.

    It may be early for the Giants to pull the trigger but if they lose another game in the next 2 weeks, it looks like a good trade for both teams.

  4. That particular trade doesn’t make sense for either team anyway.

    However, LeShoure for Rueben Randle, that’s a different story.

    First, both are former second round picks (albeit, one year apart), so the psychology works.

    Second, the salaries work relative to the cap.

    LeShoure’s base salary for 2013 and 2014: $555,000 & $645,000

    Randle’s base salary for 2013 and 2014: $539,633 & $664,266

    Third, the trade fills needs for both teams while not affecting the top two players at their respective positions.

    Randle is the third WR and, reportedly, having chemistry (or route running) problems with Eli Manning. Randle might benefit from a change of scenery.

    LeShoure is the 3d RB behind Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. The Lions really don’t need him, but do need a big WR to offset the smaller Patrick Edwards and Ryan Broyles.

    Since it makes too much sense to happen, it surely won’t.

  5. How can Reggie Bush be playing “well” when he’s already missed a game and was a non-factor in week 2?….he had a couple of big gains in week 1 and that’s the story if his career.

  6. This resulted in about an hour’s-worth of “OMG!!” posts on the Detroit sports boards last night. Could have been interesting for the Lions, but alas…..

  7. I like this move a lot, I have them both in a SUPER DEEP franchise-dynasty league and I think it boosts both their respective values.

  8. But maybe this trade will save Mayhew’s job but I don’t think its a good trade anyway only because will probably end up losing Nicks in the offseason & he’s injury prone but damn I would love to have him

  9. Of course it’s bogus. No GM would give up a 3rd round pick for a guy who will bolt at the end of the year for free agency. Unless the Lions had a deal in place to extend Nicks, it would be a foolish move. While Martin Mayhew may not always look too smart, he’s simply not THAT dumb.

  10. I don’t understand that paragraph about compensatory picks.

    How is it better to get a 2015 third rounder for Nicks if he leaves, then to get Leshoure and a 2015 third rounder if they trade him? From the NFL, you get a pick. From the Lions, you get a pick in the same round and a player.

    What am I missing? Can compensatory picks be high enough in a round that the Giants could get a better pick that way than from the Lions?

  11. Seeing as how long they held on to millen after he was a joke, it’s hard to believe they would part with either of these clowns. I’m not a lion everytime I read about these guys I just have to shake my head. With all the money and effort that goes into hiring coaches and general manager why do clowns like this keep getting the job? Maybe it has to do with owners these days that don’t know anything about football.

  12. LOL, an unproven RB with red flags plus a 3rd for the biggest and one of the best hands in the league. Nicks is a 1st round talent and anything less than a 1st+ is silly.

    The Giants would need more or their fans would take a step closer to jumping.

  13. Be a great deal for the Lions, poor decision by the Giants if they do it.

    Nicks would have to be willing to sign at least a year or two extension.

    Ultimately he would end up picking up Nate Burleson’s money after they cut him this offseason. Which would work out to about a 2 mil per year pay raise for Nicks…

    Maybe not such a bad decision for NY. As it would free up about 2 mil cap space for them this year to go get additional help.

    Truth, this trade rumor could be legit, but i wouldnt expect a deal until after this weekend. If Nicks doesnt play for NY expect the trade to happen after the games

  14. NY has almost no cap space right now, and they need help. Trading Nicks instead of Randle would free up some cap space to go get help at toher positions so they can try to climb out of their 0-3 hole.

  15. 87hollywoodhorn says:
    Sep 27, 2013 10:27 AM
    the compensatory draft picks is bogus! i aint never seen the SAINTS get one, hell we just get our draft picks took away! in one summer we lost meachem (first rounder) tracy porter (second rounder) and carl nick (maybe 5th rounder but he were an allpro!) all of them to free agency.
    we didnt get no extra picks! but some of these teams like the atlanta FALCONS get a ton of picks and i can hardly name the guys they lose. it looks like some summich nepotism or favoritism cuz i aint never seen no extra pick come my way!


  16. As mentioned above, this move does not make sense dollar wise for the Lions, too much money tied up in other guys for this to work past this season. I for one would prefer to trade LeShoure and a 3rd for Josh Gordon, pothead for pothead.

    The thing about the compensatory picks is that you do not receive the pick this draft, it would come in the 2015 draft. And they are given out based on who you lose, what they sign for, as well as who you sign and what you sign them for. SO if the trade were to happen, then Detroit let him walk after the season, then they would not just be moving down in the 3rd, they’d receive an extra 3rd in the 2015 draft. Depending on who or what FA they signed this coming offseason.

  17. @freebird – You’re dreaming re: Randle. We can’t afford Nicks and his 10M. If Det wants him, he’s available. Giants aren’t giving up a promising WR who’ll make peanuts for the next 4 years. Not happening.

    The Leshoure/3rd for Nicks is just an opening offer. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If the Giants lose this Sunday, I can see them trading Nicks somewhere to get some value for him before he departs in FA. It would have to be at least a 2nd and a 4th in order to make it worthwhile to the Giants from a comp pick perspective.

  18. Send that package Cleveland’s way for Greg Little, and maybe lower the draft pick a round or two and we have a deal.

  19. I’m also in the camp that believe where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    This is the sort of thing where the Giants get a decent offer and then leak it to a low ranking source to see if they can get someone esle to up the ante.

    It’s basically a nothing for nothing trade. Lions trade a RB who isn’t in their plans for a WR who isn’t in the Giants plans for just a bit more than they’d be given if they sat on him through the year.

    The Lions need to win now…the Giants are in a reloading year.

    The Lions don’t want Randle at that price either. We don’t need a developmental player and wouldn’t pay alot for one. We need a WR who can step in now.

  20. Hakeem Nicks will be a Raider next season. Reggie McKenzie will have a ton of money to spend and the Raiders need a proven talented veteran WR.

    Also if the Giants would go for it why not try and trade Darren McFadden to NYG for a 3rd or 4th round pick?

  21. Nicks is a classic push off, cheap as hell WR and played for a rigged-for-a reason god know’s why super bowl team. hail mary vs packers defense and it works? lol yeah right

  22. What a stupid rumor like the Giants would trade Nicks for a scrub running back and a 3rd. Forget that they need players at four other position more than running back.

    The only thing dumber than that is these suggestions the trade Randal. Yea lets trade the guy who we have under contract on the cheap, who we drafted to replace Nicks for a number 3 RB. And whoever is telling you Randal is struggling isn’t watching the games, he’s been doing just fine.

    Whats next, suggesting the Giants trade Cruz for your practic squad center?

  23. As the biggest lions fan there is, I can tell you the Giants do not want Leshoure.

    Nicks already is injury prone, why would we send leshoure AND a 3rd rounder for him?

  24. Why would the Lions want Greg “Granite Hands” Little? I can see them signing back Titus Young first, at least he’s a (self proclaimed) hall of fame talent.

  25. A 3rd is waaaay too much for Nicks. He is in a contract year and has injury history. I love how New Yorkers always overvalue their guys. Leshoure also isn’t worth much. Maybe a fifth round pick at best. This trade was never going to happen. Lions need to look to Cleveland as a realistic trade partner.

  26. is nicks just another steve smith? I don’t think so, but these WR’s slow down a lot faster than they used to. even Bowe in KC is looking like he is running in quick sand, you wonder if that 28-29 mark for WR’s who have been a number 1 or 2, is where they start to really fall off, much like HB’s.

  27. HAKEEM has huge mits. Thought of megatron and Nicks teamed up is insane. He would be a huge asset to any team this year. Happy he plays for NYG.

  28. Man I wonder how long the cry babies are going to keep sniffling about the Giants winning Super Bowls? And this loser’s battle cry that the games were fixed is laughable. With literally multi millions on the line for any starting player who exactly do you think they are going to get to take a dive? And I’m sure all these ego maniac billionaires would be cool with losing face too because the NFL asked them.

    Funnier still you never see Pats fans or Greenbay fans saying this because they’ve been there. It’s always some garbage team stack full of bums crying fowl on other teams winning it all. Try manning up for once, you don’t see Giants fans crying its fixed after an 0-3 start.

  29. Sam Plymale says:
    Sep 27, 2013 1:50 PM
    A 3rd is waaaay too much for Nicks. He is in a contract year and has injury history. I love how New Yorkers always overvalue their guys.
    New Yorkers don’t overvalue their guys anymore than flyover states think they can resell their kitchen sets at a garage sale for more than they paid. Tell me….is Percy Harvin that much more valuable than Nicks? Harvin’s injury history makes Nicks look like Cal Ripken. If both players are $10M per year WRs and Harvin just fetched a 1st and 3rd rounder, do you really think Nicks is worth a 5th? Of course you do…you’re one of those guys trying to profit off of your 10 yr old kitchen sets.

  30. @andymannfl – you clearly are looking at stat sheets and not watching game footage.

    The Lions (and Bush) were crushing Arizona in the first half. Second half, no Bush … Lions offense looked sad.

    I don’t think Detroit will get much for LeShoure. He’s been a bust, mostly because of his torn ACL.

  31. Oh and just so all the where theres smoke there’s fire people know there is no smoke. This rumor came out of a completely made up blog post that was then spread by twitter. Acording to multiple Giants beat writers there has been no talks of any trades on the Giants or Lions end.

  32. Why would the Giants trade their best receiver for a running back when they don’t have an offensive line?

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